Colours Of Spring (crappy school animation)
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Colours Of Spring (crappy school animation)

[insert text here] and here you see a wild line art layer in its natural habitat hmmm what? damn.. it was just a dream.. i was fucking those bitches good thou yeeeep.. that was nice i wonder if my lazy artist actually coloured the world this time welp.. doesn’t look like it lazy piec of s- HAACHOO!!! where the fuck did these tumblr aesthetics suddenly come frome what a load of crap

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9 thoughts on “Colours Of Spring (crappy school animation)

  1. I like it soo much! I like bears! They're so cute! And animation is so beautiful. . . :3 (and i'm still drawing nameless and donut toast :0 i have 3 drawings with nameless and 1 picture with donut toast! :3)

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