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If there was one thing I remember about university, was how freaking tedious it was to acquire textbooks— let alone affordable ones. When I say affordable, I mean something that I can purchase and not immediately say “Wow! Guess who’s not eating for the next 17 days?” I always hated the start of a new semester because I look back on how much the previous ones was and realized how much money I wasted on books. Half of which I knew I was never going to use again. Prior to the new semester, or on the first day, you’d get a course syllabus with list of books you’re required to buy. What I hated seeing was when there was, like, three books for the mandatory list and then an additional 23 in the recommended list. Are you kidding me? It’s like, “Hey, you need these books to pass and do well but if you really want to make my dick hard and go above and beyond, buy these books!” Even though you obviously don’t have enough time to read three-quarters of them before the exam!” Another thing I hated was how specifically sometimes were about the edition of the book. Like, “Sir, the fifth and sixth edition of this book is practically the same” “The same? Oh, Mr. Peters, you poor misguided tool. As you can see in the fifth edition, in Chapter 12 on page 394, the picture of the caterpillar is monochromatic While the sixth edition it’s in color, and is instead on the third leaf from the right. So get the right edition or get out of my class.” Then you look at the prices of these books at your school store, and it’s like, “Damn son! These better be made out of dragon scales and printed in unicorn blood.” So expensive! So you end up looking for alternatives. Looking for stores that sell used books, asking older students for their no longer needed copies, chipping in for one book and sharing it with your classmates, etc. [sigh] I went through four years of that, and some of you may know that I recently graduated. A lot of you also know that I run a webcomic called Domics. And near the end of my final year, this dude contacts me about wanting to commission me for comics to promote his website: I cried when I found out what this website does. So you go on the website, you type in your school’s name, then your program, then your course. And it’ll show you available books for that class. Not only that, but it also lists different stores that sell it, and the respective prices, including Amazon, AbeBooks and rental sites like Chegg. Usually your school’s bookstore will be the most expensive. This way, you can compare which is the cheapest and try to save some money for the honeys. You can also sell them your old books …or use them as projectiles for your exes. I told them, “Oh man I really wish I had this website while I was still in school. Too bad it’s only in America.” Then he tells me they’ve also spread to Canadian schools. MOTHERFU- So check out Don’t throw away your money, throw it to me instead, because I’m hungry. And sleepy. And jetlagged. Yep. First video of 2013 y’all. I know you guys are craving a new video. I saw the comments and messages. Well, here it is to start off the new year. I really recommend this website, but if it doesn’t work out for you don’t come back to me and complain saying, “Dom, that website sucks, my books are still expensive!” Hey, hey, hey. Don’t blame the website, blame either your professor or the author of the book who chose to print it on pegasus skin with a diamond-encrusted cover. Anyway, I’m back from the Philippines. Had lots of fun, but now my circadian clock has messed up. But at least I can make videos again. [Filipino accent] Hooray! Subtitles were made by an Asian boy Shinka 🙂

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100 thoughts on “College Textbooks

  1. Saved this video for 6 years for when I go to college,. I’m gonna start college now in just a couple of days. Whoa man

  2. At first I thought this video was meh, but now that I'm starting college I now realize what a saint you are…
    Bless you domics, bless you

  3. Editions are like basic knowledge with updated information, so don't bother if you are buying or borrowing first in library, as long as you understand basics. Information are everywhere after all.
    College is just for certificate for job, real battle is when you are in society, all you studied are useless, but you just end up breaking bones if you don't go to college

  4. Now it's 2019 instead of 2013 in my remarks on 2019 is it's like a rollercoaster that just go straight forever

  5. I can't speak to other colleges but I got away so many times with using old editions of textbooks. Not every class, but most of the basics. Any missing information was barely relevant. Once I got an older version of a textbook for less than $10 at half price books and the edition they wanted us to use was $50 – 60 dollars.

  6. 0:42 Mandatory Reading List
    • "Introduction to Philosophy" – by Michael Stofkad
    • "Fifty Spades of Hay" – by L. O. L. James
    • "You Don't Need to Read this" – by Curious George

    Recommended Reading List
    • "Filler Book" – by Filler Author
    • "When Life Gives you Lemons" by Make Lemonade
    • "Another Filler Book" – by Filler Author
    • "When Harry Met Potter" – by J.K. But seriously
    • "You're Only Going to Read One Chapter of this" – by Nostradamus
    • "Dang Son, This be a lot of Books" – by What The Hell
    • "I never Actually eat Purple Grapes" – by Somebody
    •"Bacon Pancakes" – by Jake Dog
    • "I'm running out of Filler Books" – by Filler Author
    • "The Davinci Chode" – by Dan Eyebrow
    • "Twilightning" – by Stephony Meyer
    • "Isn't This Enough Books for your Students? Dayum." – by Calm Down
    • "When Was the Last Time you Flushed?" – by Your Bowels
    • "Okay, This Should be Enough to look Legit" – by I. M. Lazy
    • "It's not even 23" – by I. Know
    • "I'm Sure at Least One Person Will Count" – by Wow OCD Much

  7. Hooray I'm now in this part of my studies where I need to find books to pass tests. Luckily this semester (from Sep to Dec) I need to find only two books, of which the cheaper one I found from a library.

  8. Once I didn't have a 200 dllr book, I hadn't bought at the beginning of the semester. I was failing the course, so I ended up having to give up my 200 dllr for that book and passed with flying colors. I didn't just buy it, I also just read it.

  9. I notice how the drawing off compared to your recent video and I didn't know why until toward the end I realize it was the first video of 2013. Great journey, DOm!

  10. Here in America, at least my state we have to buy new books cause they now have an Access code, which is a one time use, and usally just as expensive as the actually book. Used books don't come with this code so you are fucked. Alot of the homework is often only accessible through the access code so its either buy it or fail the class ;-;

  11. I bought my Humanities Textbooks and when they came, it wasnt a book. IT WAS A STACK OF PAPERS DISGUISED AS A BOOK

  12. Me after watching this video in the third seemester of college and already have my text books :
    Damn i could have saved 300 + this seemester and the past seemesters. Probably 1000 + in total could still be in my bank account.

  13. ゝ、  \ /⌒ヽ,ノ  /´

       ゝ、 `( ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) /

         >     ,ノ

  14. 1:18

    Ahhhhhh I love Pokémon references….. Also am I over thinking thing or is page 394 a reference to Harry Potter And The prisoner of Azkban movie……………


    Am I over thinking this too or is the unicorn blood a reference to Harry Potter too? Yah I'm totally over thinking this….sorry I'm a big potter head!!! 😁⚡

  15. Lmaooo so for science they have workbooks/textbooks and when they give them out to use for class i just steal them when class finishes. Theyll never knowwwwww. I also do this for maths and history.

  16. Best tips for college textbooks: don’t buy them until the first class. My community college instructors were required to pick a book to use in their syllabi, so most times the books weren’t required.

  17. Someone asked me "What would you do with a billion dollars."
    I replied "Well, with a billion dollars; I can buy up to 13 college textbook."

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