college midterms 😵 pre-med student exam week vlog
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college midterms 😵 pre-med student exam week vlog

I woke up at 5am to finish up some work. making a blueberry smoothie I still don’t know what blueberries
actually taste like lol Writing physics lab report expensive salad that didn’t taste good studying for neuroscience exam 13th floor of library Goodnight! exam day: I tried to study while walking to my exam,
but it didn’t work well. last minute cramming… literally The next day… I got a… What did I get? Guava white tea? Ah, yes. I got a guava white tea and What did you get? Oh, god. What did I get ? Oh, right. A peach green tea. There we go. Once upon a time… I was minding my own business when… I found a dead cockroach underneath my chair. So, I called my friend to ask if he
could help me get rid of it. Hi, where are you? And he basically told me to suck it up. No, you don’t need to kill it. It’s already dead. He still ended up coming.
Thanks, Daniel :’) @ Daniel’s place We both like TwiceWriting another physics lab report grocery shopping at Martin’s making kimchi fried rice plum extract juice taking notes for cell bio Hi, guys. Today’s the day of my cell bio exam. Here, I have all of my notes on this Google Doc, so I’m just going to study this
throughout the day until the exam. One minute left (until I have to go). I love coconut water. Okay, I gotta go. more classes… cramming for cell bio with friend more last-minute cramming grading my neuroscience exam… Why did I change my answer again? OMG. All of the ones that I got wrong, I had it right first, and then I changed it. Omg, this is so bad. (I got an 85.) Oh, I did better than the class average, so… To be honest, I’m not that concerned with
my grade on the exam. I have bigger problems coming up. Okay, well. I’m just gonna go do my homework. Peace. exercising at apartment gym And then I got locked inside the gym lol Daniel came to help, but he couldn’t
open the door with his key, either. We called the emergency contact for our apartment. She hung up on us, but the door opened when I
pushed it again, so happy ending 🙂 In hindsight, I should have known this was a bad sign:Do you want to be in it or…? iced blueberry black tea studying for psych exam after exam… teh lights were so pretty :] the band is practicing for the football gamedoing neuroscience homework organizing bullet journal/planner It’s ugly but it works 🙂 I’m about to check my psych exam grade. I got an 85/100. The average was a 75. I got an 85. watching bantan bomb studying for biochem exam This is $7. large french fries bc they were doing a deal and 20 mcnuggets. BBQ sauce so good :’) My cell bio exam grade is up. I’m gonna go check it right now. Apparently, the average was a 90. How is everyone so smart? Oh, I got a 92. How? Hobi>3

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72 thoughts on “college midterms 😵 pre-med student exam week vlog

  1. Hi. :v It's my first year of high school, I got into biol-chem class xD everything is interesting and I'm glad I chose that way but I was overwhelmed at first. I had to learn literally 70 pages of our textbook for the first exam. Something literally new to me, one subject never had more than 3 pages and whole chapter usually had only like 4 subjects but we had one biology class a week. And now there are 3 of these. XD Long story short I just needed to study a bit more, but I got used to it and I've realised that not last minute studying is really relaxing and it feels great. BTW I usually study and do my homework while watching you. >\<

  2. Isk why but all the time I see college/university vlogs, they just study like are yall don't work? I am the only one that work and study, I wanna see how people manage working and studying?

  3. idk if all college students do this but girl u rlly inspired the heck out of me. the fact that u record and edit while doing homework studying eating healthy working out and still socializing is rEally cool love ur vids !! take care :DD



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  5. Oh ur flip cover is of Koya😍😍❤❤ and Tata key chain ❤❤❤ also the BEST OF ME song of BTS🥰🥰and BTS clips. Another ARMY❤❤❤

  6. I’m currently waiting for my 3rd unit test for pre-algebra to be graded, and this is making me even more impatient to see it- It was a paper test though, so it’ll probably take awhile to be graded. 😔😔

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