COOL WAYS TO SNEAK FOOD INTO CLASS || Back To School Hacks and Pranks by 123 GO!
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COOL WAYS TO SNEAK FOOD INTO CLASS || Back To School Hacks and Pranks by 123 GO!

No matter what you’re up to, hunger can strike at any time. And thanks to these clever hacks, we’ll show you how to get munching ASAP. Sometimes, hunger can strike at the most in opportune times, like history class. Oh no! Seriously?! I can’t believe you, Kevin! You got chips all over our desks! Here, use my wipes to clean this awful mess up. Geez, it was only an accident. Hey, wait a second, I just had the most brilliant idea! Want to make your bad of chips explosion-proof? Take off the plastic dispenser and set the bag of wipes aside. Stick the plastic piece onto the middle of the chip bag like so. Next, use a blade to cut the bag out of the inside of the dispenser. Nice. Now close that sucker up until you’re ready to snack. Now, instead of spilling your crumbs everywhere, you can enjoy a bag of chips at your desk, mess-free. Aw, look at you sharing, Kevin! That’s so nice. Sneaking a snack behind your teachers back can be tricky business. What was that? Oh nothing, I’m just taking in your brilliant lecture! Phew! That was a close one. You’d better be careful, Lilly, you don’t want to push your luck here! Hey! Are you snacking, missy? Huh? I told you, snacking should be done at recess, not in my class! Now fork it over, Lilly. Aw man, that’s all the candy I have! For this hack, take a stack of post-it notes like this one and draw a large square on the top of the stack. Now, take a blade and cut a couple sheets deep along the lines. Once you’ve taken out the middle pieces, keep going until you’re about halfway down the stack. And last but not least, take your favorite candy pieces and stick them inside. And don’t forget to cover it back up! Now when you have a hankering for a little sugar in class, keep cool and let your post-it notes save the day. Glad I remembered to lock my stuff in my locker — that backpack was getting heavy! Hey! I totally forgot I had this in my pocket! An entire foot of delicious, bubble gum goodness. That’s about to be covered in dirt on the floor! Quick, Kevin! Catch it before it falls! NO! MY GUM!! Gross! Unless you like lint, hair and questionable brown stuff, this gum is ruined. Yikes, that’s pretty disgusting. What the heck happened to that thing? Ew! Get it outta my face! What do you need with my tape? You’ll see. Did you know a tape dispenser can serve as a drop-free gum holder? Step one? Make the thing look a little less like a tape dispenser with some fun paint. It’s looking pretty good so far! Now all you have to do it stick your foot of gum in there. Hey Lilly! What’s up? Hello Kevin, now can I have the gum you promised me? Are you talking about this? Huh? Here take off a piece! And you get the perfect size every time! You’re late, young lady and you have a drink which isn’t allowed. Aw man, I just bought this. Hey, teach! Sorry I’m late! Those hallways get a little hard to navigate sometimes. Alright, move it along! Aw man, my throat is so dry! I really could’ve used that orange juice. Say, do you have a drink I could take swig of? Woah! Lilly, why are you drooling all of the sudden? Hello? Anybody home? Sometimes when you want something bad enough, you’ll start to see it. But as it turns out, Kevin knows exactly how to sneak a drink into class. To do this hack, take a plastic phone case and remove it from your phone. Once it’s facing up on a plastic bag, take a sharpie and outline it onto the plastic. Once you’ve done that, remove the phone case for now and cut along your outline with a pair of scissors. Now you should be left with two pieces, see? Next, take a strip of wax paper and place it over the corresponding edges of your pieces before pressing a hot flat iron on it. Do this to three out of the four sides of the plastic. You should have was looks like a little plastic pouch. Now take a lid from a juice box like this one and put glue around its base. Before it has time to dry, place it into the small opening of the pouch so that it serves as a little spout. Next, take your favorite drink and pout it into the pouch, filling it up most of the way. Don’t forget to put the cap back on! Lastly, go ahead and put hot glue on the outer side of the phone case. Now stick the pouch right onto the hot glue. Once it’s dry, stick your phone back into the case and enjoy your juice from your sneaky little hiding place! Need a sip, Lilly? Oh! Thank goodness! I thought I was dying! And if your teacher wanders on by, don’t worry, you’re totally covered. Yes! That think is fool-proof! Man, I really could go for something sweet before since class. Oh good, I remembered to pack my special snack! Uh, is that just me or is that lipstick she’s talking about? Mmm! That hits the spot! Are you seriously so hungry that you’ll even eat your makeup? I could’ve given you a granola bar or something. Between you and me, this isn’t really lipstick. To make your own “lipstick” snack, take a regular lipstick applicator like this one. Make sure the lipstick’s all out. Next, fill a bowl full of white chocolate chips like this. Pop them the microwave so they’re all melted. Mix in some food coloring the same shade as your favorite lipstick. Once it’s all mixed, pour it into the empty lipstick applicator. Careful! This can get a little messy. Be careful not to fill it too much over the top. Once it hardens, you’re done! Here, Kevin, why don’t you give it a try. If you say so! Hey! That’s actually pretty good! I’m hungry. Hey, Kevin! Let me have a piece of candy from your secret stash! Nope, not today, sorry. You’re so stingy, gimme that. Come to mama, my sweet sour candy! Show me how you did this! Well, it all started when I saw a giant bowl of candy… Woah! Have I died and gone to sugar heaven? Take a sour strip like this one and cut it down the middle on a slant. On the side with a flat edge, pierce a little hole. Once you put it aside, get a retractable blade like this one and remove the bottom. Once you do that, the blade piece should slide right out. Then you replace the blade with the sour strap you cut earlier. Once it’s all the way in, secure the bottom piece back on. Now instead of a retractable blade, it’s retractable candy! Hey, you know what I’m thinking? It’s battle time. Candy-osis – sugary-tosis! Hey! What does all that gibberish mean? Ha! Your magic wand is no match for my light saber! Aw man! But lucky for me, I’ve got one of those too! Wait! Kevin are you okay? Just kidding! Booyah! Okay, guys, this fight is getting a little out of hand, don’t you think? Yep, see? You even got the teacher’s attention! Now cut it out! Whoopsies, all that sugar must’ve gone to our heads. So what’s a little more, right? Oh yeah, totally worth it. Can’t imagine going through a full day without your favorite bubble gum? Then you probably already know that chomping on this stuff during class can be super tricky. Yes! My favorite flavor! One, two, three, blow! Gah! Geez, Lilly, you really startled me! And if you give me a piece of your gum, all will be forgiven. Kevin! You can’t just steal my gum like that! If you’re in need of a gum disguise, the answer might be right under your nose. If you have a boxy highlighter lying around, grab a blade and cut off its plastic tip. Next, snag some hot glue and put it onto the tip you just cut. Now stick it onto the end of your favorite pack of gum. If you can print the highlighter’s logo onto the corresponding color, you’ve got yourself a secret gum dispenser! No one will ever know that while you’re highlighting your important notes, you’ll also be indulging in bubble gum. We’ll just keep it our little secret, okay? Hey, Lilly, are you chewing gum? Where is it though? I don’t see any on your desk. That’s because it’s all stashed in her highlighter! Sorry, Kevin. What he doesn’t know won’t hurt him, right? Ready to stop those tummy grumbles with these lifesaving school snack hacks? Then be sure to share these with your classmates and get grubbin’! Don’t forget to subscribe to out 123 Go YouTube channel for more awesome videos just like this one. Happy snacking, friends!

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  6. Instead of having to make a juice pocket for your phone you could just bring a water bottle, water isn’t just pure sugar an so you don’t have to have juice…

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