Dirty Kanza 2019 – EF Gone Racing
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Dirty Kanza 2019 – EF Gone Racing

[Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] and I think that’s like one of the beautiful things about Kansas that it it is more relatable to a lot of people you know when you explain the tour to somebody it’s like oh yeah it’s 21 days and there’s like this red this green jersey and this yellow jersey and then this like you know fashionista polka dot thing and there’s a white one and like you know every day somebody wins but at the end somebody wins all of the days and psych lab and then you know you explain Kansa and it’s like yeah it’s 200 miles on farm roads and you got to bring your own snacks mess [Music] [Music] this is the living room this is kind of like a highway here for moose so we get them coming through pretty often the other day we had one and he ran me up the tree here I was honestly the bar took a real hit after our roommate finished law school so this this is the Kansas Slayer and they’ve changed the tires out before Canada obviously they can I’m thinking these guys frame bag for all the snacks right now I got a pump in there plug kit co2 or two couple tubes headlight first-aid kit binoculars traveling light traveling light probably ditched to the binoculars for Kansa [Music] when we put together the ultimate calendar we had the first conversation about coming to Canada I was immediately like I don’t want no skin suits no error bars like my team bus we don’t want to take wall to recycling and put it impose it on this race we’re pretty much just three best mates who also happen to be War two riders just coming and entering this event just like anyone else would I mean there’s guys who this is like what they do you know and like I respect that like you can’t think that you’re better than someone who’s in the basis their whole year and life around an event like this I guarantee I drank more beers this week the majority because I gotta be raised to begin this Wednesday for ice as a dog which but today I move the house and I’m really worried about this weekend there you go they bleed I’m looking forward to not being surrounded by all of the bike racers that I normally race against there will be a handful of them but it’s like they’re like they’re my friends actually so that’ll be nice there’s a certain level of preparation but I think you need to have and there’s also a certain level of experience and expertise that you gain from doing these kinds of events that we have none of so it’s your kind of it’s guaranteed to be a learning experience it’s a deep trip twelve hours on the bike so it’s a it’s I definitely I’m aware that it’s gonna be something that changes my perception in kind of a radical way which I’m excited about but at the same time like you’re just nervous before or something like that yeah yeah we’re doing a PSA to the gravel community welcome to my house hey did you hear lachman’s tip that he heard know about the mud paintbrush you want to bring a paintbrush well that’s shedding isn’t it you just shove it like in your fork and like your stays closed it all out and then I got a bunch of brushes – yeah I got a paintbrush right behind you you know you’re prepping for Kanzi this whole time that I’m a jammer for sure you think you wanted that wide what about something like this I think that would be better we’ll see this like yo what’s up MTV this is your boy Tyler Feeny from the webcam YouTube livestream and subscribe I this is Taylor Finney welcome to my Boulder Colorado house this is my studio where I do some painting where water this plant and then also make some music and this is one of my first paintings this Big Daddy over here this is my bedroom if you want a peek inside what’s up welcome to the roof as a family of pigeons that lives just here we have a beautiful view of the Flatirons nice little chill area covered in pigeon poop are you nervous okay love it I’m nervous bunch of artwork on the walls all from around 2016 so kind of outdated but um stove IV [Music] boys are all driving to Kansas today [Music] when we affect them with my disease so now I’m flying on a plane with J beta my name is the pilot so that’s it’s great because my nerves of the rice of sort of going because I’m caught enough about flying small plane and you can see into the future with the full zoo the eyes of ba ba an MTV Cribs fan line almost there there’s 63 miles little man always knows when I’m packing too he bud mm-hmm picking up everything [Music] when I started racing I viewed like cycling as this as this way to become successful this way to become like a dominant professional athlete like I wanted to be like a legend you know I wanted to just be like this unbeatable things idea so I was really obsessed with winning and winning was the thing that carried me through all of the downs that I experienced was like eventually win something and it was like okay or I’d have a good result somewhere and then it would bring me back up when I think about Kansa I’m not I’m not thinking like I need to just like have to win this race it’s more about it’s more about the process of how the holes and folds and like what you learn within the the 12 plus hour period that you’re out there on the road just pushing through and the win is dangerous it’s a dangerous thing to latch on to because it’s because it’s fleeting and it’s also really addictive but I feel that there’s so much more that we’re all gonna learn on the way to the finish line it’s gonna be so much more valuable than just that one picture of you crossing the finish line like this totally totally like I don’t think winning Cannes is gonna really change my status as World Tour pro but and maybe it could even hurt it you know like if you get kind of put into the the cans at pigeon hole but at the same time like there’s a whole lot of people that follow cancer that don’t follow World Tour racing maybe we’ll all get out there and we’ll realize that we’re all just a bunch of road racers and like we have no business being out there and that’s fine too you know like if we prove that the Kansas is a true Beast that would be a victory as well [Music] my name is ashlynn Lambie and we’re here in Emporia Kansas for the dirty cans oh well I think having an event this big in the Midwest is huge so you see it in other places where like Road is kind of declining a little bit like numbers are down race events are down and then you see gravel like ramping up you know you can have a guy just make a Facebook event on a weekend and that’s it and like 200 people show up so like this is like this is the epicenter of that Ted’s looking pretty good he’s a smart racer I think he’s on pretty good form this year he’s got the experience yeah I think he’s got a good shot so this will be my fourth DK I the likes of Rebecca rush who is four-time winner and Dan Hughes we started giving me the elbow being like hey you got a roadie like come on over to this gravel thing so that was 2016 I came in eyes wide open I had a blast I had the good fortune