College Student Goes from Losing to 6 Figure Trader
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College Student Goes from Losing to 6 Figure Trader

– And generally an overextended
gap down or a red day, has that nice plunge right in the morning and I didn’t care about maximizing profit, thinking about nail and bail, like nail, bail, make my money and then close the laptop and go to class. (electronic music) – What got you from this
loser’s side of the chart to this winning side? What happened here in January 2018? – You know, it’s something
I teach people all the time, is eventually you have to
take this like a professional and you can’t be going out anymore and you have to be focused and specific about what you’re trading. So about two and a half
years into my journey, I realized that I was losing on my longs. I don’t know what that is. – It’s the clicker. – Oh, I don’t know how to use that. I was losing on my longs and I was $18,000 in
the profit on my shorts and so I made that conscious decision that I could no longer long and that I have to short because that’s where my consistency is. And at that point I had
watched so many webinars, I had watched Trading Tickers and I watched so many video lessons and I realized that I
had watched way too much. I had put so much information in my head that I was trading everything and anything and it was allowing me
to trade way too much. So I focused and I honed in and I redrafted what Grittani was and I re-watched Trading Tickers and I watched all of his webinars and I bookmarked them all and I started really
studying who Grittani was cause I knew I wanted to short-sell. I knew he was the best in the biz. And that was huge. And right at 2018 is when I realized, when I first saw sector momentum. I saw bitcoin. I saw marijuana stocks going crazy and you know, Sykes’
been trading for 20 years and imagine how many
hot sectors he’s seen. And of course we haven’t
seen anything recently but I was finally prepared
to nail a hot sector cause I had been doing
all of this advanced, again I had studied for
two and a half years and I rehashed everything
at two and a half years. And I started to take
it more professional. And I had found out where I wanted to be, how to short stocks
that are relevant today, how to short OTC shore setups, how to not short a stock that’s a first green day going crazy, how to find where I’m consistent. And that was huge right there in 2018 and I finally found a sector where I could actually make some money. Make 30% gains, 20% gains in a day and be consistent about it. So that first 100k right there
is bitcoin and mariajuana. I had found my first hot sector and I found out how to short-sell. – But I mean it was like,
this isn’t even a gradual, this is just like (screeches). – Yeah, so I was a little
bit of gun slinger back then. I was definitely, like, putting
in my whole account size and just wanting to nail
everything as much as I could. But that was a different time. That was a very hot sector and that’s when stocks were
going from 10 cents to 90 cents and putting in those five or
six consecutive green days and then going red for the first time. – Why do you think it took
you so long to learn this? Was there too much hair in your eyes so you couldn’t see what was happening? (audience laughs) – I think it’s, a lot of
it is like information… – And now is that why you
wear the hat backwards? – Yeah – To open your eyes so that you can see? – I know, sometimes I’d be in a trade and my hair would get in front of my face and then I would lose. – And you’re like. Yeah right. – No. It’s, there’s so much
information out there that we don’t know how to
focus on specific setups that keep us consistent and eventually your results become random but you don’t know where the randomness is because you’re watching
everything and anything. So when this really started blowing up, I was just telling some people, like when I had an overextended gap down and a OTC short setup the next day in the most hottest market
that I’ve ever seen, the night before I would
specifically study that chapter in, whether it’s a webinar from Grittani, or it was Trading Tickers. I would re-watch that
chapter the night before so it was so refreshed in my mind. At this point, I’ve watched
Trading Tickers 15, 20 times. I’ve watched all of his
webinars two or three times. But it wasn’t all at once. It wasn’t like six hours,
drill, drill, drill. It was specific and poignanted
studying the night before to keep myself refreshed and rehearsed, ready to do exactly what
Grittani did the next day cause this stuff repeats itself. – How did you do this? Cause you did this all during college. How did you manage college with trading? – So a lot of it is picking strategies that fit your schedule. So I knew at 8 am mid-market morning, I didn’t want to be in,
in the market anymore. I’m pacific standard time so I knew I could trade from 6 to 8 am. And I knew from 6 to 8 am, I had to find a strategy that
worked within those parameters and generally an overextended
gap down or a red day, had that nice plunge right in the morning. And I didn’t care about
maximizing profits, I was more considered, I was more thinking about nail and bail. Like nail, bail, make my money and then close the laptop and go to class and do the rest of my day and just get my work done
immediately in the morning. And the strategy that fit that kind of, I couldn’t be buying afternoon breakouts, or whatever it was. – Talk about now where, you
know, you graduated college, you got quarter of a
million dollars in profits, you have this kind of
self-sufficient strategy now. What’s your life like? – It’s, I live, I’m a homeless. (laughs) No, it’s really cool you know. I’ve been able to, one of the things I’m
