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15 thoughts on “Deputy fired after child slammed to floor in Vance County school

  1. WOW. POOR LITTLE BABY BLESS HIS LITTLE HEART GRANDPA DON'T LET THAT CHANGE HIM, MAKE THAT MAN APOLOGIZE AND KEEP HIM APOLOGIZING TO THAT BABY ( let that baby tell him how he could have handled things different and not for him to be treated that way put that little baby in power to tell that adult this is the way you should have handled it and not throwing him up and down the hallway

  2. I bet he won't come to the west side of Chicago with that shit those real n….. would put his ass down for messing with their kids

  3. It's good to know that under North Carolina law you can't be charged with a felony assault unless you break bones and he isn't a cop no more

  4. Wow. Now child abuse and assault are also legal if you're a police officer. The officer gets let off without prosecution, and the child gets PTSD and nightmares.

  5. This ex-officer must go to jail. And I mean for years.
    That was a very tiny boy. The grandfather is right, it could have killed him.

  6. This is f**** disgusting. A misdemeanor??? What the f*** do you have to do to get a felony in Vance County.? Oh I know how you get a felony body slam a kid twice and don't have on that uniform that'll get you a felony. Double standard if he weren't a cop he would be charged with a felony. The district attorney said he couldn't charge him with a felony because the child wasn't seriously injured that's BS too. That kid is traumatized and will never look at a police officer the same way. I hope they get rich

  7. Nothing's going to happen to this "officer" cuz the family probably won't file a complaint and Sue these itches 😡 the boy will never get Justice 😡

  8. The DA are pieces of junk that man should be arrested and put in jail if any one of us as adults was caught doing that on camera we'd have our children taken away and be sitting in jail a cop's respectable until he's not this dude just made himself not put him in jail

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