Digital Citizenship Advice From Kindergarten & 1st Grade Students
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Digital Citizenship Advice From Kindergarten & 1st Grade Students

(playful music) – Always think about what you should press before you touch a button. – Don’t get too into screens. – Never ever on purpose
push the chair down. – Carefully you push out
the chair when you get out. – You have to like see
before you click on it. You have to decide really
good before you do like click on a button that you
want to do it, yes or no. – When you hold the iPad you
need to hug it like you love it so it doesn’t fall. – Do not ever, ever, ever get
too close to the computer. – You wanna be respectful to
the stuff that you’re using. – Don’t try to say a
bathroom word on purpose. – Don’t go on computers too
much ’cause you get addicted. – Don’t touch cords. – Be careful with everything and everyone. – Don’t press a button that you don’t know what it will do. – Be careful when on computers. – Don’t press a number that you don’t know because it might do something. – You have to respect
the materials like Lego and you have to treat them nicely. And treat the computer just like that. – Always ask before you touch a button. – Don’t throw your
iPads down on the floor. – Don’t click on ads you haven’t heard of. – Make sure you know what the
button does that you push. – Be careful with the electronic devices. – Be respectful for the devices you use so you don’t break them. – Use the things that you know to use, don’t try to do other
things ’cause you might, the iPad might do something or iPhone or whatever electronic thing
might do something wrong. – Be careful a lot so you don’t drop it and accidentally break the glass off. – Never do anything
random on the electronic because it might do something
wrong and disable you. – You gotta do the game that
you’re supposed to be doing because then it wouldn’t
be fair for the other kids that are with you
because they’re not doing that game that you’re doing. – Follow your parent’s rules
for the right directions when you should use your iPad. – Don’t put water on devices. – You always need
permission to use a device. – Don’t use internets and like pages that you’re not familiar with. – Don’t delete stuff if
you don’t know what it is. – Don’t use the internet too long. – If you run and you don’t have an iPad and the other person do
and you bump into them they could fall over and
the iPad might break. – Don’t wander around on the internet. – Don’t smash your device on the floor. – When you have no games on your iPad, make sure you take games for
your iPad so you can play. – Don’t press the keys too hard. – If you use the iPad too
long you have to charge it. – Don’t use the iPad too much. – Don’t run in the house when somebody is walking in front of you. – Sometimes my mom lets me
play a game on her phone. – I only play games at
home when my mom says so. – My mom only lets me use
the iPad at nighttime. – My mom only lets me snuggle with her. – Don’t be nagging. – I only get to watch French on my iPad. – Don’t drop your iPad. – Hug your iPad like you love it. – Be kind online. (upbeat music)

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