really appreciative of is that my dad’s kinda older and he wants to travel cause
he’s kind of retired right now and had I had that nine to five job, I wouldn’t be able to
travel with him right now. And specifically I’ve been in Europe for the past four months,
like all of summer. Just traveling with my dad
and hanging out with him and my brother couldn’t come cause he had that nine to five job. So it’s given me the
freedom to travel, live life but also spend time with those that I love and I know that, like in the beginning, we forget that we get into stock trading because it gives us that freedom and too often we find
ourselves at the screen for six to eight hours a day and that’s not why we got in. So, it’s so… – Some people like it, some
people like the structure of like the normal thing. – But until you realize that watching stocks move
pennies by pennies everyday, like debilitates your brain. – I agree with that. So you know, I actually
think that, you know, some people like spending the whole day in front of the computer and being degenerate,
useless gamblers in life but I think that it’s actually worse because now you’re looking at everything, you’re sitting there, you
have nothing really to do and that forces you or at least influences you
to take sub-par trades. – I completely agree. – And that would hurt
your overall performance so it’s counterintuitive
the harder you work, the less money you make
and you have no life. – You have to be so specific
about what you watch and most days, like,
what makes you consistent isn’t gonna happen everyday. So if you’re watching everyday, generally you’re watching stuff that you shouldn’t necessarily be watching and you’re learning the
wrong lessons from that. You got to be specific
about what you’re watching and what you’re trading. – So be specific, what, you
know, explain your process cause I remember you were,
you know, in the challenge, and you were asking like good questions. Like, what was your process? So you’re watching the webinars, you’re watching the video lessons, what was it? – So in the beginning
a lot of it was like, ask good questions and be teachable. Like that was the most number one thing. When, in the beginning,
someone would tell me, like okay, OTCs work this way
and Nasdaqs work this way. But then I would try to
trade a Nasdaq like an OTC, I wasn’t necessarily listening to what these people
were blatantly telling me that they’re different. So in the beginning it was you know, show up to the advance, be immersed, get involved, ask good questions and be teachable, be coachable. And then from there it just
became a refinement area where I just had to refine
and look interperspectively of what was going on within myself. – What do you see most
people having issues with? Cause now people come up to
you, they ask you questions. What’s like, what are their issues and how to do you help them? – It’s, I think the biggest
issue with most people is over-trading. Having way too much to focus on and being all over the place and you can’t figure
out, like I said earlier, like it’s all random when
you’re trading way too much and you have five or six different trades, seven trades in a week,
that’s way too much. And you don’t, you can’t figure
out where you are consistent with that much randomness
and that much hecticness. – So how many trades a
week do you take now? – If I’m lucky, two or three. – What do you do with
the rest of the time? – I play golf, I’m taking up golf. – Are you? – I am. – So you’re like an old man already? – (laughing) I’m working on it. Retired, I’m a retired trader. – Yeah, yeah, give him
a round of applause. That’s sick. (audience applauds) – I do consider myself a retired trader. You know, like, everyday
I don’t really want to trade anything. I don’t really want to put up the money unless I absolutely have to and I know exactly what
that looks like now. So most days I don’t see it, especially in the past six months when it’s, yeah it’s been
a dry spell unfortunately. But that will change and for now I know I
can ease on the breaks and not be as, like, caught
up in what’s not working. – Hey, Time Sykes,
millionaire mentoring trader. Thank you for watching my videos. I hope that they help you. I want to share everything that
I’ve learned over the years. You can check out more
videos right over there and also click subscribe so that you can watch all of these videos, get that knowledge and become my next millionaire student.

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  1. Tim thank you so much for all your help for the past few years, I learnt a lot from you and you are undoubtedly one of the best day traders ever to exist, thanks to your inspiration I was also able to start my own you tube channel, so that I could explain how I trade and make profits constantly on a daily basis. thank you and invite all you guys to take a look at my channel too, thanks again Tim, cheers.

  2. Trading is a good thing, But you need to know how to understand numbers am I right? Because how can you make a profit without losing a lot it's a hard thing.

  3. I think the best thing to do in the beginning is spending all your available time studying the patterns and learn the charts, study the lessons while you eat, before you sleep, early morning before you start your day, or even In the bathroom if that’s available. The most important tip I learned is filling up your head with all the strategies first, then figure out how to professional trade the pattern you are good at. Also, most of the people who see the trading is a future daily career, I think they will be able to manage their times to reach the self sufficiency trading goals. Thanks for the tips. Understandable.

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