Developer Student Club Cloud Study Jam in Ghana
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Developer Student Club Cloud Study Jam in Ghana

Well, I sent the email for the
Cloud study jam last week on Friday. I was shocked that in less
than five minutes we actually had about thirty
people signing up for it. Today, we’re having a
Google Cloud study jam. So we have students coming from all majors. We have Computer Science,
Management Information Systems Business Administration, Engineering. And the idea is they have the interest to get to know
more about technology but they don’t know where to start. So, as DSC, that’s where
we come in. We’re gonna do the first two labs. We’re creating a virtual machine, and using the G Cloud, and G Cloud Shell, so it’s pretty much exciting. So, your virtual machine was
like a house, right? And the SSH is like a gate, like an entry point into the house
that you created. I’m the patron to the Developer Student Club The issue is that Computer Science
classes provide some level of theory introduction,
some level of practice. But then, we want to let the students
appreciate current technologies, state-of-the-art technologies by
introducing them through Developer Student Club
workshops and seminars. There are students from all majors. They really want to know more about
what they can actually do to contribute to problem
solving in the society. I really love teaching people and
making them realize that ‘Oh, I can actually do this.’
That’s one of the things that really gives me the joy,
when I see that in people.

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3 thoughts on “Developer Student Club Cloud Study Jam in Ghana

  1. I'm in High School? How can I start doing this kind of stuff?
    I want to create a club at my school for Google Developers.

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