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100 thoughts on “College Student Builds Outstanding DIY $15,000 Tiny House For Debt Free Living

  1. Very impressive young man very organize …bright future is waiting for this young man….he save a lot of money for dormitory or apartment rent …

  2. Sounds like a Scott Disick or whaever his name is. He built the house on his own, only with a small loan of 50.000$ from his parents and a truck to tow it around. What a real entrepreneur

  3. The fact that the only vehicle in the drive is a motorcycle means this guy is probably living incredibly cheap. 40 MPG, and about a third the insurance cost of anything with 4 wheels. Plus he owns this house, he basically just pays utilities.

  4. I wish he had talked about his energy needs and how he fulfilled them. I would also be interested in how much he pays to "park" his tiny home there. They can't be parked just anywhere in the area where I live – I think they are technically RVs and where I live you can't live in them on someone's property.

  5. That plot is probably marked as not suitable for buildings, hence he got for cheap, also why he found a still unbuilt plot in town. .
    Next time a hurricane swing by just move it for a week and your good my man.

  6. These Tiny DIY homemakers really gotta invest in some better doors
    On god robbers bout to fuck on their shit if all they got is a flimsy little door

  7. this is unrealistic, 15k for a house minus the land, if you buy a plot saving you find one, what are the cost to get utility meters added, along with in most cases lines drawn. Along with building permits.

  8. He is mature beyond his years. What a capable and inspiring young man. I love all the decorative touches he's incorporated. Impressive!

  9. But it’s a home on WHEELS, why be that stupid…oh and he is in higher learning, smh. Well I’m glad he is safe and the best teacher is first hand experience!

  10. I'm not a mobile house expert, but I'm wondering how that 3.5 inch storage would behave if you get on a bumpy road or a slight slope?

  11. hmmm all those people paying a lot more for mobile homes in parks are going to feel slighted lol. Probably thinking God damn it I live in a more expensive place than this but we always got called white trailer park trash. This kid makes an even smaller trailer house and gets praised for it. Maybe the changing financial times will finely start changing the western mindset in how living should not be so socially based but practicality based. I mean how big of a space does one really need? Times have changed and this ain't the days of families having like 7 or 8 kids anymore. The realtors and banks don't like people being smart and realistic because there is not much money to be had. Make society judge people for wanting to live a simplistic life to force people to buy what they don't need so they don't feel socially mocked. It worked for a long time but hopefully people will start turning things around.

  12. This is one of the best interviews I have ever seen … it flowed very naturally and transition was coherent … I wish him well for his meticulous hard work and determination at that age 👏👏

  13. To all people in the comments making fun of him saying "thank you" a lot – what the fuck is wrong with you??!!
    I haven't noticed myself, that it was probably particular often. To me it's normal, I would be thankful too, if someone aknowledges my work on something I love and I'm proud of. Today you really have to beg for thankful people, you know that especially when you work in retail or I guess in nursing profession, too.

  14. Man, I pulled myself out of the immersion by watching the cameraman film from 3 places at once the duo walking into the house for the first time. There is no way that is his first impression because he already gone into the house at least twice. "Alright the shot from the porch conversation, Then the wide shot of us opening the door, the the shot of us going into the room from inside the room." I don't know how else to describe it. 3:00

  15. See how being rich makes you richer?

    Guy already has money, makes video for people with no money to show them how to live with no money.

    go fuck yourself rich fuck

  16. he could live in that through college or longer. When he gets to the point where he wants a house, he can just sell and still make a big profit. Amazing investment!!!

  17. I'm paying under $400 and that includes electricity, water, gas, pool, gym, rec center, grill, fire pits… I'd have a hard time justifying anything outside of what I'm doing.

  18. there is no privacy though? Everyone can walk up on your house in the woods and have a look inside. How you masturbate in peace?

  19. Ok…what's wrong with him ??? LOL. Ladies, this is a MAN among boys who has accomplished it and is not a quitter. What a lovely home. Great job. 🤗🤗🤗

  20. I just read the comments. What a bunch a jealous litte guys. Get off your tails and work. I went to work at 15 and my parents had money but I DIDN'T and I wanted to do something with my life! It's a choice…always a choice.

  21. In response to 1:51, I just want to point out that financing a home isn't intrinsically a societal standard that holds you back, and, if you're renting out/renovating a property, can actually increase your ROI significantly.

  22. My dad built his own house at 17. Now I am 17 and it's my turn. I finished the floor plan an hour ago.
    34ft length × 2ft wide
    First floor: living room near the entry with 2 window seats, kitchen with dining table to seat 8, bathroom with tub, walk in closet with washer/dryer unit.

  23. The thing that makes this still count as a college dorm is the velveeta Mac and cheese and the eight thousand jars of ragu sauce

  24. What a cool dude. Some of the comments are making fun of him for saying "thank you", but I like that he's so polite.
    It's an incredible project and I especially like that he got some things like the shower or the kitchen-cabinet doors for free. He build his house on a budget but without big compromises in quality. Really impressing!

  25. This is my very favorite tiny house I've seen and I've seen a lot. This guy is extrodinary, such talent and drive. Love how money conscious he is and his house looks like a million bucks. BTW LOVE ALL THE BLUE

  26. This dude should be a presidential candidate that USA desperatly needs. A young, energetic dude with competitive spirit, athletic background, serious handyman skills and degree in accounting. Sounds too good to be true.

  27. i am so goddamn jealous of each and everyone whos had the balls and the financial background to realize a tiny house for himself. hats off to each and everyone of you.

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