Colorado State University Graduate School Spring 2016 Commencement
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Colorado State University Graduate School Spring 2016 Commencement

Good Afternoon Will you all please rise for the singing of our National Anthem by Dr.
John Lueck? [applause] Please be seated. My name is Jodie Hanzlik and I am the Dean of the Graduate School at Colorado State University. it is my privilege and honor to welcome you to the spring 2016 Commencement Ceremony of the Graduate School
On behalf of the Colorado State University administration, the Board of Governors of
CSU, and the faculty and staff, We are all here to honor you,
our graduates and to celebrate with you your success in the completion of your very rigorous
graduate degree programs. We who are not graduating also have cause to celebrate in our own right,
for a new cadre of practitioners of science, commerce, arts, and the professions are about
to begin a life of contribution to our culture and our society.
Please join me in a round of applause as we congratulate today’s graduates. [applause] I would like to introduce the platform party
to you. May I ask that you hold applause until all are introduced and are standing.
Tony Frank, Chancellor and President, Colorado State University Rick Miranda, Provost and Executive Vice President Wayne McIlwraith, Clinical Sciences Robin Brown, Vice President for Enrollment
and Access Jane Robbe Rhodes, Member of the Board of
Governors of the Colorado State University System Dan Bush, Vice Provost for Faculty Affairs Blanche Hughes, Vice President for Student
Affairs James Cooney, Vice Provost for International
Affairs Alan Rudolph, Vice President for Research Mary Ontiveros, Vice President for Diversity Lou Swanson, Vice President for Engagement John Hayes, Dean, Warner College of Natural
Resources Jeff McCubbin, Dean, College of Health and
Human Sciences David McLean, Dean, College of Engineering Ajay Menon, Dean, College of Agricultural
Sciences Jan Nerger, Dean, College of Natural Sciences Bruce Ronda, Associate Dean, College of Liberal
Arts Mark Stetter, Dean, College of Veterinary
Medicine and Biomedical Sciences Beth Walker, Dean, College of Business Tammi Vacha-Haase, Associate Dean, Graduate School Lorann Stallones, Director of the Graduate
Degree Program in Public Health Mary Stromberger, Chair, Faculty Council LeRoy Poff, Director, Graduate Degree Program in Ecology The
Following is a University Distinguished Professor:
Jan Leach The Following are University Distinguished
Teaching Scholars: Mike Palmquist, Grand Marshal
Toni Zimmerman The members of the platform party. Congratulations to all of you. An honorary degree is among the highest honors that a university can bestow, and thus is reserved
for those who have achieved extraordinary distinction or who have contributed in very significant ways to the betterment of our world and our institution. The woman we honor today, while not with us
in person, is very much with us in spirit. Princess Abigail Kawananakoa has been a strong and influential champion of Colorado State University and our programs in Veterinary Medicine and Biomedical Sciences for nearly 30 years. Through her partnership with University Distinguished Professor Wayne McIlwraith, she has helped
to ensure the long-term success of our Orthopaedic Research Center, funded student scholarships,
and been instrumental in the creation of our Institute
for Biologic Translational Therapies. Known worldwide for her love of horses and her support for
animal rights, she has raised some of the finest Quarter Houses in the country. At Colorado State University, she has also endowed a university chair to support our
faculty’s work in the Orthopaedic Research Center. Princess Kawananakoa’s generosity and commitment to service is not limited to Colorado State University.
As a philanthropist, she has worked to sustain
and preserve authentic Hawaiian history, culture,
music, literature, language, and more recently the environment of both Mauna Kea and Honolulu.
