Cómo abrir un aula virtual de Google Classroom
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Cómo abrir un aula virtual de Google Classroom

welcome this is a new video
teacher tutorial 2.0 this is the first of some tutorial videos for
be able to use the google platform classroom that is the virtual platform
for educators that he has developed google from your applications of
drive from here on we will see the uses what you have and how you can work with
the google class platform let’s see how to start a class to be able
enter the google classroom platform what you have to do is write the
address classroom dot google.com as we see here and we can enter if there is already a gmail account available
this will be enough to start with the use of the platform as we see
here when one enters for the first time he finds that there is no
kind of armed class so we’ll have to build from scratch our first
virtual class so that we can then invite our students to form
part of the virtual classroom thing that we will see in a next video
to start with our first class what we should do is go and do
click on the plus sign that is found to the right at the top of
the screen when clicking one must select the
option to create a class after accepting the terms and
terms this dialog box appears
we need to give the class a title the name that is the only obligatory for example this will be the fantasy name we can enter the section in which
we work and we could even add the matter
of the curricular area in which we we play of course we return to clarify that
only the name of the class is what that the rest is obligatory
use it or not so we can press the button who says create and our initial class
we have our first class here created it is important to note that our
class already has all the essentials in order to work
the virtual classroom created in google classroom can now be worked and
can be edited that is, adapted to our taste in
first place the aesthetic part here an image appeared as default
we can see but we can transform this to this aspect so that it looks like we want
for this we can do two things in first place here on the right we can
select a different theme these are the ones that the platform already brings
incorporated especially is interesting to know that the images of
moments have the right measures so that they occupy the visual space that
They are of high quality they are very nice there will be to see more this in terms of
images there are also patterns that can used that are much more sober
but what better can be much more using again work with others
students in second place we have the option to upload more in case one
photo should in the right size should have as
1200 pixels high x 800 pixels once chosen the image we should know
that the platform is managed from three tabs first of all we have to
the view of news and forward could serve as a space
to create programs is a space that serves to communicate with the classes also the publications the second tab work in class chores and in this way they can have
concentrated in a single space and orderly manner all jobs and
dates they need to be able to do deliveries finally the tab indicates who they are
people if they are involved in this classroom
virtual in principle here we do not see to none because we have not yet
guests but to be able to do this the will invite students and command first
virtual class I invite you to see our next
thank you

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