Connecting BookWidgets with Google Classroom – demo video
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Connecting BookWidgets with Google Classroom – demo video

Welcome to BookWidgets! In this video I will show you how to create
interactive lessons for chromebooks, iPads, tablets and pc’s in just a couple of minutes. These lessons can include worksheets, automatically
graded quizzes, educational games and much more. With BookWidgets your can make such lessons
easily right inside of the familiar Google Classroom
environment. To create an exercise, navigate to your course
and select BookWidgets from the ‘plus’ menu. This will open up the BookWidgets editor right
inside of Google Classroom. We have over 40 different activity types to
choose from. Let me show you how to create a crossword
puzzle. I’m teaching a series of lessons on English
vocabulary related to travelling. So I’l have the practice it with a fun puzzle. I simply give the activity a title and then,
list the words I want to have placed in the crossword, along with the description. Click preview to see what your exercise looks
like. Once I’m satisfied with my widget, I’m going
to send it to my students. Choose one or more courses to share with,
optionally pick a due date and that’s it! Let’s switch to the role of a student. When they log in to Google Classroom, they
now see your widget on the class stream, just like any other assignment. When the open the exercise, they’re automatically
logged in thanks to the single sign on connection between Google Classroom and BookWidgets. When
they’re done filling out the puzzle, they can submit their work. Switching back to the role of the teacher,
you can now review the work and provide feedback and grades.The grades you set here, are automatically
synced with Google Classroom. Once you return the work, students can view
their corrected work along with your grades and feedback. We have many more widget types to choose from. And I encourage you to explore the examples
to learn more about them. Now it’s your turn! Click the “start free trail” button and try
creating a couple of exercises yourself. Feel free to try them out in your classroom for
the next 30 days, completely free of charge.There are many step by step tutorials available
or contact us any time at [email protected] We’re happy to help!

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  1. This is great information. I have been using Bookwidgets for a while, but now I have a reason to use it more.

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