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– I hate this mumble [bleep] so much. – (Shelly) Bad parenting is dangerous.
– Open-minded. I like that. – “Man, I hate myself.”
Oh my god. ♪ (industrial intro) ♪ – ♪ I know you’re somewhere… ♪
– Who is this? – I have no clue who this is. – ♪ I’ve been stuck thinking… ♪
– Oh, triple X. – This is Tentacion, yeah. – I’ve never heard this before…
but I’m into it. – ♪ I’ve been trippin’
’bout some things, can’t change ♪ – Oh.
– What’s with all this depressing [bleep]?
– ♪ …get a phone call ♪ ♪ Girl that you [bleep] with
killed herself ♪ ♪ That was this summer
and nobody helped ♪ ♪ And ever since then,
man, I hate myself ♪ ♪ Wanna [bleep] end it ♪
– Oh my god! What was that?! I’m gonna cry. – That’s sad,
but his voice is everything. – Is this XXXTentacion?
I always see people making memes and tweets about
how depressing his [bleep] music is. There you go. – I did listen to his earlier stuff.
I decided not to continue checking out his music
for personal reasons. I just, I don’t know,
wasn’t really supporting the things he was doing before. – ♪ Spotlight, moonlight ♪
♪ [Bleep], why you trippin’? ♪ ♪ Get your mood right ♪
♪ Shawty look good in the moonlight ♪ ♪ All these pussy [bleep]
so bad mind ♪ ♪ Feel like I’m destined ♪
– I really like his production and his beats. – ♪ Girl, who you testin’? ♪
♪ [Bleep] a Scantron ♪ ♪ Here’s your lesson, oh ♪
– I know this song. (hums along) I love this song. – ♪ Feel like I’m damaged ♪
– I wanna dance to this. – I mean, that’s good. Nothing special,
but it’s good. – ♪ Girl, you know when you call,
make me feel right ♪ – That was a complete turnaround
from the first song. – I really liked it.
It’s a little bit groovy with a little soul
mixed in with the rap. – So different from his last album.
This one, it comes from his heart. – This is a total 180. His earlier [bleep] was very grunge,
very hard rap. – (XXXTentacion) Rest in peace
to all the kids that lost their lives
in the Parkland shooting. This song is dedicated to you.
– Aww. – Well, that just made me really sad. – ♪ Okay, she keep calling,
she keep calling every single night ♪ – This sad boy [bleep],
and I appreciate… In all honesty,
the dedication is pretty sweet. – ♪ Swear I wouldn’t die ♪
♪ Yeah, we ain’t gonna ♪ ♪ Still I wouldn’t die, yuh ♪
♪ No, I’m not alright, yuh ♪ – I hate this mumble [bleep] so much.
(laughs) I hate it so much. – ♪ I think I’ll find ♪
– This is depressing. This is extremely depressing, and that’s something
I don’t need right now. (chuckles) – ♪ …a better life ♪
♪ For the rest of us ♪ – Whoa! It’s the words that… wow. – I think it’s great when people
politicize their music for a good cause. – (FBE) So, those were all songs
by XXXTentacion. – Oh, okay. I feel
like I’ve seen his name. – That’s a long name.
You’ve gotta shorten that. – (FBE) We’ve covered him
on Parents React twice before, but the fans wanted to hear
what a younger generation thought of his music.
– Yeah, yeah. Well, ’cause it’s more
like my generation’s demographic. – (FBE) So, to give you an idea of how the parents reacted,
we are going to show you some of their reactions.
– Awesome. – ♪ Can’t keep my [bleep]
in my pants ♪ – (Francina) Oh my gosh. Really?
– I mean, that was expected. It was totally expected.
– Parents and older people, whenever they hear cussing,
they’re like, “Ahh!” – (Sharon) He sounds 12.
Is he about 12? – That’s what’s weird too.
A lot of these guys are my age or younger. – ♪ Ay, I put a whole
in your parents, ay ♪ – (Faith) That’s terrible!
– (laughs) – (Francina) Go
to my happy place. (chuckles) – Aw.
– (Francina) Go to my happy place. – They do not like him. – ♪ I should’ve let you know… ♪
– Okay, then they played the slower stuff.
– (Sharon) Oh, “I should’ve let you know.” Aw, he’s so sweet.
– Yeah, until you know who he is. – (Shelly) It’s a song. It’s art.
It’s meant to be provocative. I don’t think that they’re dangerous.
– She’s right. – (Shelly) Bad parenting is dangerous.
– Open-minded. I like that. – You always have this rebellion
or this “bad behavior.” It’s just presented
in different ways. – My grandpa listened
to classical music. He thinks my rock music is “noise.” (chuckles) So, it’s just– I think
it happens for every generation. – The Parkland shooting one,
that one has meaning to it, and he did it for something. And I feel like maybe had they heard
those songs too, they would’ve been like, okay…
You get to go further into his head and see everything he’s thinking. – (FBE) So, the songs we showed them
that time were some of his first songs. He released some of the songs
you listened to a little bit later, so we actually did a follow-up
with the parents, where we showed them
some of his other songs. – Ohh.
– (FBE) So, we have that to show you. – Ooh.
I’m intrigued. – ♪ I gave her everything ♪
– (Faith chuckles) It just sounds like he’s not opening
his mouth all the way. ♪ (mumbled singing) ♪
– (laughs) She’s not wrong. – (Vanessa) ♪ (mumbled singing) ♪
– Accurate. – (Vanessa laughs) I feel like
the crotchety old mom, who’s like, “Turn that music down!”
– Me too. It’s okay. (laughs) – (Sharon) It’s a natural progression
in my mind, I mean, to go from being so angry
against someone else to suicide and depression
and things like that. – Agreed.
