Creating A First Person Shooter Game (FPS) With Unreal Engine 4
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Creating A First Person Shooter Game (FPS) With Unreal Engine 4

Good afternoon ladies & gentleman, your boy
virtus here and welcome to my Unreal Engine 4 FPS series. Throughout this series we’ll be developing
a first person shooter similar to call of duty or battlefield all from scratch using
Unreal Engine 4… If you want to create your own shooter game
but not too sure where to start, this is the series for you. Each section of the course is broken down
into simple easy to follow videos. We’ll go over step by step how we can create
characters, weapons, gameplay mechanics & everything you need to bring it to life. There’s a lot of work ahead and awesome
things that we need to setup ranging from Artificial intelligence & character selection
to projectiles and I’m really excited to get it out to you guys. Simply head over to the next video in the
playlist to get started and make sure you subscribe to stay up to date, once again guys
thanks for watching and as always Stay Awesome, Keep creating… your boy Virtus signing out! This series was made possible by you guys
supporting me on Patreon, if you want to help create other series like this check out my
Patreon page in the description.

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100 thoughts on “Creating A First Person Shooter Game (FPS) With Unreal Engine 4

  1. For those of you that are looking forward to the RPG series, it also goes live this weekend!

  2. hi can you tall my how add sound and fx to the guns when he shot
    thank you for all your video it was free good 🙂

  3. THANK YOU VIRTUS! You would not believe how long I have been searching for a nice in depth fps tutorial; I've been switching between engines for a while, I even thought I would settle on CryEngine.

  4. Hi question here, when i use the car presets in UE4 , steering works great.
    But when i go into edit menu's without actually changing anything , my car keeps turning left !! , it does it with the "advanced car" preset as well!!
    ANybody please help me before i bash something in.

  5. Thank you so much! I've learn't lots of stuff from your posted videos already! Thanks for taking the time out of your life to do this! THANKS SO MUCH!!!

  6. I would recommend that you give credit where due. There’s an awe full familiar series like this from 2016 from TheSargKyle.

  7. Hi,guys!I`m looking for some people to make a dev team in order to build a project that I have in my mind for a long time.I`m looking for someone who knows how to use Unreal Engine 4,Maya/Blender/zBrush.Add me or comment your fb/discord/skype.Peace.

  8. Can anybody tell me: I want to create a map on unreal engine 4 which can be played on an existing first person shooter game. Is this possible? Are there any games which you can get which are premade with which I can play using my own map? Thanks!

  9. These video tutorial series are a good start for your first one or two projects, unfortunately most of your questions won't be answered here, some blueprints are buggy and overall the character movement/shooting will disapoint you. It is better to stick with the original unreal tutorials, because i think that the creator lacks of knowledge in Unreal Engine and he finds out that he makes mistakes later in the video series, i hope someday he will fix all of them but until then its a waste of time here. I reached part 27 and i am done…

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  11. Very epic tutorial you have here sir. 🙂 I hope you can create a multiplayer version of this 🙂 Thank you so much for this!

  12. I followed this course and noticed you never made a gun recoil/kickback. Do you plan on doing a tutorial for that in the future?

  13. Out of curiosity.. If you start on a new project but start on a blank slate without choosing the First Person template.
    Can you still somehow implement the first person player model in mid-creating of your level?

  14. Best tutorial for fps , i personally suggest every one to learn from here



  16. Hi! I have a question here, did Virtus Learning Hub give permission to a person from "Bilibili" to reprint these videos? I found that there's someone reprint the video to another website without any reprint information and authorization information, He made translated subtitle himself with a lot of mistakes, seems his using translation application, for example, he translated "enemy" to a word which means " meat". Here's the link: Hope when you see this comment, we can deal with it.

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