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Digital Classroom: Alberta Hornsby

Our place. Well, our place is just one little spot on
the East coast of Australia in Far North Queensland. Where we sit today in Cooktown, it’s one
of ah 32 clan lands of the Guugu Yimithirr speaking nation of peoples. And we have a special story to tell here because
in 1770, this is where Captain Cook landed to repair his ship. Well, I suppose to a lot of Australians that
would be a very interesting history, and we’ve all learnt about that. But for me, and I think more importantly for
the Guuguu Yimithurr warra people and for people right throughout Australia to know
that, through the Endeavour journals, we got a glimpse of our history from 1770. And it told a different story to what we learnt
at school, in history about Captain Cook. We know from our culture what a special place
Cooktown is and I’m sure in Australia there are many special places like Cooktown where
it was a neutral zone, where people from, women from the surrounding clan lands came
here, they gave birth here, marriage alliances were made here, conflicts were settled here,
people came here to be initiated, celebrate, have ceremonies. And the very special thing about our country
here of Wayanbord and I am saying this for the Wayanbord warra people is that the lore
said that there was no blood to be split on this purtpur on this land. And that’s special, because without our
story, and without the cultural and spiritual beliefs that governed our people, the Guugu
Yimithirr warra people and the people that surrounded the endeavour river, Captain Cook
would not have had a successful first voyage.

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