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College Organization Setup

First of all, one of the things that can really
step up your college organization is a good and effective planner. I’ve always struggled
to achieve a perfect planning system and I constantly try out different methods until
I find the right one. Currently I am trying out an academic planner solely dedicated for
college related tasks and events. It’s a lighter, more compact version of an Erin Condren
Life Planner and the fact that it’s perfect bound instead of coil bound makes it easier
to carry it around. You need to setup this planner yourself, since irt comes with 6 empty
month and weekly pages so you can customize it for your needs, according to the start
and end of your semester. Each month comes with a regular monthly spread, a two-page
spread for projects and exams where you can fill in your due dates as well as regular
weekly spreads for daily tasks and events. When I set up this planner I made sure to
insert some reinforced tabs to separate each month so I can quickly flip back and forth
between pages and also a final tab for note pages, where I inserted my schedule, professor’s
contacts, office hours and so on. I am also using a bullet journal to keep track of more
detailed tasks as well as many other things that I need to organize that are not solely
college related. I love both planners and bullet journals and I honestly can’t pick
just one of them when it comes to organization. Both of these planners perfectly fit the backpack
which I am currently using, a Grafea black backpack from the Opposites Attract collection.
I’ve been using this backpack for the past few months since is carries a lot of stuff
and actually goes with all of my outfits. Since I have been carrying more weight with
me to college, I really enjoy being able to take everything with me on a backpack instead
of a regular shoulder bag, making it more comfortable on longer walks. I also enjoy
the fact that you can easily enjoy the straps and that they have reinforced pads so the
straps don’t dig in to your shoulders. For college I always pick binders to organize
my notes instead of notebooks. I always find it easier to replace sections of a binder,
add documents and folders, quickly insert any handouts and study guides and rewrite
more messily written notes. Although a notebook may look tidier, it gives you less freedom
to rearrange things. Also, studying in college implies making a lot of self-made research
so you need to rely on an organization system that allows you to seamlessly insert your
own material and combine it with your lecture notes.
Also I am trying out something new for this semester and that is using separate grid notebooks
to make compilations of study guides and mindmaps for my tests and exams. I find it really useful
to have these at hand to summarize my notes and give me an overall understanding of the
material instead of having to constantly reading more extensive notes.
To carry lose paper that I can’t hole punch right away but still want to keep tidy, I
like to use a thin folder with elastic bands to storage documents. I showed this one on
my stationery haul. You can find the link in the description bar below.
Finally, everyone needs a good pencil bag in their backpack. A good tip is to ditch
regular pencil bags and use makeup bags instead. They are normally much larger and sturdier,
giving you more space to storage pens and bigger items like large post it notes and
chunkier highlighters. You can see here my all time favorite pens.
Since I actually use a computer to type my notes, I only take with me a black pen and
three highlighters to college, as well as one or two colored pens. I keep the rest of
them stored in my desk drawers so I can use them when I am studying at home. Either way,
a few pen recommendations are the new Pastel Stabilo Highlighters, the Zebra Mildliners
– I have three packs of different color schemes but you actually have a fourth pack
available and the frixion pastel erasable highlighters. For black pens I prefer the
Pigma Micron in either 0.1 or 0.05 as well as my new favorites, the Muji Gel Pens in
size 0.38. For colored pens I usually rely on Staedtler Fineliners, which aren’t in
the picture, as well as the gemstone colored Erin Condren gel pens and the Maped Graph
Peps, which come in twenty or so colors. As I mentioned I always carry my laptop around
with me and I generally just keep it in a black laptop sleeve to protect it from bumps
and scratches and normally carry it around in my backpack. I have multiple videos explaining
why I currently type my notes instead of handwriting them and you can find all of that information
in the description bar as well. I hope you’ve enjoyed this video! Don’t
forget to subscribe and I will see you next week. Bye!

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100 thoughts on “College Organization Setup

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