Denise Hurley ’82 – Bryn Mawr College Campaign Goal
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Denise Hurley ’82 – Bryn Mawr College Campaign Goal

With our deepest thanks to our donors, it
is my great pleasure to announce that Defy Expectation, The Campaign for Bryn
Mawr has exceeded its minimum goal of two-hundred and fifty million dollars. We
now stand at two hundred and fifty-three million. This is the largest amount ever raised by the College in a fundraising campaign
and a striking measure of our community’s commitment to the excellence of Bryn Mawr. Together, we’ve established more than 72 new scholarships, endowed six new faculty positions, renovated the wonderful Park Science Center, built a
new dorm as well as the Enid Cook 1931 Center. And we’ve launched new programs such as the Career and Civic Engagement Center, THRIVE, the 360-degree Course
Clusters, data science across the curriculum, and a digital competencies
program. But we are Bryn Mawr and we’re not stopping at our minimum goal. With
only a few months left in the Campaign, I’m asking you to help us smash past our
current goal and set an even higher new standard for Bryn Mawr. With the help of
our alumnae/i, families, and friends, Bryn Mawr has proven itself over and over
again to be a thriving, vibrant, community of scholars. You can expect Bryn Mawr to
continue that legacy. Thank you for your participation and thank you in advance
for helping us smash past that goal.

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