Devon Werkheiser of Ned’s Declassified Gives His Top Back to School Tips! 📚 | NickRewind
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Devon Werkheiser of Ned’s Declassified Gives His Top Back to School Tips! 📚 | NickRewind

Ned Bigby, that’s me, and my two
best friends try to do the impossible. And then it goes whoa, whoa, whoa! What Ned’s Declassified is in German. Ned’s Ultimativer– Oh my god, I just almost threw up. Hey guys, I’m Devon Werkheiser from
Ned’s Declassified School Survival Guide. And today I’m going to revisit and
react to some of my classic moments. Do you have playback,
are you gonna show me things? Oh my God,
I haven’t watched Ned’s in so long. Before you show me this,
I just want everyone at home to imagine that your years of puberty were filmed. In your high, squeaky voice, the changes in it. It’s all on camera so
looking back at Ned’s is me looking back at those
puberty years. Oh man. [laughing] Show me things. If you arrive alone and
completely overdress– These are great tips. You’ll look like this. Yes. Yes, Cookie. Get it. Yeah that’s right. – Sometimes they’re fun–
– Listen to my voice. They are nothing but trouble. So don’t
believe them and don’t spread them. – Adorable.
– And if you want a new do, get it two weeks early.
This will give it a chance to grow in. [laughing] Oh man, that is so fun and weird. I haven’t watched an
episode in a very long time. My voice, it’s so high. [laughing] Oh, it’s such cute, fun times. Those are real tips. We were really
bringing the tips to the people. Oh no, look at that hair. Who let me have that hair? It’s like a bad Beatles haircut. [frog croaking] Oh, got a frog. – You weak–
– Bigby! Quick! Take the frog to the
playground and let it go. We’re on it. Move, move! My frog is missing. I know nothing! Well you might know
something after dissection. It’s informative. Oh we’re saving the frog from dissection?
That’s what’s up. Animal rights! Let’s go! No woman gets between me and my manliness. Oh my goodness,
no wonder I was on this show. – Say no to dissection!
– I haven’t changed at all. This is ridiculous. Yeah, activism. Early activism. Let’s go. Kyle, Billy Loomer,
he lives in New Zealand now. Rosita, Walking Dead.
Christian, what’s up Suzie Crabgrass? Say no to dissection! [laughing] Yo that was great. Yeah we were early on the activism game.
You know, animal rights. Ned’s was all about that. That is so funny to see.
That haircut alone, how we allowed that to be a child
actor’s haircut is pretty shocking. [laughing] Oh, man, show me more. This is fun. Here we go, wild boy. Look at that shirtless,
not hairy chested Devon. Those days are long gone. – What is your type?
– Oh, this is a precious moment. I like the wild boys. So maybe we should go out. Oh, this is the big romantic kiss
that we’ve all been waiting for. Hand-holding, talking all night,
heart-shaped candies on Valentine’s– We do the… They’re gonna spin us here
and then the camera spins around too It’s like this amazing movie thing.
Yup, yup, we’re on a board that’s spinning and then the camera’s spinning the other
way and it creates this magical effect. Like the kiss is the greatest thing
in the universe, which it was. Aw, this is beautiful you guys. Lindsey and I were dating at this time. Best field trip ever. – Adorable.
– Excuse me, Steel Eagle. Oh, Cookie gets his kiss. We wrapped it up nice, didn’t we? We got Coconut Head back there. My man. I think my dad’s in this episode. He’s like one of the security guards. I get my pizza date with Lisa
and I’m going to meet her now. And now that Ned and I are going
out, we’ll join you. – Aw.
– And they all lived happily ever after. Cute, this is our finale! You know what someone commented
online, recently? They were like, we never saw them
graduate and it’s always tortured me. Because we ended it
there, which is not graduation of middle school,
it’s just us ending a field trip. And we’re happily ever after. That’s so precious to watch. That was the last episode,
which was such a treat to film. Lindsey and I were dating
as the wrap up of the show. Yeah, you got one more?
That was it! [laughing] Those were great! Comment below what
scenes you want to see me react to next. All right I think…
I think I know it from memory. Okay. Um. In a middle school full of bullies, insane teachers and gross school lunches, Ned Bigby, that’s me, and my two best
friends try to do the impossible. Create a guide that
helps you survive school. Boom! Still in my mind. That was freaky.
It’s been a long time since I said that. And then it goes whoa, whoa, whoa! And then the song goes, you guys know it. Oh that’s good. If I could be a character
on any Nickelodeon show. I think just a cast member on All That
would have been the most fun, because they just got to do the
craziest stuff every episode and have it change and play
all these different characters. I mean it was kid’s SNL, it was All That. So to get to be a cast member on that
and be part of that collaboration, that would have been amazing. I had a lot of favorite episodes of Ned’s and kind of the whole filming
process was incredible, but I think my favorite was the finale
because we knew it was the finale. It was the first time we filmed on
location, it was the first time we left our set and actually filmed outside. We filmed at Descanso Gardens in Pasadena. It was my favorite just because it
was the biggest episode we had done. It was an hour. It was the finale
leading to Ned and Moze kissing, it was the giant wrap up of our show so
filming that episode just had this really special energy for all of us.
