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Wait Wait!!!! Where are you going? College starts at 9am. Gates Won’t open before 8 pm. Uncle, please let me go, please. I want to sit on the first bench. No, You cannot go. Anisha: uncle please The Thing is… I want to study hard I want to crack CAT, GATE, UPSC and I want too… I want to become MLA . What is that!!!!!!! Wait Wait Wait!!!!!!! Who are you?? Anisha: Sir I’m Anisha That Anisha I Knew one day you will surely comeack Ok Students!!!!!!! Shut Up!!!!!!! I’m not asking Questions. Sir You are asking for assignments right? Sir take this I have done this assignment. take the assignments for second sem. and I have done assignment of second year too. And I have done assignments for next life too. cause I know In next life too I will do engineering only. Hai daiyya!!!!!!! Everyone have given there assignments!! Anisha Where is your assignment? What’s the excuse this time? Got stolen? Dog ate it? or what? What’s the excuse? I have heard your every excuse. No sir I have brought the assignment!!!! What?????? Sir I wrote it but it got wet in the rains. Okay, At least you tried. Guys, I have a plan. Let’s go to a party tonight!!!! Yes!!!! We can go to a party. Guys, I don’t want to party. Anisha why?????? Guys, I want to study I want to do research. I want to Fly I also want to fall but I just Don’t want to Party!!!! Cause Party And Drinking is not good for my career Engineering might be a degree of big scope for you guys but for me It’s an addiction. Addiction. Hai Daiyya!!!!!! If you guys would not have been there Who would have supported me in engineering?? Oh god how much she will write?? Shut up!! Don’t disturb me. Friend: show me answer of question number 4. See Let me Finish the paper. don’t Disturb me. I want to top the examinaton. Show at least one question If you are here only to cheat in exams then why do you take admissions? Go and make videos on tiktok. Sir Sir She is disturbing me. Where is my roll number? Oh no First Bench!!!!!!! Now I can Cheat with ease!!!!!!!! Where is payal? Sir she is ill. Ok Anisha!!!! You come and sit here. Anisha What are your plans after engineering? My plans are set after engg. Ok…… What are you plans? I will start CAT coaching in second year. After cracking CAT. I will do MBA from a good IIM. And I will become one of the ceo’s in corporate world. And if I’m not able to crack CAT then I will crack UPSC. Simple!!!!!! Ok now my precious time is getting wasted. I have to study ok! Anisha did your cat results came No!!!! there is nothing for me in studies I have got one year back too. But what happened?? Bill gates and Mark zukerburg were dropouts too right? I will do business!!!!! Ok, which business? see, Just a sec. Let me take the queen. See, I will do a very big business. I will open a xerox store in front of the college. Will earn a lot of money and overtake ambani too. Tea!!!!!! Hot Tea!!!!! Tea!!!!!! Hot Tea!!!!!!! have some tea….. Get up and do the subscribe!!!! Tell me how was the video? enjoyed it? I enjoyed a lot. I know we have big dreams in the first year. That we will do this we will do that. And in last year every dream breaks. Tell me in the comment section what were your dreams in First year. And out of those dreams. how many became true and how many broke. And a lot of ricksters helped me in this video. I enjoyed a lot with these guys!!!! You guys enjoyed?? Yes!!!! Yess!!!! Really enjoyed it. Cause if you will subscribe then everythng will be fine. Shut up!!!!!!!!! Will make everyone fail in exams

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  1. Ricksters, don’t forget to hit the like button, let's get this video to 200k likes and tell me konsa part sabse acha laga and also tell one good memory from your college life.

  2. My it is not college life it is school life of class 6 and when the time of reopening school I took so many desition but At the end every thing down

  3. Final year student you have
    done the a
    ssignment or not say ok bye
    Your my favorite actor ok Rickshawali best video it was 👋

  4. U r ryt itne sale asinments bnane hote h itne notes ki zirox kra kra k yhi lgta h ki shop open kr Leni chahiye kitna Paisa kma lege 😂😂😂😂😂 yhi m bolti thi JB b.pharm KR rhi thi tb ,😂

  5. Tmlogon ko cheating hi krni hoti hai to clg mein admission kyu lete ho.. Jao tik tok pe video bnao 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣Epic!

  6. Such a funny thing
    In the first segment the watchman uncle says the gates won't open till 8 am and when Anisha comes in the time in the clock is 11:23

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