Conan Visits A Haitian Elementary School  – CONAN on TBS
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Conan Visits A Haitian Elementary School – CONAN on TBS

[Conan] While I was in Haiti I visited the Ecole Nouvelle Zoranje. A school that serves some
of the poorest children living in Port-au-Prince. (children chanting) (group chanting) (group chanting) (children chanting) (chanting) I hear a lot of giggling,
is that a good sign? Am I pretty? Est-ce belle? [Children] Oui! Ah, Est-ce belle, eh? [Children] Oui! (children chattering) (laughter) (children singing) I’m okay! (children screeching) I’m good again! [Children] Oui! Bonjou! [Children] Bonjou! Hi, don’t mind me. I’m just gonna join you, just don’t mind me, I’m good. Hi, hi, I’m gonna need a little more room up here. Kinda sticks up a little bit. Hi. Eyes forward, up there. (children read in unison) (children read in unison) Can I try? Can I try? (clears throat) Noo say I seeyen no kway non te noo, noo… Noo Sa koo nu ya see yo respecte Nooooo! (cheering) (chanting) (drumming) (children laughing) (drumming) Yah! (children laughing) Yes! She gets me! (audience clapping) Finally someone gets me. (children singing) (children laughing) Oh thank you! Merci! (classroom chanting) (drumming) Finit! Yeah! As I was leaving the school, I was suddenly surrounded by
my very curious classmates. Who’s the–What did she ask? [Interpreter] She ask you who is the President of the United States. Who is the President of
the United States now? [Interpreter] Yes. Oh. Okay. This is awkward. His name is Donald Trump. Who’s heard of Donald Trump? Can you translate Donald
Trump was on television, (interpreter translates) and then a bunch of grown ups got drunk (interpreter translates) and they made him president. (audience laughter) And this man, this crazy
man with crazy hair, he became president, that’s
why I’m moving to Haiti. My wife says I’m crazy. Do you think that she’s right? (interpreter translates) [Children] No! You don’t think I’m crazy? (interpreter translates) [Children] No! Ask the president the same question– (laughter) [Interpreter] He ask what
did Trump say about Haiti. Uh Trump, what did Trump say about Haiti? Yeah Oh boy, I’m not gonna– I’m not gonna– What’d you say? What’d she say? She said don’t pay him no mind. (laughter) She’s like don’t worry about him– What do you know that we don’t know? These kids are fascinated
with my freckles, aren’t they. Ask them if they’ve seen freckles before. (interpreter translates) [Children] No. Do you like them? [Children] Oui. The freckles don’t come off by the way. They stay on. Maybe Americans need to
help Haiti put things back, is that right? I’m not gonna take your stuff. I’m not gonna take your stuff. (interpeter laughs) Can I say something? I think you have–this
is your next president. She is the president, she is
the next president of Haiti, right here. No, she is not wrong that, that America in history
has not been good to Haiti. But there’s still a chance
for America to be better to Haiti, I think. There’s still a chance. Does that sound good to you? [Interpreter] Now you’re talkin, bro. Oh good, so you agree with me. We’ll make a deal on that? A deal? Okay? [Interpreter] She wants to be the President of the United States of America. Alright, ask her if she
can do it starting now. (interpreter translates) Yes! Just ask her if she tweets. Does she tweet? (interpreter translates) Perfect. Perfect. She doesn’t do tweets. Perfect.

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100 thoughts on “Conan Visits A Haitian Elementary School – CONAN on TBS

  1. And just imagine, Conan never would’ve been able to do stuff like this if he had kept the Tonight Show. Just goes to show that when one door closes, another one opens.

  2. Oh and ask the Clintons what happened to all that Haitian money that was supposed to help rebuild…crickets in background ..

  3. OMG!! I love that little girl!!! She was so intelligent, her parents and that school are awesome!! Those kids had a great time with Conan😄😄I'm glad that people from other countries see how terrible Donald Trump is, when they asked what did Trump say about Haiti my heart damn near stopped. But the girl was right, we shouldn't worry about him because he'll be impeached soon! I'm proud of my country for doing that, I just wish they would have done it sooner!!

  4. Whos daughter is that??? AMAZING, BRILLIANT GIRL!!! Much love to her and her family!!! May God continue to pour out blessings on all of them!!!

  5. He should look into the hatred and discrimination the Haitians face in the Dominican Republic and at the border between Haiti and the Dominican Republic!

  6. I think this series from Haiti and Ghana is by far one of the best episodes from Conan. Love the way he shows culture, history and doesn't let comedy take the seriousness. I think these episodes are more respectful in terms of appreciating the culture, without talking the fun out of it. I think Conan found a very good balance where people get edudacted and touched and still be able to have fun and relax all in one episode 👏👏👏

  7. Dude! You’re pure class. I hope I can be as close to fun as you are with kids when I have a child. Touching video man!

  8. I love these kids. … more conscious and politically aware than over 80% of America…. Best line ever…. "WHATS TWITTER? "

  9. Oh wow! In my former school Methodist Academy and many other schools in west Africa, we wear the exact same uniform. That aside, those babies are beautiful and clever

  10. This was so moving. They felt comfortable around him to hold his hand and talk to him openly. Conan is such a good guy. He should do this full time. A travel show.

  11. Love the kids and conan, can't stand the Trump hate. What he said is true it's a sh*ith*let country. He didn't say it wasn't full of wonderful children he would love these kids, it's not their fault, it's just the sad way things are right now.

  12. Those little kidds know life better that most adults. “we do not need anybodies help” – god bless you, girl!!!

  13. Damn, that's a smart little girl. Why do i have a feeling she'd do a better job at presidency at her current age than Trump does? lol

  14. I can confidently tell you from experience that the whole school did a cleaning 🧹 exercise in preparation for Conan😂😂🤣

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