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100 thoughts on “DISGUSTING! Deputy EXPOSED Body Slamming Middle School Student & Netflix BLASTED Over “Gay Jesus”

  1. Hey! If you get bored feel free to try to text me @ 813-213-4423
    Body Slam (00:08), Kumail (2:30), TIA (4:21), Gay Jesus (6:01), Mormons (10:10)

  2. I find the tithing point of the last argument interesting because most churches do it. Mine included however, my church usually told us what is was for, a sick church member, fixing a ceiling, VBS, ect. Also for any non-Christians tithing is important because the Bible commands it but also is seen as an action of generosity and some religions even believe the more you tithe in earth the more riches you’ll have in heaven. Thus this explains why even financially struggling individuals will still tithe to their church

  3. That Gay Jesus film reminds me of the issues that happened with Dogma – people who hadn't seen the film complaining about the film's content – since Jesus never himself spoke out against homosexuality (in the New Testament), what proof is there that he WASN'T gay, and they just didn't write about his sexuality at all?

  4. Here's a story reported by Phil from 2011 where he talks about a different religious figure being portrayed as gay. I wonder if people still feel the same or different based on the religion and the time it took place. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r2WGlmvdmGI&t=1s

  5. I love that film because it’s makes the insane Christians look even worse as they loose their shit over a bit of comedy!

  6. “we support freedom of expression but is it worth attacking the faith of…” let me stop you right there. yes. yes it is.

  7. #Netflix How irritating it is to your long-time customers, to have to read the nearly illegible titles because you changed all the traditional photos? It defeats the purpose of having me watch and enjoy the service, when I need to waste my time scrolling through titles of unfamiliar-looking movies that I've already seen or dismissed, movies that now look nothing like they did before. Fucking morons.

  8. The “Gay Jesus” story just reminds me of every Monty Python sketch that included religion.
    They were not meant to offend anyone. They were not spreading anti-religious messages.
    They were just there for comedy.

    Freedom of speech and the write to express ones self is just as important a human right as the right to worship ones religion without fear of discrimination or hatred.

  9. The question is very simple can we offend people or can we not offend them. There simply is no in between. It doesn't make sense for people to choose what speech is permissible and what speech isn't. I identify as part of a minority that faces racism that people would condemn as hate speech and deem as a criminal act, yet I am much more offended and bothered by attacks to my religion and beliefs and those are for whatever reason deemed acceptable? Imagine making a show that glorifies Nazi actions and then telling the people who are offended by it not to watch, it's such a mind numbingly nonsensical argument.

  10. I think when it comes to Comedy even if you personally don't find it funny, nothing should be off limits. I don't care if its against a protected race, religion, political party,public figures, Sexuality/orientation. Because of people nowadays comedians are too afraid offend.

  11. Tax religious institutions. Don’t let them live in 10 million dollar estates for free all in the name of God. Give to ceaser what is his and give to God what is his.

  12. My religion should not be inspiration for your "satirical" movie. It is the one thing in my life I take most seriously and straight to heart. They took one of the most important moment of Jesus's life and turned it into a blatantly disrespectful showcasing of your comedic "ability".

    This is my religion. This is not ok.

  13. I think everything and anyone is fair game when it comes to comedy, i think freedom of speech should be above all as long as you're not inciting violence.

  14. About the Jesus thing…. Just want to remind you all, that Lauren Southern was banned from The UK for a social experiment calling Allah gay.

  15. I'm Christian but don't take offense. I've said it a 1,000 times that if God had a problem with comedy; we all be dead and The Onion wouldn't exist. God gave us free choice. So we have the choice to not watch it or talk about it. For the nearly 2 million people who signed a petition, they brought the movie into the spotlight and probably 4 million people watched it now instead. They are just adding viewers and everyone's a critic. Let's be honest, if this was about like the Hindu's or Muslim religion instead of Christianity, the Christians wouldn't say a word. It's like the Life of Brian all over again (that was funny and yes I own a DVD of it.) People with this kind of negative talk are about us vs them. This short satirical movie isn't harming them, isn't stopping them from living, isn't something they are probably going to watch and it won't be forced on them to be watched, it's purely something that exist. Something they don't like, and instead they want to see it destroyed simply because they act like it is killing them. They don't have to like it, but the dramatics of these kinds of things and how people go nuts about it just gets on my nerves. All I'm saying and like the Bible says in context that if it's a sin against you, just turn the other cheek. Don't start a witch hunt and an Inquisition.

