“Culture is a really important thing in the classroom” | UCL Institute of Education
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“Culture is a really important thing in the classroom” | UCL Institute of Education

[In French] Hello, my name is Lisa Marple, and at the moment I’m studying
at the Institute of Education in London. [In English] I’d always considered teaching
throughout my career. And of course when you start looking the first place you think of is the
Institute of Education. It’s absolutely got the best reputation so there
was no question that I was going to apply here. The tutors here are very practical people,
they have so much experience in teaching, and they’re also very calm about it. It’s just so well planned and well balanced. You know there’s a great setup here for
your learning and your lectures, I think the Institute makes it very
easy for you to get everything done, and go along to all the lectures that you need to but there’s also the group atmosphere of
all the people that you’re learning with, it’s quite phenomenal. We come to the Institute, we hang out
in the library we have lunch together, there’s just a real buzz.
It’s a real buzz here. You come in the door, it’s intelligent
and it’s very professional as well. I think there’s a really good balance there. I’m doing this course at the Institute so
that I can teach French and Spanish and French is my stronger language, but
equally I love the Spanish language and it gives me the opportunity to spend
more time in Spain taking in the culture because culture, is a
really important thing in the classroom to impart that to students about how
other people live, and the excitement of where they might go
and visit one day. There’s a mime in my school, and it’s a method used by the head of
department here at the Institute of Education that comes from something that
Colin Christie was working on. When you’re teaching languages, miming really help students. [In French] I have eaten. [In English] And that is the acute
accent on the e. I want to be teaching in a secondary school, I just want to teach them that languages
are incredibly fun. And although we’re trying to help you get exams, we’re trying to give you some communication skills, so that you go and visit and communicate
with people in other countries.

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