of winning it that year at that point I said I’m never coming back to this thing again it is so hard you crossed lines so depleted that you just you don’t want to do anymore somewhere around mile 140 to 180 they’re gonna be in this dark dark place that they don’t want to be and then you get out of it then you finish then you have a beer and then you’re stoked in it and as soon as they cross the line I’m like I’m coming back we are in Emporia Kansas at Granada Coffee Company it is that grassroots movement based on that really hard work that really made the community and how great is it whenever we have people come in and they say oh this town is so nice well what happens the town wants to be even nicer we now base our entire year’s projections on the DK weekend so it’s very powerful for us it is the that one time that we all everyone in the community gets to stand up and be proud hello friends this is Lachlan Martin’s room it was a little under the weather a couple days ago so we’re letting him rest look like you’re really good now it’s like because I got I don’t get that advices anymore you know like I don’t feel but now I’m excited and nervous feeling a little nervous about tomorrow feel good about it all it’s big unknown but I feel good I feel good we’re just gonna shred and have fun I think that honestly I think that’s it just just enjoy enjoy the 200 miles my job tomorrow will be to meet these guys at two checkpoints mile sixty three point nine and then 105.5 and so in between that I’m gonna be I’m proxies in this van and he can real quick I don’t think it’s left all of a sudden I was like oh my god this is on right now so you start and it’s a homeless stop so there’s over two thousand people all in one bunch it’s not super hilly it’s just big wide gravel roads at a pretty smooth like the smoothest roads of the whole day so there’s nothing to break it up so the bunch just rips a little hole and then we hit the first section of life very rough road and it was just chaos like an Alex and I were way too far back and we’re just like coming through all these people it’s just like there’s chaos there’s a lot of the spots there’s only one line you know so we came out that section with a group of probably over 500 and the other end was probably 40 and we lost Taylor there they flooded then I was like okay I guess this is how it’s gonna be said the word for being like oh yeah like you know nice speed bit of flour and then it was just like a bomb went off there was tie sealant like spraying in the air people crashing like huge rocks this I’m just getting sprayed with sealant from my front tire cuz I just hit a rock and I like all right here we go got passed by like a couple people in tandem it was public only 20 of us left in the front group [Music] and then I spent the next 80 K all the way until the first feed just chasing and like going from group to group to group to group to group by the time we got to the first aid station at 60 miles it felt like we had already done a race but then I was like okay now the race is starting got to the first rest stop forgot to do everything that I needed to do there got to go to the bathroom forgot to put sunscreen on I got another flat rear flat it’s sealed so I was like dope and then 500 meters later just slashed the sidewall on this rock and you’re just losing it people go out there just to lose it just to lose their minds Ned I was stunned it was over then it was then it was the start of a new day okay great check out everything and then went to like grab one of my bottles and they had forgotten to get two new bottles that is not good somewhere in there next ten miles we got who won put in a huge attack maybe my hundred and twenty and I was like well you know if you can go that’s the like you win yeah what’s that buddy go like you’re so strong go for it he got a few minutes and Alex and I’m like okay let’s like start chanting that’s it’s like really get into it now and then Ted blue and then the pacing was the last guy there he finally cracked so then it was just Pete Alex and myself we started chasing going going going then all of a sudden he Cowboys at night he said I’m coming apart pretty bad this is this is a long way in and I looked at him like yeah we’re all coming apart like everyone’s already come apart like I came apart eight years ago who’s literally like having he’d struck look out of like suck it up and like that’s what we’re out here for I think he’s like I know he could die and the cool thing here is all the towns have like a big water tower so you could just see it and it was literally like it’s like we need water and like there’s the big water tower and that’s where it is [Music] we came into that aid station it was like in my head in such a blow but I still managed to only leave again with two small bottles I have a Snickers in my hand but like I it was like the double Snickers and I like squeezed it in the middle and both of the things I fell out and I was like ah I didn’t even realize my wife is still like right – was standing right next to me if I needed to tell God I didn’t even know she was there [Applause] like Alex like stuff the ice in and then all of a sudden he’s mind just like switch and he’s like weakness has we were fully just in it together at that point you know there was no like one of us is gonna go ahead it’s like we’re just gonna like stick together and get ourselves to the finish line here and we didn’t say a word not a word like for three hours but we just news [Music] we got like six or seven more flats in the last 50 miles I was having like I felt like I could hear like the noise of air just coming out of my tires but I think it was totally in my head policies like probably one of the worst day of my life and tried one of the coolest most unique events I’ve ever seen I’m out there remember the bus my lock congrat okay [Music] it’s really freaking strong yeah he’s standing up seven flats bendeth treat but you’re gonna stick too tight yeah hotter down dear gravel cycling community this is your new friend Taylor fitting we are not trying to ruin your events we’re not trying to take your prize money away we’re trying to we’re trying to just be a part of your community we’re trying to add to your community and we’re just really interested in the way that y’all get freaky and I find that super inspiring and and I love it so thank you most of all we just want to have fun but like I personally like that cycling community is something that I’ve like really missed since being pro you know for a longest time it was illegal for us to show up to local races and stuff man like when I was at like 16 like I wanted nothing more than to win the Banat crit you know in Denver and I couldn’t even race it it’s a whole different world to me which is so exciting to be like you know jumping into these things and it’s also nice that like everyone’s been so helpful about it they don’t need me to be their race you know like but they’ve been like super helpful I mean like yes we count [Music]

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