Distinguished Classroom Teacher Awards 2019-  New Teacher (Secondary)
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Distinguished Classroom Teacher Awards 2019- New Teacher (Secondary)

MS. OFFERLE: “OK, let’s look at
problem number 1.” Taylor Offerle is a perfect
example of a fun teacher who balances high
expectations, structure,
and respect. She has made a great
impact at Heights, and students requested
to be moved to her class soon after the
school year started. MS. OFFERLE: “OK,
the last theorem we are going to
talk about is Traingle Midsegment Theorem.” Students say she makes
math easy to learn and she motivates them to be
better and to work hard. She makes sure
students don’t fall behind, and is always willing to
meet outside of class if they need
extra help. Because high school
math can be intimidating, Taylor creates lessons
with real-world ties to keep students engaged
and to make the assignments relevant to
them. She also shares her ideas
and plans with her colleagues and asks for feedback
and advice from other teachers to make
her lessons better. MS. OFFERLE: “See how
that works since these are
even numbers? On the example on the board
I multiplied by two because it was a three
and a three here.” STUDENT: “Because
they’re, oh, OK.” MS. OFFERLE: “So you would
have got a decimal if you did it
that way.” Taylor not only tries to
make connections with her own
students, but with other Heights
students as well. She supports them
through their struggles and helps push
them through. MS. OFFERLE: “So if the
question mark is X, that’s what we’re trying to
solve for, right?” Colleagues say she will be
the favorite teacher for many Heights students
for years to come. MS. OFFERLE: “I love
seeing when you know, they
get a question right, you know, and they might have
got the first three wrong but they got the fourth one
right and they’re so excited, so I think seeing them and
seeing their improvement each day is what
makes me excited.” MS. OFFERLE: “So this
quiz kind of marks kind of that we’re halfway
through the chapter. So were halfway done.”

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