DIY Back to School Supplies (PARODY)
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DIY Back to School Supplies (PARODY)

hello and welcome back to my youtube channel wait why have it all Christmas lights in the background hello I’m making a lifestyle video what kind of trash lifestyle do I have though lights and it’s August which means back to school videos yay and I know there is a huge lack of these on YouTube right now so I decided to help you out with some super cute super fun super adjective adjective DIYs but before we get into it please enjoy this supersaturated montage of me smiling with school supplies [Music] with laws more saturation before I tell you anything of value please make sure you subscribe to my channel comment below and give this video a big thumbs up without even watching it I’m also probably doing a giveaway and my links are down below for my Twitter and surround Pinterest snapchat Facebook by myspace so make sure you follow me now let’s get into the video by queueing to another super cute montage where I somehow use copyright music was stronger together then we ever [Music] normal highlighters are so boring they’re literally just neon bright and colorful so here’s a fun DIY that you can do instead of paying attention in class bleed ink from one highlighter into another highlighter and then get a multicolored highlighter that will last literally for nine seconds it doesn’t really matter what you’re highlighting as long as it looks cute to make your new highlighters even prettier place them on a desk next to a bunch of other random school supplies like a roll of tape single hole punch and stapler all the things you use every time you’re in English class I definitely use my single hole punch every time I need to hole punch a post-it note because it’s useless for a normal sized piece of paper another fun DIY is post-it note earrings you can even write your to-do lists on them it’s super cute normal note books are so boring and plain and cute ones are so expensive like this glitter one is $19.99 but don’t worry you can DIY it I bought this glue gun notebook and glitter off Amazon for only $30 so go ahead and make a cute design with the glue gun on your notebook and then sprinkle glitter on top as you make a huge mess three hours later you’ll have this super cute glitter notebook that will 100% ruin everything else in your backpack now if you don’t have a credit card to order things off Amazon because you’re too young chances are your parents won’t let you use theirs either because they’re scared of the intranet so just go ahead and steal their credit card to make the purchase it’s super cute if that doesn’t work don’t worry an easy life hack is to just check your priorities because this doesn’t matter at all agendas can be really overwhelming with all the numbers and dates and similar squares Oh so make your agenda more fun by cutting squares of decorative paper and pasting them in every other square then use colorful gel pens that will instantly smudge to writin it all your friends will think it’s really cute your agenda makes me feel really happy like a cake baked of rainbows she doesn’t even go here wait do you even go to the school no but I just have a lot of feelings okay go home you don’t want to be the only person in your school with a lame backpack so get super creative and put a whole bunch of pins on it this lets people know that you have an important point of view to make your backpack even cuter while you wear it candidly laugh and smile at no one people will definitely notice normally pens are really basic and all they do is write but if you want your pens to be super adorable shoot them on a really expensive lens like I’m doing right now I mean after all we want everyone to swipe a right for your pens on tinder it’s also important to have a full face of makeup and wear a super extra outfit when holding your pens I mean you want to bring out the best in your station lockar organization is something that is just as important to me on the first day of school as it is on the last so here’s a fine DIY locker to-do list buy a piece of decorative paper and place post-it notes on it make sure you write to do at the top to avoid confusion and don’t worry about running out of post-its because you’ll only use this about two times that’s because your to-do lists will never be where you need it it’ll be in your locker looking super cute wait what was the assignment my last DIY is a washi tape and you can literally just put it on everything I mean you can make a DIY watch DIY eraser and even a DIY Pape socket it’s super cheap and super cute and everyone will love it I mean that’s literally how the real world works what is the capital of Canada the capital of Canada is the letters seek well let me should cover this with washi tape so alright that’s all I have for you guys today thank you so much for watching this video I shot in front of a really intense ring light please go to baked up because my retinas are literally fried and don’t forget to subscribe down below in case you forgot all the other times that I told you you can also follow me here okay bye okay fine one more montage [Music] just kidding this is harm which narrows to all the DIY room actually friends with no shade I think you’re so creative and innovative and I’m just jealous if you want to watch the videos just like this one click over there my second vlog channel which is awesome by the way is right over there and make sure you subscribe because I make new videos every Monday and Thursday one love superwoman that is a wrap and Zoop

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  1. Hey #TeamSuper! Thanks for taking the time to watch my video. I love your support bbs! #SuperSixty starts now! Which means… I'll be responding to your comments for the next 60 minutes. LET'S DO IT! It's going to be super cute…

  2. laurdiy and every other DIY person : it's really fun and saves money too!
    me: buys 5 seperate expensive items instead of one item and makes a huge mess

  3. Hey, the sticky note poster to do list is actually pretty handy. But probably not if you put it in your locker but I guess it still looks cute…… 😂

  4. “I bought this glue gun, notebook, and glitter for only 30 dollars! “
    Me: Girl dat more expensive then dat glitter notebook

  5. I love how the teacher was just drinking a bottle of alcohol (wine? Scotch? Probably not scotch, I think you’re supposed to drink it in small amounts) as she marked the homework 🤣

  6. Is it weird every time I unsub to someone I feel the need to comment an essay saying my reasons and explanation for doing it

    Also I'm sorry but I just lost interest in the content, I still love a lot of your videos but just arent very interested in your new content

    I still love you and will check out your videos and channel every once in a while

    My taste in videos has just changed a lot since I first subscribed

    See what I mean

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