She was the moving force behind the historic restoration of Iolani Palace and has supported projects through out the state of Hawaii including Hawaiian language immersion schools and the renovation of The Hawaiian Hall at Bishop Museum. She is referred to by many as a princess, an honorary bestowed
to descendants of titled subjects of the Kingdom
of Hawaii or other important figures in Hawaiian history. She has achieved outstanding distinction and achievement through her civic, intellectual, philanthropic, and cultural contributions
to the development of Hawaii and Colorado State University. Her vision, leadership, and passion have been truly transformative. And so, to Abigail Kawananakoa: For your contributions to the advancement
of orthopaedic research; For your commitment to the advancement
of human and animal health through translational medicine; For the legacy you have created through
your support of musculoskeletal integrative therapies in horses; and for your dedication to the preservation
of Hawaiian history, culture, and language; For the example you’ve set as a
philanthropist, volunteer, and champion of education; by the power vested in me by the Borad of Governors of the Colorado State University System, I hereby confer the degree,
Doctor of Humane Letters, Honoris Causa, with all of its rights privileges and responsibilities appertaining there onto Congratulations [applause] And now I’d like to invite University Distinguished Professor, Dr Wayne McIlwraith to accept the degree on behalf of Abigail Kawananakoa Thank you. I would briefly like to say it’s an honor to recieive this degree on Abigail’s behalf. It would have been a lot better if she was here and received it on her own, she sent me a speech told me to make sure I gave it correctly To President Anthony Frank, graduates of 2016, the proud families and Colorado State University I accept this great tribute with overwhelming humility. It is regrettable that I am not able to attend, the frailities of age and the stress of travel forbid me the pleasure of being with you in person. Dr. Wayne McIlwraith who is responsible for my award has graciously agreed to speak on my behalf. My relationship with Colorado State University developed with Wayne over 30 years The relationship started with our consulate interest in the racing quarter horse and his successful orthopaedic surgery on my horses. Wayne educated me in recognizing while arthroscopic surgery had revolutioned the treatment of equine athletes, there was also constraints with regard to loss of cartilage and osteoarthritis We became close friends and developed a dialogue about what has been learned in equine veterinary science and what needed to be learned. In this purposeful exercise he always had time for my questions and for discussion. He explained the work that he and his colleagues in the orthopaedic research center and kindly made certain that I always has research papers from various institutions to read concerning all the issues which we would then discuss Some of the research was in its early stages and it gave me great satisfaction to be able to help financially. My support continued as the research expanded and the benefits of equine health were immediate and substantial Our discussion never stopped, nor did interest wane. I was not surprised to find that “horse doctor” also had an interest in getting objective information on complementary therapies. Our discussions inspired my first significant contribution to the program with the endowed chair in Integrative Therapies Progress continued and today the successes at CSU have great potential to help humans Being able to assist in the funding of the translational therapies program has given me great pleasure Traditional Hawaiian culture is marked with boundless curiousity based on the belief that every thing is related to everything else One never rejected new ideas or techniques. All information was potentially useful and would never be dismissed as unimportant It was a matter of thinking and trying and being willing to go and explore what might be possible. In Wayne and the university I found kindred minds and hearts. At CSU there are no artificial boundaries to thinking and study but the discipline of true science is always used to test new ideas and techniques. To be honored and included by an institution that commands such high respect means so much to me. My gratitude knows no bounds. I congratulate all of you receiving your graduate degrees today, you don’t need to be told about the value of education as you’ve gone beyond the undergraduate degrees into more specialized learning and investigation I wish you well in your careers I have been lucky to have a long and fulfilling life and I attribute both qualities to finding something that fed my mind and my soul Finding both is hard, and may not necessarily enhance your career but they will enhance your life. Keep your mind open, and your curiousity fresh. Again, thank you, mahalo, for this great honor you have bestowed on me. Abigail Kawananakoa Just a brief personal comment, obviously I would have loved Abigail to be here. She is a great mind you would have seen an incredible woman who is 90 years of age, is still phenomenally sharp, knowledgeable but humble and passionate about equine and human health. As well as, many of the issues in her native Hawaii. Her financial support has been critical to Colorado State University and her most recent gift has cemented the new institute of biological translational therapies Our personal relationship and her advice has also been incredible help to me. I’d also like to note that over 160 students from Hawaii are numbered among our Veterinary Graduates and CSU has more alumni helping the animals and people of Hawaii than any other school. [applause] Good afternoon, my name is Rick Miranda I’m the provost and Executive Vice President here. It’s a great honor to be here with you today on such a wonderful afternoon. A momentus one, congratulations graduates. It’s a great moment, a great weekend to savor. After all these years, of uncertainty , hardwork, struggle, humiliation, failure, lack of clarity of the future, not knowing who your allies and friends really are. Family far away from any of you. Wow, when you think about it, the graduate school seems