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Day in the Life of a Mechanical Engineering Student | Engineering Study Abroad

Hey! so my name is Jess. I’m a mechanical engineering student, master student at ETH Zurich and today I’m going to be
filming the day a day in a life of a mechanical engineer because looks like a
lot of people are hungry to see it and also today I get to do experiments. So
usually I do a lot of simulations, which you will see later. But today I get to do
experiments to back up my simulations which you will also see later if I get
permission from my Prof. Also if you’re wondering no didn’t go to the gym this
morning because I was too tired #engineeringlife lol. Okay maybe
I’ll explain my simulations a little bit so I am like simulating a gas turbine or
like a burner within a gas turbine and it has two flames in it so I already
simulated the burner like in using Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) or
Large Eddy Simulation (LES) so now what I’m doing is I’m gonna
be doing the experiments to sort of verify my simulations so it makes sense
you’ll see. So now we are approaching ETH That’s the main building. That’s my
building. Main building is much more beautiful. So here this is a giant engine
we have. You can see, it’s pretty dope Pretty big. And so this is pretty much
what I do. General Electric Swissair, cool huh hand for scale okay so I’m in my office and I’m gonna
show you some of my simulation. There we go. So this is the first flame. This is like the temperature of the flame So the red part is the hot part. Here we have the oxygen and then here we have the fuel. So obviously when the fuel
burns there’s no more fuel inside the flame. So that’s why it’s white on the
inside Same with the oxygen. It’s blue on the
inside because there’s no oxygen once it burns. Because we’re burning “fuel lean”. And so this is my first flame and now I’ll show you my second flame. So now you can
see my two flames so this is the flame I just show you it’s kind of going crazy
here. Here I have extra air coming in and here I have extra fuel coming in and
because the flow is so hot there is the second flame that’s forming so you can
see it’s kind of like a dragon And so it’s pumping and this is an instability.
So do you see that? Yeah, so if you have, I guess, any more
questions about this, you can just like comment below. Yeah, pretty much that’s my project and I think it’s pretty cool. I think we can duplicate it in experiments
it would be way cooler so I’m gonna ask my supervisor if I could do that. Yes,
so stay tuned. So this is my friend, Luigi, from Italy.
Luigi, where are you from? What is your name? It’s Luigi. Like you told it. And ya, I’m from Italy. From Italy! I didn’t do that. Could you please stop the video? Or do you have to go through my whole life? So, this is your
mechanical engineering project. Ya. A grey screen. Exactly So here I’m inside the
control room of our burner. I should be looking at the camera Here’s my supervisor checking on the test rig. I didn’t want to use my own footage because I didn’t want to get in trouble. So this is the footage from my lab’s website. Pretty much I don’t know what you
want me to tell you. I just finished the experiments. Now I’m extracting data. I’m
gonna put into a presentation pretty fun Life of an engineering student. So this is the Messung von Verweilzeitspektren? Clearly, you know exactly
what that means What is this thing called, a scrubber?
When you try to like separate NOx or CO2 from air or from exhaust gas. So pretty much I’m pretty sure like the exhaust goes from the bottom up here.
This material is some sort of absorbent material that absorbs the NOx or the
exhaust the clean gas exits or something like
that actually I decided this is a good thing
to explain so yeah pretty much this is exactly what we’re doing here we have
our first-stage burner and this is the test rig and here we have the second flame and so these two planes interact together and they create like acoustic modes and so
this is the test rig that I am simulating right now. So I’m simulating it here you can see that this is flame.
So this is exactly what I’m simulating that I showed earlier. Or this is another way
to visualize the exact same simulation yeah you can use high speed laser
Diagnostics to view it in the experiment so this is a
simulation and this is what you used to see the experiment so you’d
pretty much seed the flow with some sort of fluorescent material then you use the
laser to make it fluoresce so make the light, make like the whatever you see it
with fluoresce in a different color and then
use high-speed camera to record and so the application is for like these
different gas turbine engines so you can see here you have the first flame and
the second flame. That’s pretty much the application of this burner. Yeah there we
go again, one flame, second flame. Well, there’s three and two but you know what
I mean And this is the motivation behind it
pretty much we were burning oil, gas and coal and we’re always going to keep
burning them till we run out so and on top of that wind and solar are very
sporadic but this is the demand so this is constant but renewables are not
constant so we have to figure out a way which is gas turbines and burning gas
oil and coal and we have to use these pretty much to make up for this demand,
when we don’t have renewables available So that’s the point of
yeah so pretty much yeah that’s why we use gas turbines still and so what we’re
trying to do is just make this more efficient so one way to make them more
efficient is to use two flames but in order to do that we have to investigate
with two flames in the burner which is what I’m doing
That’s it. Yeah pretty much that’s my life as a mechanical engineering student
at ETH Zurich that evening I didn’t really do much I
came home I ate a salad and then I watched Parks and Recreation. Let me know below if you’re a mechanical engineer and if your student life is different
chances are that if you’re in your bachelors it’s way more packed than mine.
Yeah and also like and subscribe I just recently made friends with
EverythingKay and she is in computer science I believe at Waterloo which is
not too far from where I live in Canada and she has like a lifestyle youtube but
she kind of wants to transition into a computer science-y YouTube channel. So
if that interests you at all then go over there and show your support. I have
her listed down as one of my featured channels

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18 thoughts on “Day in the Life of a Mechanical Engineering Student | Engineering Study Abroad

  1. I really like being an engineer, but all we do in college is swallow books. There really isn't much time for me to take in the material I'm learning and it bores me… Or maybe it's just me and my limited attention spam

  2. Thank you for your video! I am a hs senior planning on studying mechanical engineering next year. Your graduate studies look really interesting and reminded me why I want to become an female engineer. 🙂

  3. Yeah there are so many different things we can do as mechanical engineers that you can't really pin it down like that.

  4. My husband just applied to UC Riverside and Cal Poly Pomona for the mechanical engineering program. Fingers crossed all goes well.

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