Covedale School Launches Community Leadership Academy
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Covedale School Launches Community Leadership Academy

coke Dale is the school where the
families are truly involved in care about their kids
we have many families trying to get into the school because we have top-notch
staff we faced a roadblock because we didn’t have enough technology for
students when we heard about the vision 2020 grant we knew this would be an
opportunity to get more devices in our students hands the kids are hungry for
technology and we want to make sure they have the skills to use it appropriately
with us being awarded the grant we will be able to have computers in classrooms
grades three four five and six our classrooms will be one-to-one for
student per device in second grade it’ll be two to one and our kindergarten and
first graders will have four to one ratio with the iPads so the technology
is going to be something that we’re going to be able to provide that we
weren’t able to keep up with before we started to look at the leader Emmy
program and that program is really designed to help build the independence
of the child and for them to become a leader leadership is what a community
needs to have it hustle so we thought why wait for these
kids to grow up let’s teach them how to be a leader now and have an impact on
their community at this age they have a voice now and our job is to make sure to
teach them the skills so that they can be ready as they decide to enroll enlist
or become employed in their future life

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