Cornell University Summer College — Precollege Programs
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Cornell University Summer College — Precollege Programs

I personally came to Summer College as a way to explore my career
options for the future, and I definitely done that so far. I was
really attracted to the campus. I really liked the layout, the courses, the offerings, the structure of the school. I really like the experience of
being in an environment where everyone’s really
interested in learning, because what we’re studying right now
you don’t get in high school at all. It’s really diverse people from all over
the world. I formed friendships with people from
Paris, Japan, China, Bolivia. One of the kids from Bolivia is my roommate. I’m really enjoying the classes I’m taking, as well. I’m
learning a lot. Now I feel more comfortable and
accommodated for college. You learn a lot about working with other
people, and about the types of college classes
you might be interested in. I’ve gotten to know just how much depth of knowledge that you gain from the really experienced teachers we have. Also, how much fun it is. This is the most life changing experience. It opened my eyes
to how we can just reshape ourselves in college. I like Cornell in the summer, because of the
beautiful weather and atmosphere that it has to offer. There’s so many incredible activities. Over this past week I’ve made a lot of friends, and I’ve really enjoyed myself– not just academically but socially. It’s a huge group, and I don’t even know
everybody’s name yet but we’re all just together and having a great time. It’s really awesome. One of the things I really love about being at Cornell is that it’s a real homey feel. I feel like I haven’t really left home, but rather just found a new home, in which I have new family. I can just really take in what beautiful
scenery there is here. running or biking around the campus
looks so pretty I really gained a preview of the college
experience. I think it’s been really valuable. I’m looking forward to my freshman year of college.

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