Cool Back To School Supplies You Need To Try! Ft. AlishaMarie & Natalies Outlet
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Cool Back To School Supplies You Need To Try! Ft. AlishaMarie & Natalies Outlet

This is Alicia Marie and Natalie and they have the coolest school supplies on the block. Don’t you? Hello there today. I am joined by my awesome friend Hi I’m Alisha She’s so awesome! We just filmed a video over on her channel. And do you want to explain what it was? Um, we tested some edible school supplies. Yeah, we ate a lot of really weird stuff. Paper! You got to check it out. Yeah, but this is good and let’s get in to these weird school suppiles. It’ll be linked down below and let’s get in to these weird school suppiles. if you’re Overwhelmed Via modern information that will be on tests break it down using fun colors to help you organize your thoughts and the information this is the neat way to call your notes and still have fun while learning and the best part is each Marker will change into a Different color giving you a pretty cool suprise. if u find yourself always in too much time looking for specific school supplies in your pencil bags no worries I’ve got you well in this case Alicia’s got you check out the school graph or chance or you can simply place it on your School desk and put all your supplies such as pens markers index cards and even your phone When you’re practicing for an exam with definitions or have a process like math problem users Tend to help you not cheat yourself, but still check yourself if you’re studying a lot It’s an awesome school supply to help you learn better plus your friends are all going to think is super cool I mean come up with This awesome school supply is a bit weird but trust me you’re going to need this in your life if you’re tired and want to lay down but still continue writing notes and Studying for class this ten will allow you to write upside down without running into any ink issues. It’s awesome It’s a multi-purpose pen that writes on oily surfaces, and it even writes underwater and in extreme low temperatures If you’re writing a special letter to a friend or a teacher and you tend to make a lot of mistakes that unfortunately made you start over if you’re not this cool multiply will help you these are decorative tastes which help you camouflage any mistake into A pretty one you can use them to decorate special letters or projects without the mess of bullying designs or being artsy Making ugly new space has never been this turning This weird school supply will for sure turn head. This is an eraser and avocado pit is a sharpener so would I know a cute way to brighten up any one day and it’s Multifunctional best part is is sharpening, and it erases like a dream? And you can count on this cool supply being a definite conversation starter in any class This ruler would seriously saved my life in math class if I had known about it early so cool Its curved so I can help you measure more than just straight line and use a math class to measure all kinds of shape also A super easy to store away in your backpack unlike a normal ruler If your friends having to be sick and need to catch up on lecture notes be a good friend and cheer them up with school supplies First ask your teacher for information to record the lecture then use this tiny and cute mini microphone to record it the cool part is You can sync the class notes to any one of your friends favorite song that way when they get the lecture notes they can learn as a jam out to their favorite song It’s highlighting and being interacted with the textbook is the best way for you learn no worries use erasable highlighters to erase any excessive highlights or prevent getting in trouble at the end of the year when you return to your race like a jeweler and If you’re a very visual person with your notes, you can outline you can highlight And you can now underline with these highlighters a super cool three-in-one school supply that can help you code your notes much better If your classes are boring keep your management and be smooth gel and scented highlighters They’re great to write in and the scent has been linked to memory which can help you remember information Forming bands each color to represent a part of learning for school top if you want to code your notes with multiple colors And you want school supplies that don’t take us too much backpack space using mini cute highlighters to keep your supplies pretty light They relax with the squishy and entertaining pencil case It’s a fun way to relax while you’re in class by entertaining your mind on something different plus You can stay organized which is fun top Paced results to complete your writing assignment with these bookmark cuts each Bookmark has a pen attached to it making it perfect to always have something to write with And never forget your pen again also each pen has a day of the week written on the side making it awesome to know which Day you list off on a reading assignment You can also use the school supply to help you work in sections and break assignments into part so that it’s not too overwhelming or stressful on Also, I’m currently doing through huge and awesome back-to-school giveaway There’s only one week left so click here right now to see how to enter if you like this video make sure you thumbs up We should go and check out alicia’s awesome video. We did as diy santigold multiply did it a neat paper it was? Um someone’s really Gonna. Go down it was Lukey, whoa Yeah, I got make sure you subscribe to Alicia’s channel and create a link down below Treatises half century ships and retweet you we can follow you wait click send us a service like spring talking yeah, like I got a 35 is older and don’t hear a lizard or subscribe to this channel and for notifications ought to be a part of the weird family all the internet follow me on Instagram Twitter and Snapchat stay connected with me and check out my last video right over here I wish you an amazing day, and I’ll see you on Wednesday. Bye

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  2. For giving your notes in at the end of the year, I photocopy my notes and then highlight the photocopy ( that way you can keep your notes for reference )

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