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Good morning it is time to rise and
shine the first thing I do when I wake up is grab my phone pretty much like
everyone else in the world but what I really started to try to do is to not go
on social media right when I wake up I actually go on Pinterest which
technically is a social media but it is much more inspiring in my opinion and so
I spend the whole time I’m there and then I actually head over to my Bible
app and I do little devotions to start my day on a positive note and I work up
the energy to get out of bed and I slide into my adorable little slippers I’m
always a little chilly in the morning too so one of the first things I do is
cozy up in my hot pink robe and I pretty much always have this on whenever I’m
home then of course I’ll make my bed so
usually whenever I make my bed I have much more productive day so I’ve made it
a habit and now it’s kind of fun then I’m going to head over to my restroom
and I am going to wash my face and wake myself up by doing so from that base
wash I’m just using a super simple facial bar and then after that I’m going
to apply my moisturizer I’ll link the current moisturizer I use
down below now I crawl back in bed but I’m a little more awake and I’ve already
made so I won’t go back to sleep and I turn on the Today Show to kind of see
what’s happening in this world once it hits a commercial break I head
downstairs to make some French press coffee now that I have my coffee in hand
I will crawl back in bed once again and I’ll watch the Today Show
go on my computer check my emails and all the things that I have to do for the
day once I’ve kind of collected my thoughts I make a list of all the things
that I want to accomplish today now it’s time to head downstairs to make the most
important meal of the day so this morning I decided to make an acai bowl
which is super refreshing especially for summer to make my acai bowl of course
I’ll need some acai and I just got mine from Trader Joe’s and it’s frozen and I
also have some yogurt some flax seed and a banana
canola and a qe also some pumpkin seeds I actually don’t have a blender at
school so in order to kind of soften my acai I just bought out under some hot
water and then I kind of just pour it into my bowl and I’ll actually add some
yogurt to it to kind of smooth in and sweeten it up because the acai I have is
unsweetened then I’ll cut up my fruit that I want to add to the top and simply
just add that along with my flaxian my granola and my pumpkin seeds there’s too yeah after I completed making my bowl I’ll
head back upstairs to my comfy bed as you can tell I try to spend as much time
in my bed as possible it is just so cozy after I’m finished with breakfast I will
brush my teeth so that they are nice and fresh and then I’ll crawl back in bed Oh
once again I usually put on a good show that I like to watch on Netflix and I’ll
start doing my makeup so usually in summer I do a super super natural makeup
look because I’ll probably just end up sweating it all off on my bike ride to
school currently my favorite show to watch while I do my makeup in the
morning is the great British fashion show it is so happy and relaxing and I
highly recommend it to anyone so once my little using a couple just completed I
will change so today I’m just wearing a super athletic outfit because again I am
biking to school and it is very very hot and then I’m just going to throw my hair
in a ponytail and head out the door and that’s it I hope you guys in joyed
have a view day

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100 thoughts on “COLLEGE MORNING ROUTINE | Summer Edition!

  1. GUYS! I'm so sorry it's so stressful watching me cut the kiwi 😂 hahha I totally agree I should have cut that out

  2. I’m thinking about transferring to the University of Florida, do you know of any good apartments to stay in? I will be attending the college of education, Elementary education major. Thanks so much

  3. You are so productive! I love 💕 it! It would be awesome to see a video on how you managed college and YouTube!👍👌

  4. Can u do the video on if i had lived in tiny house, if i had lived underground in swimming pool, i had spent 24 hours in mall.. .

  5. I am not sure how you got this much time during your mornings….
    I mean when will you wake up and go to your school if you are staying in your bed all tym???

    May be you got magic..

  6. Now I know my morning routine for in the morning. It inspired me to use pinterest and not instagram. I might actually start doing two days a week without any tech unless it's to contact someone

  7. I go on Pinterest to in the morning and look at positive quotes because it helps me think how good life is and helps me start the day off with a nice, fresh, healthy morning x plus great video xxx

  8. I love your positive attitude and whole vibe it is so calming and to see that you embrace your religion to the word is very promising and empowering 🤩keep up the good work love your videos 🥰

  9. Omg this is so aesthetically pleasing, your voice is so soothing and so relaxing! I like this video ❤️❤️

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