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Deaf People Teach Us Bad Words | Deaf People Tell | Cut

– I do also say “eat a
dick”, most of the time. Yeah, “eat a dick”. Eat a dick. (light music) – [Woman] Yes, I’m deaf. – I’m deaf. – [Woman] I was born deaf. Some people think I’m hard of hearing ’cause I speak some and I can hear some, but when these hearing aids are off, I’m totally deaf. (laughter) – [Woman] Oh yes! Oh, of course! Yes, but not in front of my parents. All the time. – Oh God, in sign or in English? (sighs) (laughs) – [Woman] What the fuck
bitch? You’re a piece of shit. I mean, you’re just a
God damn motherfucker! What the fuck, you stupid fuck? Go suck cock! (chuckles) Motherfucker! I mean “fuck you” is always a go-to. Fuck you! Fuck that! Fucked up. Y’know, this is like, “Fuck you all!” Especially if I’m driving and
I see somebody on the road. I’m like, I’m givin’ them the bird. Yeah, absolutely! It shows our expression, if we’re really mad or not mad. Oh, it’s everything in ASL. Especially… I mean, you guys have tone, right? And you can tell when somebody
is angry or sad or sarcastic. And in ASL, we don’t
have that tone per se. But we show that with
the way that we sign, how big or fast or slow we sign and all of the facial
expression that we have. – Oh, I’ll just do “hell”.
I’ll just put the finger further out, I’ll just do “hell”. – [Woman] Well, there’s “shit”.
“Shit”. You can spell it. You can do this one on the nose. The horns, to make the head up here. And now for here is where
shit’s coming out it’s ass. That’s bullshit. (laughs) Bitch is right here on the chin. I can’t do it without laughing!
I don’t use that word. We finger spell that. I mean there are some
signs that don’t have a sort of an equivalent in ASL. “Dumbass”. This is the sign for dumb or stupid. Or slam that hand against your other hand to show the sign for dumb or
stupid is being really intense. But, be careful. You don’t wanna
smack yourself in the head. That can hurt sometimes. (laughs) “Bastard!” The sign for boys are
up here near the head, so that’s why bastard is up there. Oh, everyone knows asshole, don’t they? This one, right there? There, I’m just showin’
you the circle there. Yup, this is sort of your ass, so you make a little “o” hand shape. And it’s almost like the sign for shit. But you’re using the fuck hand shape and you’re going up into the ass. That’s an English phrase, that’s not really
translated well into ASL. But you can just use the sign like, “You’re a piece of shit”. Brain opens up, there it
goes, it’s draining out. – Whore. Slut. Further lines. (laughs) And it’s supposed to be… And so you’re jumping from
one person to another. From one penis to another, basically. So the legs are open and
they’re just going like.. – [Woman] Oh! Oh, my. (laughs) Cocksucker? I’ve seen this one. Of course, we’re gonna go for
the visual of sucking cock. Okay, you take this hand shape
to your mouth, and that… You know what you’re
putting in your mouth. And then you bring out what’s
called the “three-hand shape”. If you wanna be sort of… Going into it more in
depth and being more visual you use two hands. Y’know, sort of shows the size. Like “Oh, he’s hung”. Or use your little pinky and then that means
he’s got a pencil dick. Or things like that. Oh man. You’re face looks like a dirty asshole! Go fuck your mom. – You fucking get out of here, you bitch. – [Woman] You’re a fucking whore! You ugly motherfucker. (laughs) – Hey, it’s Marina from Cut! Thank you so much for watching
another one of our videos. What’d you think? Let us know in the comments down below. And if you want to pick up any merch, please check out the link in our bio. See ya next time!

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100 thoughts on “Deaf People Teach Us Bad Words | Deaf People Tell | Cut

  1. Yes I love this! I’m taking asl for 3 years in high school cause I only need three credits but I wanna know this so I can say it to someone

  2. I hate when people just want to learn sign language for the curse words I mean it’s ridiculous and disrespectful. People also make up random things and pretend they are curse words.

  3. I literally have homework due tonight and i'm here watching videos on sign language cursing even though i dont curse….. send help

  4. That blonde hair girl looks like she from zombie Disney channel or I'm I blinds because I'm missing something I'm I right or not

  5. Is it bad that i go and do this to pepole i hate and thay thing in a ciko and im just muving my hands??😂😂

  6. Anyone: How do you say… Deaf person: 👍👎👋🤝✌️🤞🤙🤘🤛✊👊👐🤝👏👍👎☝️👆👇🖕👈👉🖖✋🤙🤞👉

  7. I didn't know I knew so much about the sign language. "Fuck this, Fuck that, Fuck all, Fuck you" I didn't realize I knew all these signs naturally :d

  8. Sadly this is American sign language, I was taught British, because I was deaf till I got surgery aged 6, still useful in conversation with Italian driver's mind

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