sometimes like a season of Game of Thrones. But occasionally there is a small victory to temper the despair. Building on those moments of partially success to finally emerge victorious over your graduate commitee. Well I trust since you’re all here graduating that your thesis defense went a bit better than the red wedding did. Well, like the Game of Thrones, we all want to know what’s coming next, right? And also like Game of Throneswe struggle to recall waht exactly happpend the prior seasons. What happened? How did we get to this point? It’s complicated. Who are those minor characters who are playing some significant part just now? When we marry an understanding of previous episodes, with the characters of the story as we see them now and try to imagine what the future of Winterfell will be. The arc of the story starts to emerge. And as in all great epics enduring themes begin to present themselves. The optimist in me starts to think about the kingdoms uniting under some form of benevolent ruling arrangement. The pessimist in me keeps reciting “That winter is coming”. How will the characters behave and how will it turn out. While humans have been telling each other epics for millenia to good effect. From Ulysses to Moses, King Arthur, Dante, Dickens, and yes – George Martin, I suppose. One of the reasons theses stories catch our imagination are the heroes and heroines, and the choices they make. Influnced by both massive external forces and their interior character And these choices can alter the course of history, and can change the trajectory of a single human life Now, you’re all here today as a part of a personal journey. But, also part of an epic story. A story of how our culture, and country, state, and city have evolved. A story of how your sepeate disciplines have matured over the centuries. And now, you’re making your contribution to them. And a story of education itself and what a university can do for all of us. And what you, as students have done with our own Colorado State University , here. You could think of yourself as a character in this epic Maybe we all are, and as a major character today. This is your episode. You have had and will have choices to make. Choices that affect multiple scales. From our society, to your own personal knowledge and character. Now in this epic, what do you think is the arc of the story? Is it positive or is it negative? Is it true that winter is coming? I am far more of an optimist . And that perspective is rooted in studying a bit of history. Where we’ve come from, let’s look at the prior seasons, a little bit. Just from a North American perspective. Just think about the past half a millenium 500 years ago Europeans either discovered or invaded the continent depending on your perspective. And they started a story that has become our United States 400 years ago We were organized into colonies. With my hometown, Boston, and other small young cities emerging out of the continent. 300 years ago The colonies were getting restless, with British imperialism And the people here started thinking seriously about ideas like independence and deomocracy. And what that might really mean here. By 200 years ago. We’d formed this new nation and were struggling with how to manage it. 150 years ago we almost destroyed it. But we came through that Civil War, wtih yes, many problems that still haunt us today. But also with renewed purpose to build a different kind of society 100 years ago the Great War called to us. And we responded. And our strength was evident to the entire world and that started a century of both incredible accomplishment and especially in the first half – unbelievable horror. But who in the room would rather be living in 1916 than in 2016? and here we are in 2016 in an increasingly interconnected world. Thinking, most often at the deepest levels about global challenges climate, equity, energy, food, democracy, water, and less often, about local issues that tended to occupy our ancestors And all of this happened not by accident, but by the conscious choices of the characters in our story. We don’t know the names of the vast majority of those characters, we never will But all of their choices brought us to today, to this moment. To this time, to this situation to this set of challenges and now it’s your turn for choices, you’ve made some already. Choosing CSU as your home for your graduate studies, choosing your discipline Many of you starting down the road of choosing your profession But most of your choices are still ahead what will you choose what will you choose, both collectively as a generation – and individually as contributors Well I’ve painted a very brief picture of progress, these last 500 years here in the United States And the trajectory does seem mostly positive. But the future is not guaranteed. The pharaohs were overthrown, Rome fell, the Dark Ages engulfed Europe dynasties in the Far East came and went. There were lots of interesting reasons for all the ups and downs But the view from epic literature and from history, and maybe even from the Game of Thrones suggests that individual characters have a great impact with their choices. And you can to. together and alone. What will you choose? Can we avoid together that winter is coming? My fundamental charge for you today is to choose wisely Choose with an eye to moving yourself personally forward, and moving our society forward as well As I’ve said you’ve made your first choices already. And you are here today as witness to the wisdom and effectiveness of those choices Maybe I should say, continue to choose wisely. And remember, one of those choices should involve education Insist on quality And work to improve it at all levels. In your own family, in your local schools, and in our state universities And help us with your choices So that with your support, students for many generations to come will continue to choose CSU and be in a position to choose wisely thereafter. As I look at all of you today, it’s even easier to be an optimist. And think, on this gorgeous May day, with the weather so nice. That winter is not coming, summer is coming. Go rams! [applause] Thank you, Dr. Miranda We have arrived at the point in the program where the Doctor of Philosophy degree is conferred. Degrees will be awarded in alphabetical