Crush on my Teacher
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Crush on my Teacher

You’re supposed to go to school, get an education, and NOT fall in love with your teacher. How you gonna look when you’re with your boys at school and your boys are like “yooooo…”? Look at Alexis dog Nah, nah, nah Alex- is a- she aight But Miss Murnane doe…. Our teachers make being a teacher look easy I can only imagine if you were like an ATTRACTIVE teacher I never was attracted to any of my teachers Not never, not a day in my life UNTIL.. Second semester of college shout-out to Valencia Osceola campus First day of class I walk in like, “UHHHhhhhmmmmmmmmmmmm” Why is this… model sitting at the teacher’s desk… yo.. her.. FACE STOP IT So about a week end of the semester. I’m just like, how do I? Stand out…? Like have you ever had a teacher that you thought was cute. How do you get their attention? If you get all A’s? Somebody she’s taught before has got all A’s.. Like… Maybe, maybe, if I fail like, worse than she’s EVER seen anybody failed EVER Let’s try that, So you know when I walk by her one day. I checked her ring situation She ain’t have no engagement ring, no wedding ring, No NOTHIN’ It’s open season my DUD I noticed I was getting like, randomly territorial over her if a student would walk up to her like, “Miss McKnight,” “I notice the value of x” I wanted to run over and be like, “YO!!!” “BACK up before you get SMACKED up!” the more and more the days went on the more and more confused I got cuz I was kind of like just You’re single, I’m single Besides you being my teacher and probably losing your job. What’s the problem? So the first test comes along bomb it second and third test bomb those Okay, BOOM Three F’s her office email with the equivalent of the DM’S. Lemme slide on a little up in here Yeah, um- I’m the guy who’s in your Monday Wednesday Friday class, Third row from the left, second row from the back That’s me, UMMMmm And then I realized. I’m so lost in this class. I don’t even know what to ask Like.. I don’t even know.. What I don’t know.. ahhhhhhhhhh Yeahhhh…. Miss McKnight… I don’ understand Send. So she answers one of my questions, Then I was like, “Oh, by the way, your fit was on point today, dem shoes went with that outfit like, perfectly. Not a smooth transition, but I sent it, and this girl went radio SILENT Ghost Protocol I hit her up a few days later, she ain’t even reply to that, I- the gig was up I mean it ain’t even like you got a boyfrie- What- WOAH!! WOAHHH!!! Come here, come here come here… Ge- get, clo- get closer Lemme set dat, lemme see that What is that that? She’s got a boyfriend now? You’ve engaged? I leave you alone for one weekend, bro.. one weekend?? Oh, I was HOT, boi!! OKAY I gotta abort, because my mission, essentially was to get the lowest grade you’ve ever seen. now I got to somehow, salvage this mission and pass this class you out here doing your own thing. I’m ’bout to- okay fine.. You wanna act single Imma be single too I failed that class so h0rwd, I got my grades, and I was like, “Screw it, Imma be a strip- I mean- not stripper… Animator!” hueh I get those confused sometimes 😉 So… you’re painting your burger.. Is that- yeah Get a lil’ sauce (raw sauce) Ohhhhhh gotta paint- Ehsrdtfyghj lol yw yw

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100 thoughts on “Crush on my Teacher

  1. Omfg so hilarious. One time my mom had a crush on my teacher and it was just weird during parent conferences.

  2. i had a teacher last year, she was adorable. i actually considered going through what you went through. and thn one day during class she mentioned her man during a lesson and i almost jumped out the mf window i swear

  3. Friend: dog look at Avery she cute AF
    Me: true true but ms frizzle lookin thicker than a bowl of oatmeal
    Friend: u nasty dog
    Me: true Man U jealous she like me
    Friend: N.A.S.T.Y

  4. SwooZie :
    I'm single as I can be
    You're single, perfect for me
    I'm gonna give you a bunch of reasons
    Why you should date me
    Reason number one – I'm super hot
    Reason number two – he's super not
    Reason number three – I'm all you got
    And all you got is someone hot

    ~The Crush Song, Issa Twaimz

  5. Ahhh ather a shitty day at school its friday and i come home and i wach you and forget about everything liveing my best life

  6. ahahaha this is too accurate, I had a huge crush on one my my psych professors in college who was a year older than me. Never made a move but this is hilarious!

  7. My teacher is sooooo c hah u thought cute right? Nah she sooooo such A BITCH I GET homework EVERY SINGLE DAYYYY MY TEACHER IS A BITCH

  8. So here’s what I don’t get. Swoozie. The man of chicks. THE DUDE WHO GETS CHICKS. and he couldn’t pick up his teachers digits? I’m shocked

  9. Holy shiite I am a freshmen in college and have a grad student as a teacher and had the same reaction you had, but the guy is gay (emoji with the tear)

  10. See this is the problem! People always judge me because I had a crush on a teacher and I think you have every right to have a crush on who ever you WANT!!! and yeah I understand they'll loose their job and stuff but I think everyone should have a shot. As long as you don't do anything suspicious then your good.

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