Designing a New Classroom
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Designing a New Classroom

At Canyon View Elementary School, Ashley Smith’s classroom was given flexible seating from the Rincon Rotary. This gift prompted the fourth graders to ask if they could redesign their classroom learning space Mrs. Smith invited Foothills grad Amber Levitz who’s the director of visual design for Ashley Furniture and Sam Levitz furniture To be the student’s expert resource as they develop their ideas What do you do first when you’re planning a project? Even in writing. I love it. I love the connection So space planning so the most important thing when you’re looking at a space is how we’re gonna use the space So let’s go back to Target right? We were talking about Target. So When someone was building the first Target They had to decide where do they want their doors to be? Then they decided they wanted their checkout counters to be close to the doors, right? So once you’re done it’s easy to leave and then they have to pick where they wanted the shopping carts to be. So it’s easy when you come in to pick up your shopping cart and when you’re done It’s also easy to drop off your shopping cart So it doesn’t leave their store really messy and it makes it easy for the customer. So that’s all part of space planning that begins before you even thought about What you want your space to actually looks like. The class discussed how this lesson to apply to their own classroom flow better We’ve talked a little bit about like things that are kind of in the way I want you to point to something that you’re like we need to move that point to one thing We need to move. We talked about the refrigerator and we also talked about something else over there Right because we all kind of we all kind of bottleneck around that spot or like where could we put that where it would create more flow so you guys are already doing all the things that our interior designers team is So, do you guys know what the word of aethetically means The aesthetics of something is is seeing how beautiful a space can be or how it can make you feel good so you can walk into a space sometimes and You don’t really like the way it looks and it doesn’t really make you feel good for whatever reason maybe it’s really crowded and cramped or really dark right and then sometimes walk into a space and it’s really light and Beautiful and air and the colors aren’t pleasing to your eyes. So that’s aesthetically pleasing versus not aesthetically pleasing. Aesthetically pleasing is good What are the three steps of the interior design process? Then what did she say you do after you plan it out? You sketch it out everybody say and do that And then after you plan it and you sketch it then what do you do? What did she just show you? Tape it out or measure it right? Everybody. Say him do that measure or tape it up Everything’s gonna fit you decided if you’re gonna paint or not you’ve tested your colors You can purchase your items have them delivered by the paint. Make sure you get your painters tapes Set up the room and then you’re gonna walk through your room and so you still like it Sometimes you’ve done everything right and for whatever reason you still don’t like it and that’s okay Sometimes after it’s complete you might want to tweak it and say you know what? We’re gonna switch this color with that color and swap those two She spots in the room and that’s per stuff all part of the design process So it doesn’t mean that failed or you did a bad job. It just means the design process is always ongoing and changing And after reviewing the class’s plan, what does our expert think? I love it. I think this is really smart. Great job, fourth graders. Can’t wait to see your ideas come to life!

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