Conducting Research in First Grade
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Conducting Research in First Grade

students learning learning through a
workshop approach that promotes independent learning in content areas on
this tape we will show you how students acquire problem-solving strategies while
conducting a research project an important feature of apprenticeship
learning is the teachers ability to scaffold students at critical points in
the learning process a workshop approach provides a natural structure for
learning how to work together in solving problems and reaching solutions the goal
is that students become self motivated learners with the ability to guide and
regulate their own learning let’s then go back and let’s review these a little
bit the teacher provides clear models and explicit teaching to demonstrate
important learning concepts these demonstrations provide students with
self-help tools when working alone you guys are working hard on your research
the workshop structure provides a natural context for observing students
as they take on new learning as students acquire the necessary knowledge and
strategies to accomplish the learning goal the teacher releases more
responsibility to the students this leads to independent and self regulated
learners in this video Vicky uses a reading and writing workshop to guide
her first graders in conducting research in the content areas the features of a
content workshop include a clear and explicit mini lesson group and/or
independent work with teacher conferences and group sharing the
content workshop is organized into four phases that can last over several days
at each phase the teacher observes the students learning and makes decisions
about the next steps in phase one the teacher helps the students to prepare
for the research project by building background knowledge and assigning
research teams in Phase two the students conduct their research projects they
court information on a research web in phase three the students organize their
findings and fill in missing information in phase for the students use the
writing process to prepare their report for publication in this final segment
the students share their published work within these phases the teacher provides
a predictable structure to make this complex process more manageable for the
students she uses a 10-step process that includes one choose a research topic to
gather resources three record information on a research web for
transfer findings from web on two cards five file information in research
categories six check categories for missed information and search for
additional facts seven number cards within categories for organizing a
written report eight write a first draft nine revise and edit report and ten
publish and share results

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