College of Education Now Prepares Teachers in the Science of Reading
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College of Education Now Prepares Teachers in the Science of Reading

– [Teacher] C-H says? – [Class] Ch. – [Teacher] And W-H says? – [Class] Wha. – It was hard for me when I
realized I had failed children. I mean it was hard. – I have a master’s degree in reading, and have a reading specialist endorsement for grades K through 12. But I was not taught the
proper way to teach reading. – I was one of those
teachers that didn’t learn. And then I was one of the
teachers that didn’t teach. And so that’s another
piece of guilt that I have of how many people did I train in the way to teach
reading or literacy skills, reading and writing skills, and they’re having to go
back and get retrained. – [Class] Ch-a-b chab – The science of reading is
based on medical brain research. What we know works. (peaceful music) – Before the Dyslexia Law, before the Science of
Readings laws were passed, we were under the
impression that a balanced literacy approach was the best. – Let’s do wish. – We have definitely learned since then that to meet the majority
of our learners’ needs we have to be teaching based
on the science of reading. – [Dee Dee] The students come to Bigelow to practice the programs and the processes that they have learned
the semester before. – [Kristi] They will be working
on phonemic awareness skills and phonics skills with our struggling kindergarten and first graders. – We’re gonna do some
activities that require her to identify the digraph, and create some words that
have that digraph in it. – So this is more like chunks, you know the word chunks, and than these are individual letters and the vowels are in blue. – Moving on to the e and i sounds and figuring out where the
placement is of the mouth. – Look at my tongue, see how my tongue is in the roof of my mouth, ll. It touches my top teeth. So let’s do that one more time. – Ll.
– Ll. – Okay do it on your own. – Ll.
– Very good. – And at the end we do the reassessment and then we write a report
on what has happened, where they started, where they ended, and what has worked well, and we give some recommendations. – It’s been eye opening and life changing for our teachers who have
taught for a while especially. They’re just amazed at the
differences that they’re seeing in their data, in their
kids’ reading abilities. It’s just a great partnership. – [Woman] You want to go with Ms. Ashley? – [Woman] See you next week. – I think the role of
colleges is to lead the way. I mean, we’re producing teachers and if we don’t produce teachers
that know current research, valid research, evidence-based practices, we’re setting up future teachers and children and families for failure.

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