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100 thoughts on “Day in the Life of a COLLEGE STUDENT! | University Freshman Daily Routine

  1. What grade are you guys in at school? We wanna know, so please comment below! Also, be sure to check out our Arizona Jean Co outfits from this video, and more of our favs by clicking HERE! ▶️ http://jcp.is/brooklyn-bailey 💋's -Brooklyn

  2. You can’t microwave ramen because of what the cup is made of. Plus it taste better if it’s made correctly in my opinion.

  3. I hate the comments from the people that are saying this isn’t realistic or something but I think that this is how they live and nobody should be coming for them.

  4. our classes are so hectic. start at 8 am and end at 3 pm with only a 30 mins break in between from 12:45 pm to 1:15 pm. so no naps or anything in between. every day starts at 6 am and ends at 4 pm when i reach home. i wish classes were this lenient for us lol

  5. 8:42 i did those math sums when i was 12yr old in class 6😂😂(In India btw) and Bailey is doing those in college OMG such a grt diff in the study system!!

  6. you're lucky you live on campus… for me 8am classes means getting up at 5:30 so I can be in the city with enough time to get in my chefs gear 🙂

  7. Did anyone else notice that While Bailey was talking about her "Leg-Dialing" someone was crawling around in there room in the backround

  8. oh my goodness I butt dialed 911 on accident and they showed up to my house and it wàs so embarrassing.. I can relate bailey

  9. I totally agree with the weather In Texas. Like once it’s scorching hot and once it’s freezing and especially during the summer and winter. I live In Dallas ❤️❤️❤️❤️ I love u guys so muchhhh

  10. This is THEIR true experience, even though it might not end up being yours. A lot of people struggle way more than this. Antisocial, procrastination, not able to get up and look nice. But that’s not them so let them be! I had a much harder time but also… they’re only beginning freshmen. They never said it’s going to stay this nice and fun.

  11. Are y’all Mormons? It’s interesting how you guys are going to a more Christian school and are taking Christian classes. Mormonism and Christianity is actually very different and have different beliefs, but in the surface it may seem the same. I don’t really know what you guys believe, but I just thought that was interesting.

  12. Wow cute twins and it's my first time to watch your video. I also have a twin sister and we're a 1st year college this coming school year and we are classmates. I'm so happy to watch your vlog😍

  13. Brooklyn and Bailey are probably the very rare people that actually do their homework at a decent time and way before it's due. This is definitely not what college is you guys. They're just super over achievers and have a big social lifestyle

  14. One day at college the fire alarm went off at 11am and we just sat there working away. Then someone said it’s not Wednesday, (fire alarm test day) so it was only then after couple mins we left the class 🤣 🔥

  15. I've been bless with parents who have worked hard and have provided for me and frankly they have spoiled me..however, they have always held a high standard for me and I've had a job since 14 years old (now I'm 20) and I have to manage school, my extra curricular activities and clubs, and work. I don't really know their background but it seems like they are VERY privileged. The real world is not just cupcakes and rainbows..it is cutthroat and I just hope that they are prepared for it because this is not what college is like at all.

  16. during my theology class i had a test and we had to put our phones away and apple watches and a minute after outting it into my bag i hear alarms going off and did nothing about it and a few minutes later we heard someone on the watch speaking saying 911 and i immediately hung up and thought the police would show up so i def feel that Bailey!!!

  17. Brooklyn, I’m wondering what your astronomy class is like? What do you do for homework? What do you learn? It sounds really interesting!

  18. Did anyone else kinda get annoyed by the guy in the background at the end who kept saying oh yeah and oh yes to the cookie dough

  19. Brooklyn’s skirt is what girls in my school have to where for uniform bottoms and when she said it was a good skirt I cringed so hard

  20. Yes! I live in east Texas and one minute it’s hot and sunny then one minute it’s literally raining and freezing

  21. Most of the comments are about how much they say “Just a college thing.” But how come NO ONE is talking about their EyE CoLoR?! Their eye color is sooo pretty! They just PoP with everything! Like… WOW

  22. Do you guys really only get up at seven for school? I'm homeschooled but do a group coop on Tuesdays so on Tuesdays I wake up at five and on every other school day I get up at 6:30

  23. I find it funny how they say so many things about waking up at 7, but am in university in Colombia and at that time class has already started

  24. Omg you guys are in uni now. I still remember watching videos of you guys and your mum doing all kinds of hairstyles when you were little. Now you're vlogging your experience as college students. I wish you best of luck with your studies~

  25. Oh my gosh!!! Lol!!!! I remember doing something like that but a little different. Well, I was trying to slip off the case from my Apple watch that I ware to work. I was getting ready to get a screen protector on my watch. All of a sudden I hear “911 what is your emergency…” I was freaking out so bad, I froze. I didn’t make a sound. I then got my posture again, and then told the disbatch that everything was fine and to please disreguard the call. Oh my gosh!!! It happened right when I was getting ready to head out the door to catch metro for work. What a way to start a work day. I so can relate to this one. Hahahaha!!!! Then, their was a time a while ago, where I called 911 by accident again. Well, this was when I was super sleepy and I was for some funny reason wanting to check my minutes with t-mobile. Well, their customer service line is 611. Well, I dialed 911 and again. It was a sticky situation. All I could do was sit still and basically stop breathing for a second. I told the disbatcher that it was an accident. To disreguard the call. I was trying to call t-mobile 611. Well, i dialed sleepily 911. Hahahaha!!!!! The things that we do sometimes without realizing it.

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