– (Shelly) This is incredibly different music. You know,
it shows some maturity. – Yeah, they were
two different styles, so that was… nice. – (Jamayla) I remember
when I was growing up, NWA was a no-no to listen to.
– NWA’s the [bleep], though. – (Jamayla) But you know,
now, I feel like that’s how sometimes kids relate
to the music. – I agree. (laughs) – (Chad) I would want them to see
a person for all who they are, and I believe it’s possible
for people to change. – Oh, wow.
– (Sharon) If I’m not gonna judge myself on who I was
two years ago or a year ago or a month ago,
then it’s certainly not fair for me to judge someone
who they were. – I like that.
People do change. – They were a lot better
and more open to his music. It felt like the first time, as soon
as they heard that first chorus with all the profanity,
they were like, “No!” – I expected the parents
to go a little softer on him, but I didn’t expect them
to totally just be like, “You know what?
People change.” And that’s really interesting.
That’s really awesome to see. – (FBE) So, XXXTentacion’s fans
have requested us to cover him numerous times now.
And even covering him twice with the parents, fans still wanted
to hear what a younger generation thinks of his music.
From what you just saw and heard, what do you think it is about X
that has made fans so passionate about him and his music?
– Honestly, I have no idea. I could see the beat,
why you’d listen to it. The lyrics just sound so dark. – Just people finding a connection
to something they relate to. So, they probably relate to his music
and his message. – He’s very diverse artistically.
One of his big songs that Kendrick Lamar
was a big fan of too was an acoustic song. – He can talk about
funny things, and then he can talk about
super serious things, and he can talk
about how he feels. Like, not only how he feels,
but serious situations that are going on around the world.
And I feel like that– you just can get more people that way. – (FBE) So, many of X’s fan
have been commenting about the various meanings
behind his lyrics. Many of the songs
have set backstories related to his personal life
or have inspirational messages within them, so we’re gonna
show you some of his lyrics starting with a verse
from the song “Jocelyn Flores.” – Okay.
– People have told me, like, “Oh, listen to this by him,”
and I’m just like, “Yeah, yeah, yeah,” but I never get to it. – “Suicidal, same time.
I’m tame. Picture this, in bed,
get a phone call.” – “Girl that you [bleep] with
killed herself. That was this summer
and nobody helped.” – “And ever since then,
man, I hate myself.” Oh my god.
– Suicide is… no one wants to really talk about it. When you hear music like this,
then you wanna talk to your friends about it.
You wanna go, “Oh, well, what did you think?”
And it brings about conversations, which is super important. – Oh my god.
It’s just such a tough topic. We need to talk about this.
And I mean, I can appreciate that he’s doing that. – “So, outside my misery,
I think I’ll find a way of envisioning a better life…” – “For the rest of us,
the rest of us. There’s hope for the rest of us,
the rest of us.” So, having a song about suicide
and then having a song about hope, showing that, you know,
there is… it does get better.
– He’s using his influence and his power to say something.
That’s all– whenever an artist does that,
I can always support that. – Life is messed up,
and the world is messed up, yes. And we tend to focus
on all these bad issues, and we should,
but if we don’t spark ourselves with a little bit of hope,
we’re just gonna be completely… We’re gonna lose it.
– He’s done so much horrible things, and it’s like, I can’t get past that. And it’s like, just because
you put out good music and your fans pay attention
to that music does not mean your fans are not gonna
pay attention to what you do. – (FBE) So, XXXTentacion has been
through numerous scandals, arrests, and feuds,
and yet, he’s gone on to achieve a lot of success with his newest album
debuting number one on the Billboard Hot 200 Chart.
– Wow, that’s impressive. – (FBE) Some of the parents
that reacted to him found it difficult to separate his artistry
from his troubled personal life. In general, for your generation,
how important is an artist’s behavior outside of their music?
– I personally think it’s very important.
I don’t think I would necessarily listen to someone who has had
such a negative history. – People don’t care.
They’ll listen to the music and just go off.
Some of them will probably even defend him,
which is sad. – You can separate the two, sure.
But not to such an extent to where you almost
make that other thing non-existent. – With art in itself,
you’ve gotta separate the music versus the person,
’cause sometimes the person’s really [bleep], but the stuff
they make is a result of that [bleep] person. – Who he is as a person
and the type of music he makes as an artist
can be two totally different things. I can admire and respect
that he has a good voice, that he did make
a thoughtful song with lyrics that are important. – (FBE) So finally,
we asked the parents both times that we reacted to XXXTentacion
if they’d be okay with their kids listening to him.
But what do you think about the message that X
is bringing to your generation and those that follow him?
– I would say it’s good and bad. There are some benefits
to the music that he’s putting out and the things that he’s saying.
But on the flip side, some of the things he’s saying
are also incredibly depressive and to some,
maybe even scary. – It seems, from what you guys
played me today, that overall, his music
is more positive than negative. – If you like it, great.
But I hope you understand, you should never be like that.
You wanna be more than that. You wanna aim to be something
that makes more of an impact, just more than being a criminal
and a rapper. Make an impact on people
through being a good person and being better than some people
in the music industry. – He’s doing a good job
in the sense of opening up about talking about feelings
as a male, because we still have that stereotype
that a guy cannot be so sensible and stuff, especially if they’re doing
this kind of music in this style or if they come from that style. – There are a lot of unseen battles
that people my age have to take on every single day.
Sometimes, you just need that sound. You just need that music
to help alleviate the edge. – Thanks for watching
College Kids React, and shoutout to Ingrid.
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– Deuces. – Hey, what’s up, guys?
Ethan here from FBE. Thank you so much
for watching this episode of College Kids React.
And if you wanna see the reactors gaming,
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