Computer Science Education Week 2014!
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Computer Science Education Week 2014!

Hi There,
This week is Computer Science Education Week! Last year started a movement called
The Hour of Code, to promote Computer Science. The main goals of the week is to increase
the intrests of women and students in the field of Computer Science. This year I will be running a competition
in celerbration of the week starting from today the 8th of december 2014
and ending on the 14th of december 2014. There will be 4 different sections. An easy section
for those who have never written code before. A medium section for
those who have a beginner understanding of programming, and an advanced section
for those with firm understanding of programming. As well as a fourth section called teach,
which I’ll talk about in a little bit. All code will be in the programming language
Python. Which you can download for free at
All Provided skeleton code will be in the description of this video on YouTube. Ok so let’s get into the sections. –
Easy, For those with no experience. If you have never done any programming in
your life. Then this challenge is for you. You are required to make a program that allows
you to play paper sissors rock against the computer.
For this you will need to learn the basics of programming. Either with the aid of watching
or reading tutorials on how to write beginner programs or with the
help of a friend that does know how to program. I have a python3 beginner
series on my YouTube if you are unsure where to find a tutorial. You will only need to
know how to output text to the screen, input text into the program and how to have
the computer make decisions with the ‘if’ code.
There will be an easy skeleton code file provided that will have comments that hint at how to
build your program. As well as I will provide the code to get a random choice from
the computer. Prizes will be given out to 10 submissions
who show they have tried their best, either with a working program or non working program.
Leave comments on what your code does, what you had trouble with, what you wish you knew
when you started for extra points. –
Medium, For those with basic understanding. The medium challenge is to create a naughts
and crosses game in the commandline. The game can just be a turn based two player
game. first person enters their choice, second person enters their choice.
OR if you wish you can add your own computer AI to play against you.
I strongly encourage you to leave lines of code in that you tried but didn’t work out,
and just comment them out. Try to comment what blocks of code are doing,
so that I can see you understand what you are doing and didn’t copy paste.
Two prizes will be given out for entries that work and show progression or commenting. As
well as a third prize for an entry with a computer AI. –
Advanced, for those with a firm understanding. The challenge for you is to sort a large list
of integers from highest to lowest. Without borrowing or
using anyone elses code. Problem solve this one yourself. I will provide the skeleton
file that has all of the timing code and program set up. You only need to
write the sort function. The advanced challenge will be scored on how
fast your sort function works, and the quality of the commenting & progress.
Once again, I strongly encourage you to leave lines of code in that you tried but didn’t
work out, and just comment them out. While the fastest legitimate entry will get
a prize. Entries that show progression will also go into the running. –
If the last 3 challenges are things you have done before, then you can still be in for
a prize. We have: Teach, for any understanding.
Convince a person who has never done any programming before to attempt the easy section.
This could be a parent, partner, spouse, or friend. Teach them the basics of python either
with the aid of tutorials or with your own knowledge. after they have an understanding
of getting input, output and if statements. have them attempt the paper sissors rock.
Help explain the process of how to go about implementing the game on a computer.
Getting the random number will be in the skeleton file, but you can explain how to get the random
number if you wish. –
Now for the Rules & Submission The rules are pretty simple,
Don’t steal anyone elses code. Don’t ask someone to write the code for you,
we are here to learn remember. And Only one submission per person. I’m very flexable on how you give me your
final code. You can send the raw code to me over a YouTube,
Twitter (@drapstv) or Google+ private message. You can send me a dropbox or share site link
via the private message too. You can also use a link to submit
also. if you want to post your submission in the
comments section of Youtube. make sure you start your comment with CSEW14.
This will allow me to filter out your post so only you and I can see the submission.
and no one can steal your entry! If you are entering the Teach section, have
the person you are teaching put your YouTube or twitter id
at the top of their code file, or in the message they send me. All of this will be in the description
Remember, You have until the end of December 14th to get your submission to me. –
Prizes! Everyone loves prizes! A little motivation never hurt anyone. I don’t have much money, but I have purchased a bunch of Steam
keys for an assortment of different games. Some of the games include: The Ship, I believe this is a pack that contains
a spare copy for a friend. Hard Reset, First person action shooter.
Space Pirates And Zombies or spaz for short, top down spaceship rpg.
Hydrophobia Prophecy, Single player shooter, set in a water flooded facility.
Legendary, action first person shooter, with slight horror elements.
Velvet Assasin, stealth action based game about a female spy. and many more.
On December 15th or 16th, depending on entries, I will personally message you if you have
won a prize through youtube private message system if you submitted via YouTube.
Or If you submitted via Twitter private message, I will message you there! –
That’s it for this video! Scroll down to the description and get started!
I encourage you all to get someone you know to try a least an hour of code for Computer
Science Education week! If you are new here, consider checking out
some of my other video’s on my channel. If you enjoy it and want to see more, subscribe.
Maybe my channel isn’t your thing, but you have a friend that may like it, I would love
if you could send them here. If you have any questions, feel free to leave
them in the comments, or send them to me on twitter. I want to wish you all the best of luck!
Thanks for watching.

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  1. Just a question because I'm not English so I want to be sure that I understand.. We have to pick a difficulty of our choice or we have to do every difficulty and then submit?

  2. A few questions
    1. Are we permitted to add extra imports to the skeleton file?
    2. Can we use threading?
    3. Is it required for us to use the skeleton program?

  3. hmmm, so can we use the known sort algorithms? n the item count in list nums increases every ten thousand. Is that intended? n we can take the for loop out if we do this -> nums += random.sample(range(-10000, 10001), 10000) also its an increase in speed :p

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