And yeah, and that one stayed with me as a
really special experience to film that. At this point,
because it’s been so many years for me, my favorite thing is really
kinda grouped together as this broad stroke
of the whole experience, which our broad tip
the whole time is just, you’re not alone no matter
if you’re cool or nerdy or whatever you think about yourself.
You’re not alone. I love that we made a show
built around that message. Cookie, most likely to
be CEO of a tech company. Moze, most likely to be
first female president. Coconut Head. [laughing] Coconut Head,
most likely to become a festival kid. [laughing] Oh, hey. What are you doing here?
I’m just hanging out. You know? [laughing] Um, yeah hey,
here’s a little show and tell. When you’re on a Nickelodeon
show for a few years, you kinda end up with some cool stuff
left over. And here’s some of mine. Woo. [laughing] This was the letterman jacket. I like to
gesticulate with my Kids’ Choice Awards. [laughing] I carry these everywhere I go. No this is a little show and tell.
This is the jacket I received as the wrap gift from Scott Fellows,
the creator of Ned’s Declassified. It’s our letterman jacket,
James K. Polk. This would be like if
we went to high school. It says Ned, got the Nickelodeon logo. I love this jacket. But I can’t wear it out
because I feel too pretentious. Like wearing my Ned jacket,
like, have you seen my show? [laughing] So I just wear it in my home with my cat. These are my European Kids’ Choice Awards. Never won an American one. Where were you guys?
Where were your votes? I only announced awards for other people
at the Kids’ Choice Awards in America. But thank you to Germany and Italy These things are amazing.
They’re kaleidoscopes. This is Lieblingsserie. I think that means
favorite series in Germany. Little fun fact. Ned’s Ultimativer Schulwahnsinn. I think that’s how you say it. That is
what Ned’s Declassified is in German. Ned’s Ultimativer– Oh my god, I just almost threw up.
I couldn’t say it. Ned’s Ultimativer Schulwahnsinn. Ned’s Ultimativer Schul– It’s getting worse, OK. That’s my German Kids’ Choice Award that I received in Germany with Josh Peck.
It was a lot of fun. Thanks Germany. Dankeschön Deutschland. That’s what I said when I won it. Um, this was my favorite male– [laughing] Favorite male star for
Italy’s Kids’ Choice Awards. They did not have an award show that
year, so I didn’t get to go to Italy. But they mailed me this nice blimp. And these are my blimps. [laughing] – Great.
– Perfect. [cameraman laughing] Excellent. Put me somewhere cool.
I’m on the moon. [all laughing] Yeah actually, can you take me to Italy? Since I didn’t get to go to the
Italian Kids’ Choice Awards please? Oh, look at it! I’m in Italy. Thank you.
I don’t know. I never got to go though. Sad. This is three tips out of
the life survival guide. This is tips for life. So we’re out of middle school now.
Maybe you’re in high school or college. Or passed college,
I’m definitely passed all those things. I’m in the phase of
life known as adulting. Which is horrifying. It’s really hard to give tips on. Because I’m struggling
to figure it out myself. You’re probably not gonna get what you
want in life when you think you want it. And that’s okay. Learn to keep setting your aim
and kind of the target’s gonna move and
challenges are gonna come up. And follow that.
And keep being kind to people. And it’s gonna be okay.
So that’s one tip. Tip two. Tip toe, tip two. What’s good for adulting? Having good friends in
your life is everything. So tip number two for making
it through life and adulting is make really good friendships
with people. Life is so chaotic. And it can be such a
struggle and what helps is when you have good friends around
you to just like laugh through it. So find a good community. And if you’re not in one,
maybe you’re the center point. Maybe you can create one around you. That’s tip two. [laughing] Now I gotta think of three. Life’s so hard. [laughing] Tip three. So even though
I’m fully addicted to it and you’re watching this
probably on your phone right now or some form of social
media or digital something. There’s so much more to
life than our social media presence. Right? There’s so much more
than this image we portray and all the highlights of our life.
Hey look I’m doing the best and I look so good right now and
this filter and my skin’s perfect. Nah man, life’s so messy and there’s
so much more real stuff happening off of these devices.
You know, have fun with it, but don’t put too much stake of your
actual self-worth in social media. And limit your time on it.
That’s tip three for life. Okay, you want to do four or five?
Nah, that’s it. We’re gonna stop there.
You check in with me later. Okay? Follow Nick Rewind for
more throwback Nickelodeon. – The digital slate.
– We are rolling. – The way of the future.
– Yeah. – Everyone got it?
– The way of the future. – Way of the future.
– The way of the future. The way of the future. Here we go. Finally somebody else
makes that reference. Dude, I… No joke, last week I
was trying to remember that line. I was like what’s the line he repeats? The way of the future.
The way of the future.

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