  16. Home-school your children. Public schools are prisons for kids. The parents are the ones with the best intentions for their offsprings, not the government.

  17. What???! Jesus's gay boyfriend is the devil ..ooh shit!
    When you thought LUCIFER changed the devil/angel game for you!
    It's hard being a Christian in the 21st century. Everyone has a theory

  18. It’s not that people want to justify it, people want to understand why the fuck someone thought it was good idea to slam an 12 year old against the floor, twice.

  19. very hot take: if this was a movie about gay mohammed, people would have died and others would have defended the murders because "reasons" ( i mean i did happen with newspaper comic strips)

  20. People have made satire about all kinds of stuff, a lot of it on religious topics. For example Monty Python's Life of Brian and South Park (both of which are on Netflix too, by the way, at least in the Netherlands). I'm totally not offended by these things. (Not a Christian, but also not offended by stereotypical depictions of witches in media, so whatever.) I saw the teaser for that Jesus movie, but I'm probably not going to watch it, because it seemed really cheesy.

  21. The statement from that actor makes me sick. The problem with his fucked up movie is that he's taking a religion and twisting it into something so horrible and so far from the truth. This is our RELIGION. You don't get to twist my religion in any way, let alone such a public way.

  22. While I’m not a fan of portraying Jesus as a gay character, it would be ignorant of me to disregard the film as being a parody. If this were a “serious” production like Passion of the Christ, then I’d be far more offended by the plot device, but it’s pretty obvious that it’s just a parody of the Bible and not an actual re-telling.

    I’m not a fan of creating a mockery of any religion, but I’m not going to demand Netflix to remove it, no matter how much I disagree with the production.

  23. I think people having a massive fit over a movie is dumb. It reminds me of the 50 shades of grey protest we had in front of our local walmart when that movie came out, it's really stupid.

    Don't like it, don't watch it, simple as that.

  24. Yet again, a group of religious freaks whining that it's ok to make fun of other religions, but not their own. What happened? I thought it was only muslims who couldn't take a joke. You'd think they'd be a little less defensive about something that's OBVIOUSLY satirical, given that the two are at least of age… You'd think they would be happy to have anything that distracts from all the kid rape.

  25. Religious non profits should be trapped to follow all the same rules as secular non profits, which they currently aren't.

  26. I think Durham just lashed out. I guess if he was already losing his job he was stressed and I don’t know his mental state but sometimes when I get overwhelmed I get urges to do stupid stuff (lash out violently, do something dangerous, like that feeling of being on top of a tall place and ‘wanting’ to jump off), and although I never actually do it, it looks like he did…

  27. A brazilian film parodying Jesus Christ… Yeah I'm all for parodying religion, as it's not true the actual stories, but this makes me offended!

  28. anybody remember the danish islamic karikatur crisis that happened few years back? is this not the same thing? Not siding with anyone but i think i could be way worse situation, bomb threats, protests, court cases etc.

  29. The jesus movie sounds immature and not the kind of thing I would enjoy, but the reactions to it make me glad it exists and want to support it.

  30. EVERYTHING is fair game, nothing is protected from being made fun of and joked about.
    The fact that do many people get offended by Jesus and God getting satirised, but are also the same people who crack incredibly offensive LGBTQ+ jokes are so hypocritical.
    Life of Brian was also wildly criticized when it first came out, Norway even refused to show it in cinemas.
    Everything can be made fun off, you don't have to like it, don't watch it. That's what we LGBTQ+ people have to deal with every day, just don't watch it.
    Being offended doesn't mean that you're in the right.

  31. I'm half and half because the movie is satire but still disagree with the LGBTQ community because they also got mad a Dave chapelle special for his joke

  32. Also the Mormons aren’t the only denomination stockpiling money – every church does this. I’m glad I got out of mine and that I don’t have to worry about giving my tiny income to them.

  33. I believe the charges should be classified as a misdemeanor; however, with harsher sentencing, at least a year. Those actions are completely unjustified.

