Cute ‘identical twins’ prank teacher in cutest way!
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Cute ‘identical twins’ prank teacher in cutest way!

cute identical twins prank teacher in
cutest way if there was ever a story which proves that prejudice is learned
this is it this is such a cute tale of perfect innocence as we meet two best
friends who get their hair cut so that they’ll look exactly the same first of
all I just want to say thank you for all your comments we don’t have time to
reply to them all but we do read them so keep them coming
thanks again to Noreen for her comment and our story of the pensioners who
escaped the care home to go to a heavy metal festival god bless these wonderful
people for showing us it’s never too late to fulfill your dreams
quite right Noreen hufflepuff potato said they definitely made the right
decision I agree my friend yes indeed so back to today’s story this originally
came to light back in 2017 on the love what matters Facebook page published by
Lydia’s Stith rosebush and it immediately went viral and if that
sounds out of date wait to the end as there’s a little update for you so the
story goes the best friends Jackson ready or absolutely convinced that they
look identical now to a cynical adult there may be one thing which immediately
jumps out at us but not to these two boys and if you look a little closer at
the two of them as five-year-olds you can see why if you see past the skin
colour these boys do actually look remarkably similar
well these unprejudiced young men certainly looked past the skin color
they didn’t seem to see it at all as they embarked on an excellent prank to
confuse their teacher you see as far as they could tell the one thing that gave
away who was who was that Jack’s has hair stood up while readies was cropped
short that’s when they came up with their cunning plan if Jack’s cropped his
hair like readies how on earth would their teacher be able to tell them apart
according to Jax’s mum Lydia he couldn’t wait to get to school on Monday to see
the teachers face as she tried to work out who was who mum Lydia wrote on her
Facebook page that this is proof that prejudice is learned what else could it
mean the only difference these two five-year-olds saw in each other was the
style of their hair beautiful as we said this lovely story got a lot of attention
back in 2017 with loads of people writing in and sharing other examples of
kids who just don’t naturally think in prejudiced terms there was a teacher
from Germany for example who commented that she had asked her class how many
refugees they had in the room and was surprised and delighted by the answer
from the children that there were no refugees only kids brilliant quite
profound from the mouths of babes eh now I said there was a little update didn’t
I I wonder sometimes if these stories are blown out of proportion are better
if there’s some urban myth involved but we were so pleased to discover that
jacks and ready are still BFFs as the more recent photos show sometimes the
innocence of a child is more than simple ignorance isn’t it it’s just plain old
common sense that exists before the cynical and prejudiced world fills our
minds with a rubbish we really can learn something valuable from these two like
what well just love each other let us know in the comments below if you
have any stories like this and don’t forget to share this bit of hope for the
future with your friends and family

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7 thoughts on “Cute ‘identical twins’ prank teacher in cutest way!

  1. If parents raise their children properly, they'll never see race, they'll only see other humans. I know about this story, but it's still beautiful to hear. Thank you. 😊❤

  2. To those who like to stick them down instead of up what good thing have you done with your day. Everyone definitely is the same inside only are outside gives us a wonderful difference Empresa different says if it didn't exist. Have a great day

  3. I see your point but stating the fact that one child is black and one is white is not prejudice it is simply stating an observational fact.

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