DIY CLOTHING AND FASHION HACKS || Cool Clothes Upgrade Ideas by 123 GO!
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DIY CLOTHING AND FASHION HACKS || Cool Clothes Upgrade Ideas by 123 GO!

Listen, life can throw you some serious curve balls. Whether it’s at work, school, or in your dating life. But when it comes to your clothes, you should always be prepared to adapt to changes. Even if that means getting a little messy. Be prepared for just about anything with these life-changing clothing hacks! Alright, my closet is finally organized! Oh my gosh, Vicki, you have to see this old picture I found of you! Ah, yes, how could I forget the days of acne and braces. Yikes! You’d better not post that, Amy! Thank goodness puberty is long gone. Oh man… You know what? I still have that same giant sweatshirt lying around! I guess I could keep wearing it, but I didn’t realize how unflattering it was. Hey, I bet I could turn this old thing into a whole new get-up! If you have an old hoodie lying around, why not style it like new again? First, take out the drawstring from the hood and put it aside. Next, cut along the middle of the sweatshirt just above where the pockets are. Get rid of the top half for now. Go ahead and puncture two little holes at the base of the fabric so that you can string the drawstring through it. This may take a minute. Now, flip it upside down and you’re done! Okay, remember what the sweatshirt used to look like? Introducing “red hoodie 2.0”! Holy cow! Talk about going drab to fab. And to think you wore it the old way for so many years! Hey, Lana, wait! Can you pop these in the wash for me? Laundry day is never fun, especially when you get stuck washing all your roommate’s clothes too. Ooh, watch out for that bleach, girl! Oh no! The bleach is about to drip on the pile of clothes! Oh! And we have contact. That bleach is going to ruin that shirt, see? Oh no, Lily’s shirt! She’s so going to kill me! Maybe she won’t notice? Oh, I can picture her face now. Lana! I’m never speaking to you again! How could you be so stupid?! What’s wrong with you?! No, I simply can’t tell her what happened. Unless I make it look like I did it on purpose… This leaf is about to save my butt! Take a dark-colored shirt like this one and put some thick paper or cardboard inside it. Take a pretty leaf like this one and lay it across the top. Next, pour some bleach into a small spray bottle like this one. Don’t worry about filling it all the way to the top. Now spray the bleach on top of the leaf from a few inches above. In just a few minutes, you’ll see the bleach change the color of the shirt! Pretty cool, right? Oh wow! Where did you learn to do this, Lana? I absolutely love it! You’re the greatest friend ever! Ugh, saved by the bell! Finally, it’s lunch time. Whoops! Dropped my pencil! Aw man, we have the same exact shoes! Seriously?! I guess that’s what happens when you both shop at the same mall, right? I don’t want to be another clone! How can I stand out from the crowd? These kicks are gettin’ a makeover! Check out this hack to make a boring pair of white tennis shoes into a work of art! Take some tape and cover up parts of the show that can’t get any paint on them. Be careful with this part, any bleeding color can ruin the whole look of the shoe. There ya go! Now it’s time to put on protective gear — breathing in dangerous paint fumes is no joke, people. Okay, I’m ready. Fill up a tub of water big enough for your show to fit into it. Now pick your favorite color spray paint and spray it into the water like so. Make sure to layer the colors just like this. Okay, now it’s time to get dippin’! It’s important to do this part slowly so that the colors in the water don’t mix together too much. Steady… Woah! Check out that awesome color pattern! You just can’t get something like that with a regular brush and paint. Once the shoe is completely dry, go ahead and remove all the tape you put on before. Don’t forget the bottom! Boom, baby! Dang, girl! Look at those rockin’ kicks! Wow! Where did you get those? These old things? I’ve had them forever. Haha! These wet cats just kill me. Ooh, who’s that? Easy mailman, you don’t have to take inventory of the place! Yes! It’s that awesome T-shirt I ordered online last week! Alright, let’s try this sucker on, shall we? Woah, this thing is awfully big. I could’ve sworn I ordered a medium. Okay, this definitely is bigger than any “medium” I’ve ever worn! Ugh, this blows! Let’s see what the tag says. Woah! I don’t remember ordering an extra large! How else can I wear this thing? If you have a big T-shirt that you can’t wear, try this hack! Start by cutting straight across the base of the shirt about an inch from the bottom. Now cut a line vertically up the middle of the shirt just on the front. When you get to the top, cut along the neckline all the way around the back too. Finally, cut some fringe on the bottom of the shirt on both sides to give it some flair. Check it out this layering action! Looks like Amy just styled herself a one-of-a-kind piece! Getting dressed can sometimes feel like a puzzle. Especially when you’re tiny like Sophia. Ugh, this shirt is just too big! I could make a whole second shirt out of all this fabric! What if I just wear the whole thing out like this? Nope, it’s no use. Ooh! Look at that pretty scarf Amy’s wearing? I’m sure she’d let me borrow it, right? Sorry, Amy, I’m just gonna grab this thing for a sec… Hey! Was that really necessary, Sophia? Next time you’re fussing with a shirt that’s too long, try sporting a cute little front knot. Tie the scarf around the knot any way you’d like. You can put a little bow on it if you’d like. Next, tuck the knot under the shirt so all you can see is the cute scarf peeking out. Someone’s looking fabulous! What? The exam was moved to 12?! Oh man, I’m gonna be so late! Better grab your stuff and go, Sophia! Kinda need these… Cute shoes, but are you sure you can run to class in those? Almost there! Almost there! Sophia, your shoe! Huh? Hey Cinderella! Is this yours? Oh yeah! Must’ve lost it on my way down! Ohh! Thanks a bunch! If you have heels that keep slipping off, try fashioning an attached ankle bracelet! Put a dab of hot glue on the edge of the ribbon and fold it closed around the bracelet. Perfect! Now add some hot clue to the back of your heeled show like so. Stick that same ribbon onto the shoe. See? Now you can be sure your heels will never slip off again! Not only is this hack practical but it’s super cute! I wonder if this skirt is appropriate for my nephew’s birthday party today. Yep, definitely found a winner. Ooh! Definitely not! Geez, this thing barely covers my booty! Aw man, now what on earth am I going to wear? Luckily, a little of Vicki’s creativity may save the day! Lay your skirt down and cut small slits in the sides in a V shape. Believe it or not, that’s all you have to do! Put your arms through the slits and watch the magic happen. Check it out! You’ve got a brand new shirt and you never even stepped foot in a mall! Hey, who’s that supermodel over there? Oh, it’s just Vicky looking fly. Nice work, girl. These fashion hacks may have looked flawless, but these bloopers prove otherwise. Check ‘em out if you want a good laugh! Which fashion hack do think is most useful? Don’t hog these hacks for yourself, share the wealth! Share this video with your friends and family and don’t forget to subscribe to 123Go’s YouTube channel for more mind-opening videos like this one!

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  2. I have a old broken sweater that my dad gave me 3 years ago and he had it from 1985 and its ripped on the shoulder. AND I STILL WEAR IT AND LOVE IT! Its the most comfertable thing i have worn. My dad knows I love my sweatshirts and hoodies in winter

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