  34. "If you don't like it, don't watch it" is an argument that I normally hate. Mostly because a lot of the time that I've heard that it's been referring to content that I believe is truly dangerous for people to be watching, the reasons varying based on the content in question. But in regards to The First Temptation of Christ… I'm sorry but there's absolutely nothing dangerous about it. Comedy is subjective and to me the whole situation just looks like a bunch of butthurt Christians not wanting to hear anything "bad" about their lord and savior. Hey butthurt Christians! If you don't like it, don't watch it 😉

  35. That cop should be hung. He is there to protect children not to attack them. We need to hold cops to a much higher standard than anyone else. Instead they are more dangerous and kill more people than any gang in the country.

    Always funny when religious people get pissed off over comedy or fantasy movies.
    Churches should have to pay higher taxes than anyone else. That money should be used to fund better science programs in public schools to make up for the damage they do.

  36. I think Brazil has more to worry about with their drug lords and poverty than to complain about a fcken Netflix movie lol. Thank God for religion amirite?

  37. Watching that grown man slam that little boy to the ground was truly jarring. No joke , it made me cry. That was so terrible

  38. Offensive things exist, some worse than others. Jesus being gay is one of the least offensive things people should worry about (if you even think it's offensive at all)

  39. Man-slaps grown woman’s butt…1 year in jail for assault
    Adult- violently throws child onto tile floor multiple times….possible 3 months in jail

    I hate society

  40. Mormon tithes arent voluntary, like other religions are. They pretty much tax 10% of every member. And there are some rich Mormons.

    I have no problem with religious non-profits, I just want them to play by the same rules as everyone else. Churches don't have to open their books like other non-profits, which is why this was allowed to happen with the mormon church.

  41. I don't see why they are so upset about a movie they wont go to see, no different that the lies of actual christianity. ALTHO if you think about it logically god does seem to be gay by his own actions. He makes earth, makes all the animals, fish, birds ect and after that makes man… in his image, so assuming he was biologically human he would have had a gspot in his a$$ too. Doesn't bother making a woman for his new "toy" and its only when adam doesn't wanna have any bum fun with god that he finally makes a woman but from adams rib and dirt… Did he rip out a rib from a bunny rabbit to make a lady bunny? Did he rip a rib out a male spider to make a lady spider? No… No he did not, seems he was a little reluctant, maybe because he was expecting things to go differently with adam. Anyway like the diva god was he forbid eve to eat an apple knowing that if you forbid something humans are more likely to do it (don't push the red button ect) she ends up eating one which throws god into a sissy fit and banishes them and never comes back… Yeah not the behavior of an all loving being towards his new creations, more like a massive sissy fit from an angry gay. Maybe that's why so many of his creations also have bouts of gayness… maybe he just got unlucky with adam haha.

    I'm not gay, or religious so seeing "outrage" like this about a movie that has about the same amount of bullsh1t in it as normal religious movies is quite funny. Just because the lies are different from there usual lies.

    If its in english i might watch it, seems like it would be a laugh.

  42. Does the Mormon church know when Jesus is coming back? Because if they do they would know more than Jesus which technically him being the son of God would make the mormons very incorrect in their date for his coming, more likely a rainy day fund. I would also like to say that the mormons believe Jesus is the half brother of Satan which fails to make any sense to me 🤔

  43. With the whole gay jesus thing I just keep thinking of Monty Python's Life of Brian and Search for the Holy Grail. If they'd released those today people would be fucking fuming, but back in the 70s or whatever it was received with open arms and considered hilarious. What has happened? People have become so closed off and boring. It's so dumb.

  44. if you took that movie seriously and not as a CLEAR JOKE you're a little slow, like come on LOL im not gay but even I can find the humor in that

  45. Almost 2020, all of the knowledge and education available to people and so much of the world still believes in magical beings that rule the universe. Mind blowing.

  46. there are churches that give to the needy, and then there are churches that buy mansions and other real estate with money the poor gave them because they said doing so gets them to heaven.

  47. Yes I am upset about that Netflix special, but not bc of the gay. Because of all the rest of the disrespect given to my faith. But I would be just as upset if a similarly disrespectful movie was made about the Islam, Hinduism, Buddhism, Judaism or any other serious currently active faith.

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