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Community College of Denver – Start Here…Go Anywhere!

(hopeful music) – [Stephanie] The Community College of Denver has over a 100 degrees
and certificates. A large number of
those are stackable. They can start in one area and they have numerous
ways they can branch off. (bright electronic music) So if a certificate
is all they want and all they need, they have an employable skill. If they decide they wanna go on and get an Associate’s degree, they have the
ability to do that. – [Nahum] CCD is a family. Any student or
parent that comes in, our goal is to make sure number one, they feel welcome, that they feel a part of what CCD wants to
be able to offer. – [Judi] Because we have
such a diverse student body I think it would be almost
difficult to not fit in. But for some people
that’s their thing and they’ll probably feel
very welcome here too. (jubilant rock music) – [Dr. Freeman] We
are a diverse college. We have people from
all over the world and the thing that binds us and keeps us animated
and keeps us going is the notion that
everybody can do it. You can get anywhere from here. Start here and go anywhere! That’s the thing that
makes CCD so unique. Some don’t really know
what they wanna do, some know exactly
what they wanna do. And both succeed enormously because of the
dedication of our faculty and staff to help them
meet their objectives. (jubilant rock music) – [Stephanie] You
have Master’s level and Doctorate level
prepared faculty that work with our students. Our classrooms are small. Sometimes you may have 14
students in a classroom, sometimes you may have 20 but the faculty
all know your name and the faculty care
that you’re getting the information that
they’re teaching you. (jubilant rock music) (moves into urban music) – [Nahum] How I would describe the Auraria Campus is vibrant. There’s never a dull moment
on the Auraria Campus, whether that’s
student activities, whether that’s concerts. You’ll never be bored
while you’re on campus. – [Christopher] We’re a
very cosmopolitan campus. We’re in the center
of transportation. You know there’s
light rail everywhere, all the cultural aspects of
downtown Denver are available. – [man] And that’s
important to me. It’s that big city environment with the small-town feel. It’s what I like. – [Arlene] CCD has one of
the best welding programs in Colorado and
arguably in the nation if you actually do a
little bit of research. I think it’s a
great place to be. CCD is a great value
for what you’re paying. I feel like I’m getting
a great education. I heard the welding
program is phenomenal and I don’t feel like my
money’s been wasted at all. – [Stephanie] We have to prove to the federal government that when our students
graduate from these programs, they are employable. We have been able
to prove that year after year, after year. – [Judi] Not only
does CCD prepare them for the real world,
CCD is the real world. Our students come to us with a lot of different
life experiences and we have high expectations
for their success because we know that they
can achieve their goals, because they are
already doing it on so many different fronts. We’re just helping
to put the polish on those educational
opportunities. (hopeful music) – Start here, go anywhere! – Community College of Denver. – Community College of Denver. – Start here – Start here – Start here, go anywhere! (hopeful music)

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