College Students Play Never Have I Ever on a Blind Date
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College Students Play Never Have I Ever on a Blind Date

I’m Anchal Agarwal and I am a third-year UCLA student currently single, looking to embarrass myself What do you look for in a woman? Oooh Sense of adventure Willingness to learn and you know, just someone to have a lot of fun with and be around Hey, I am Bobbi Vendoo a sophomore USC, and I’m a little nervous But very excited to go on a blind date and play a game of candid confessions Hello. Hey. Nice to meet you. Anchal Bobbi. Bobbi? That’s a great name. Oh, thank you. Cool. So how have you been? Are you excited? I am very very nervous, not gonna lie. You know what? Same. Like thank god. No, I – no, I am sweaty, I am that nervous. Wait, where are you from though? I’m from the Bay Area Uh, San Jose. It’s like this small place called, Saratoga. Yeah, ok. You? I’m from Mumbai. Mumbai, oh no way. Uh huh. Yeah, so it’s really hot there, so I’m really not used to this weather. I feel like a little bitch when I say that but it’s cold. Oh, am I allowed to say bitch? Oh, okay, am I allowed to curse? Because I curse a lot. Okay. Alright. Should we start? Cool. Okay, go first. Ladies first. Oh! Okay. Never have I ever been on a blind date. Alright. 1,2,3, go. Oh, nice. Yeah. You’ve never been on a blind date? Never. I actually have never really, really been on a date before. Oh really? Okay. Yeah, mhm. I don’t- I didn’t- Like all throughout my life I decided it’s not for me. I’m just like, not my priority in life I know. I’m always the type of guy that just goes “Whatever we’re doing, let’s just do it.” That’s cool. Even today, like- Mhm, yeah, no. C’mon, let’s do it. Yeah. Never have I ever been dumped. Oh, easy one. Oh… You’ve never been dumped? Nope. I always do the dumping. Alright, I’m just gonna, I’m gonna quickly do… that. No, I mean before I sense anything, I don’t know why it’s a bad thing, but uh, I- like if I sense something is wrong, I just end it then and there. End it immediately? Yeah. Never have I ever liked someone just for their looks. Yeah… 100% Yeah. I mean, people are attractive. It’s like- I mean yeah, it’s not my fault. It’s not anybody’s fault, right? I was super into this girl in high school, and you know she was, objectively she was very attractive. I found her like super attractive I was like oh, yes. Like, she’s the one. Um, and because of that I let a lot of other things slide with how, like, she treated me or like how like I like allowed myself to be treated more than anything. Ever since then I’m like oh like Take care of yourself. Don’t let yourself be treated like the way that you don’t want to. It doesn’t matter who the person is. Yeah. You gotta be you, you know? Yeah, 100%. Never have I ever judged the culture that I’m from. Oh boy. Ahh, oof. This is a fierce- When I was here, especially in middle school and high school, I wanted to be white so bad. I wanted, not necessarily white but I wanted to be American. Oh, I 100% get that. Yeah, it’s like “Oh yeah like talk a different way”, like kind of over it. I was like no, it’s like like all the classic like how the food smells You know, everything smelly. Like, you know “Indians are so annoying” like whenever you go in lines in places like “They’re so loud”, and it’s like now that I’ve grown up, and I’m sitting here and I’m like you know those are the things I love about my culture I love about the people that I talk to. You know, it’s like when you’re in a room with another Indian it’s just a much more comfortable vibe because understanding that common culture like really like, it’s so much easier to talk, you know. So I definitely have judged it, but I don’t judge it anymore. Yeah, yeah. Yes or no: Pineapples go on pizza. Yo, like. No, like- Wait, are you serious? No! They do not go on pizza! I know! That is so gross. Okay, literally it’s like the perfect mix of like salty and sweet No, it’s not! Ugh! Dude, it’s amazing! And then you have like the bread… The juice is like falling into the cheese- Exactly! Exactly! That’s the point! Alright your turn. Okay. Never have I ever done something that could have gotten me arrested. My parents are gonna watch this. This- It’s okay. Alright, um. Alright, should we count down? No, I have to- Wait, give me two seconds. I need to think. I’m, I was such a nice girl like all life. Just like, pure, perfect angel? Yes. Ooh! Yes, okay. Like yeah, it was like one of the one of those like weekend nights Where like everybody goes to party and then one of my friends had a little too much to drink And then I had to take her home And this another guy walks up to her and like starts grabbing her oh Oh hey, this and that and I’m like wait hold on like Don’t even touch her and then he was like “no I know her” and then he just pushed me and I got really mad and so I punched Him really hard. And he was like “oh” I’ll try not to piss you off. Yeah, yeah, no no you’re fine Never have I ever hide a relationship from my parents Automatic light Was not the move Made me their Brown parents. Yeah, my mom knows my dad doesn’t. Oh, yeah, yeah, my mom would always joke because like whenever I was like well. I’m going out and she’d be like Oh, who are you going out with I’d list the same three people and then like wait But I know for a fact that I talked to like new Sean’s mom and he’s not available right now And I was like oh caught Never have I ever done something incredibly irresponsible before TADA!!!! Like you know classic alcohol and drugs accidentally though I Accidentally accidentally so you accidentally fell on top of like an opens fedka bottle and just like the whole thing like No I ate things things that I shouldn’t be eating okay We were on spring break last year and my friends had gotten like these like cookies and they were just like hey, if you were gonna do it do it with like people who you trust like you know like the whole friend thing and I was like well. I will think about it if I want to do it like I would let you guys know about it But like right now. I’m really good, and then they just snuck it in my food. Oh thats kinda fucked up I was cruising never have I ever regretted not telling somebody something very important Feel like I probably have I’m me two parents mostly parents actually yeah, that’s true I feel like yeah, there’s so much in it that they need to know Like how I feel about them like how much I respect them or like just just everything about them they don’t know anything like they they literally only feel like their daughter’s out there and living her life Like I guess I could say the same in the sense like When I was in high school, I was definitely pretty depressed and like pretty like wasn’t in a good place But I never told my parents Right cuz I felt like they would judge me or like something and it’s one of those things where it came out like my junior And senior year and I was like and they were completely supportive. They were like look. Let’s just like talk about it Let’s talk through like let’s like see what’s going on. Yeah, it’s one those things I was like you know I could’ve just talked about this with them on day one yeah And like it would have been so much easier, better, but I like built up all this like pent-up anger Teenage angst yeah, I guess like that’s something I regret Yes or no, I was initially attracted to you I’ll say green yeah, yeah, I think you are pretty attractive you’re pretty attractive too personality. Thank you Yes, or no, I would like to go on a second date with you. Should we count this down three, two, one. Nice all right so let me get your number real quick Really I know straight up straight up. Yeah, are you more number person? That’s so weird. I was just gonna. I was gonna do this Snapchat oh okay, I’m down. Experience It’s not that like okay. You want to stay grounded. Just say grounded no I’m not I’m not saying positive or negative. Oh yes What’s up, Jubilee fans? Thank you so much for watching the episode wasn’t that amazing like I told you last time, we have more of amazing candidates So it’s coming for you the next couple of weeks, so Subscribe right here. We have more videos for you right there. You are beautiful no matter what, all the time. Don’t forget that we’ll see you around

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