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Customised Education, Brett Chenoweth, former CEO APN News & Media

We’re lucky we work in the media industry.
It’s a vibrant industry. Lots of changing things. Heaps of new opportunity.
And plenty of challenges too. Each element of our business is going through
rapid change. So we need to create an environment and develop
leaders who can cope with that change. Not just cope with it, but who can revel in
the change. Our Director of Human Resources had started
the process of putting together a leadership program. And often, you have to partner to do that. I met with QUT a number of times and talked
about, sort of, the aspirations that I had for the business, and also obviously bringing
in best-of-brief thinking around what other media organisations globally need to do to
develop their leadership talent within their organisation. So it was really a collaborative effort initially. I’m very pleased to say that it’s worked
out fantastically well. We’ve seen incredibly positive outcomes
already. We’ve seen collaboration across our organisation; 25 graduates of the program are collaborating
post the finish of the program; they’ve got tools that they’ve learnt
in this program, and they can apply that across their everyday workings. One of the most positive aspects of the feedback
we’ve had about the program was the one on one coaching that our executives received. Both during the courses and in between the
courses to develop their leadership attributes, to develop them, and to develop their confidence
as executives. So at every level it’s been a success from
our perspective. And the mandate from us going forward is to
continue to invest in people, continue to drive these sorts of courses through, and
we want to leverage this relationship – this very successful relationship – we have with
QUT, and we want to do more.

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