Discover Queensborough Community College
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Discover Queensborough Community College

[Student 1] There’s something different about Queensborough. [Student 2] From the moment I got to campus, I knew this wasn’t like any other two-year college. [Advisor 1] At Queensborough, you learn from faculty who are at the top of their fields; the kind you’d expect to find at an Ivy League university. [Professor] You have access to state-of-the-art facilities that prepare you for where you want to go in life. [Student 2] I wanted a high-quality education without having to worry about student debt when I graduated. A place that would help me build the foundation for a career and not just be a stepping stone to another job. [Professor] At Queensborough, it’s about you meeting the world — and joining a community that will help you further your education and empower you to succeed. [Student 3] I wanted professors who teach inside the classroom as well as serve as mentors outside of it. [Advisor 2] It’s definitely not like any other college. The journey of discovering the leader within begins at Queensborough. [Advisor 1] From student clubs to
internship opportunities and championship athletics there’s something here for everyone. [Student 2] I got everything that I wanted when I came to Queensborough Community College.

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  1. I'm a proud alumnus (class of 81/82) and current full-time staff member who is also the staff advisor to one of the clubs on campus (Ally LGBTQ club). I just want to welcome all the new students to QCC. Go Tigers!

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