Diversity in the Classroom
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Diversity in the Classroom

>>Ms. Belayet:
In our classroom we have a whole diverse group of students who come to us. I have the opportunity to really broaden their
understanding, so that when they step outside, they approach every situation, every person
with an open mind. Because the person that they see in front
of the classroom, she’s different.>>Student:
This?>>Mr. Manny: Oh, that’s nice>>Mr. Manny: Children especially at this age need positive
role models. A lot of students come from single parent
households, maybe don’t have a male figure at home, and they need someone to look up
to, especially the boys. [Mr. Manny to student]
Was that an airplane?>>Mr. Jabouin:
And to see a successful minority teacher, who is reflective of them, I think is a powerful
message.>>Mr. Barbier:
Teachers wear so many other hats. We’re life coaches, you know, we’re counselors,
we are father figures, we’re all these different things because these are what our students
need.>>Ms. Belayet:
It’s not only about teaching students content and taking tests, it’s about growth as a person.

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