District 196 Teacher Appreciation
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District 196 Teacher Appreciation

– Will I sit here? – Yeah. – Okay. – Kids are amazing. They truly are amazing and they don’t even realize how much joy and happiness that they bring me. Kids, in general, are the
best part of this work. – It’s just fun to come
to work every day and I love using creativity in my teaching so I try to make sure
that they have choices and some different avenues of ways to present things. – Probably the thing that
I’ve learned the most along the way has been that I have to be more authentic. It’s really, kind of, humbling to think that someone is looking at you and they are hopefully getting something that they will carry
with them through life and you wanna make sure that it’s the right thing. – I’m a pretty positive
guy, just in general, and I see the best in kids. I try to think about that
every time that there’s a struggle, you know, someone that maybe we
don’t see eye to eye on. It’s just that they’re trying their best. They’re doing the best that
they can with what they have. – It’s tricky, because
they’re all so different. You just gotta remember
where their safe spot, so you just gotta keep being
there for them every day. – I think that’s my biggest piece. It’s always should I do more? Did I miss this? Well, I didn’t look through all this because as teachers, we wanna be perfect. We wanna do the best that we can but there’s always going to be more. I have moments of doubt a lot and I struggle with am I doing enough? – Well, one last thing. Something for you to watch. So when you’re ready, just press play. – Will this give me the
questions or something? – Go ahead. – Mrs. Hill is a good teacher – Oh wow!
because she tries her best and pushes her students. – Mr. Kosidowski, or he
likes to be called Ski, he is caring. He always tries to make us happy. – Mrs. Anderson is-
Aw. She’s really creative and she’s always in a good mood. – His love for students around him for younger generation doesn’t – It extends far beyond the classroom. – Every time we go in it’s not something that we
do normally in the classroom. It’s always something you
would never do outside but it’s creative and fun. – He accepts me and if I
don’t do good sometimes like a paper that makes me kind of mad but he just tells me that’s okay. It’s just a number. – He accepts us for who we are. – He truly is an inspiration for me and for so many other people in the school beyond the school. He is such an incredible human being. – She has this special thing about her where she can make you feel safe and that’s where you need to be, with her, in the classroom as she’s your teacher. I want her to know that
she been the most best teachers I’ve ever had. – Wow. That is so amazing. Oh my gosh! Alan, how did you get here? – Hey! Look at you guys! Oh my gosh! – Surprise! – Oh! You’re here. – I love you. – I love you. – I appreciate you,
probably more than you will ever, ever know. – Oh. You’re my fifth graders. – You have inspired me and you have inspired so many
other kids in this school. – This just made my life. – It’s so nice of you guys to say that. I appreciate that. That makes me feel proud of what I do. – This is a testament to why I do this and why I really have
dedicated my life to teaching and will always.

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