order by role of the colleges. In this ceremony, the President first confers the degrees. The candidates then advance to the platform accompanied by their major professors. On the platform, the major professor places the hood over the shoulders of the candidate. We think it is appropriate that this final ceremonial honor is by the faculty who have contributed so much to the development of these scholars. Following the hooding, each new doctor of philosophy then crosses the platform to receive his or her diploma from the college dean and to receive the congratulations of President Frank, it is my pleasure to present the candidates for the degree of Doctor of Philosophy. Will the candidates for this degree please rise? [applause] These candidates have completed their programs of study; have pursued original scholarship, making contributions to knowledge or culture. They have presented their work in dissertations that have met the high standards of the University and the various academic disciplines. They and their fellows in absentia, are recommended by their major professors, the Graduate School, and the Faculty Council for the Ph.D. degree. Dr. Frank, I present these candidates and ask you to confer on them the degree of Doctor of Philosophy. I so wish I knew enough Game of Thrones to work this into the conferal But you have all worked hard enough to earn these degrees that I suspect you’ll enjoy hearing these words without that reference. By the authority vested in me by the Board of Governors of Colorado State University System, I hereby confer upon you your Ph.D’s. with all of the rights, responsibilites and privileges appertaining there onto. Congratulations. [applause] And now if the marshals would bring the candidates and the faculty members forward to assist in the hooding. Our announcers Chad Hoseth & Mark Hallett will now read the names of the PhD candidates. [reading names of Doctoral Graduates] These are May 2016 Ph.D. graduates of Colorado State University! [applause] Congratulations We will now award the various master’s degrees. [applause] In this ceremony, Dr. Frank first confers the degrees. Then the students approach the platform to receive the diploma from the dean of the college in which the respective majors are located, beginning with the Master of Agriculture from the College of Agricultural Sciences. Dr. Frank, it is now my pleasure to present the candidates for the master’s degrees in the following programs: Accountancy, Agriculture, Agricultural Extension Education, Applied Industrial/Organizational Psychology, Applied Statistics, Art, Arts Leadership and Administration, Business Administration, Computer Information Systems, Computer Science, Communications and Media Management, Education, Engineering, Fine Arts, Fish, Wildlife and Conservation Biology, Greenhouse Gas Management and Accounting, Landscape Architecture, Management Practice, Music, Natural Resources Stewardship, Natural Sciences Education, Professional Science Master’s, Natural Sciences, Occupational Therapy, Public Health, Science, Social Work, Tourism Management Will the candidates for these Master’s degrees please rise? [APPLUASE] These candidates and their fellows in absentia, have completed their programs of study and are recommended by their faculty advisors, the Graduate School, and the Faculty Council for the Master’s degree. Dr. Frank, I present these candidates. May I ask you to confer the Master’s degree on them? Quick show of hands, how many of you are goign to go on to get your doctorate degrees? [applause] For you winter really is coming. Seemed to good to pass up By the authority vested in me by the Board of Governors of the Colorado State University System I hereby confer upon you your Master degrees along with all the rights, privileges and responsibilites appertaining there onto Congratulations [applause] Our announcers Chad Hoseth & Mark Hallett will now read the names of the masters candidates. [reading names of masters graduates] [applause] Congratulations. May 2016 masters graduates of Colorado State University! Let’s do it again! [applause] The faculty members are the heart and soul of any institution of higher education. Our group of faculty members are Colorado State University are indeed just that About 1800 in number, they symbolize the excellence that results from the intellectual contributions they make to the students who we educate and to the problem-solving that occurs across our campus, state, nation, and the world. Our faculty members have specifically influenced, you, our graduates, through their teaching, research, and service and just as importantly, through their expectations of you and the standards they have set for you. Such demands have contributed to your success and outcomes and have assisted you to become the change agents that you are today as you move forward into your new careers and lives. I would like to ask the faculty to stand. Please join me in recognizing their contributions. [applause] Now I would like the graduates to join us in recognizing another group of people who have contributed much and perhaps received little recognition. Would the parents, spouses, partners, family and friends of the graduates please stand and be recognized? [applause] I would also like to thank the Marshals and the Graduate School staff for their efforts this afternoon, along with the Big Thompson Brass for the music, Gina Burd and Rodger Thompson for sign interpretation, Chad Hoseth and Mark Hallett for announcing, and Dr. John Lueck for singing the National Anthem and Alma Mater. Ladies and Gentlemen, please stand for the singing of the Alma Mater. [playing of the llama mater] [applause] Please be seated. Ladies and Gentlemen…This concludes the May 2016 Graduate School commencement ceremonies. YAY! [applause] Congratulations, again to all of you We request that you stay in your seats until the recessional has left the auditorium. Congratulations once again to those of you who now hold your doctoral and master’s degrees and to those of you who have supported, and encouraged these amazing individuals to reach their impressive and hard won academic achievements. Have a wonderful evening, celebrate safely, and GO RAMS! [applause] [walk out music playing]

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