College Kids React To Try Not To ULTIMATE Challenge
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College Kids React To Try Not To ULTIMATE Challenge

– Oh, god. He’s like, “Do it,”
and my brain’s like, “Don’t do it!” – Ah!
(knuckle cracks) Why are you doing this to us?!
– Smiling is contagious. I felt like I was gonna smile. ♪ (rock intro) ♪ – (FBE) So today, we’re gonna be
taking on the ultimate challenge. – The ultimate challenge?
The challenge of all challenges? I don’t know if I’m ready for this.
– (FBE) This will be the Try Not to Gauntlet.
– What is that? – My best guess is it’s a combination
of all the Try Not to’s, so Try Not to Eat,
Try Not to Get Scared, Try Not to Look Away.
– (FBE) You will have to get through four different Try Not to challenges.
– Oh my god. I’m so bad at any Try Not to.
I have terrible impulses, terrible control at anything.
I’m not gonna do well. – (FBE) And if you lose
any of the challenges, there will be a punishment
waiting for you at the end. – That feels aggressive.
Why can’t we just be friends? – (FBE) First up, we’re gonna see
if you can resist getting angry. – Okay. I have a very
positive outlook on life, so I think I’ll be fine on this one.
– (woman) …job market is tough. And it’s especially tough
for college graduates. – That is very true.
– (woman) A huge number of them are actually working at jobs
that don’t even require a college degree.
– She’s so right. – (woman) The problem seems to be
that they lack– they’re getting in their own way.
This is the generation that grew up with…
– It’s true. – (woman) One of the most surprising
things to me was the complaints from recruiters and hiring managers
about how millennials present themselves physically
in an interview. They come overly casually dressed.
– I mean, look at this. – (woman) Maybe a young man
doesn’t wear a tie to interview at a conservative organization.
– Oh. I was just about to badmouth her,
but I’m not that mad. I hate when people
[bleep] talk down on people. It’s just so annoying.
(buzzer) – (woman) A woman wears
super high heels. This is not the way…
– (scoffs) God forbid. I can’t show up to my job
in heels and do my job? What the [bleep]? Why not?
(buzzer) – (woman) This it not the way
you’re supposed to dress. Some of them are just too casual.
– I mean, that’s just kind of how sucky it is for us
since we take jobs that we just kind of have to take,
because we need money. (buzzer)
– I’m gonna do my job regardless of how I dress,
and if you don’t like that, then… kiss my ass,
’cause, you know… – (FBE) You sound angry.
– Yeah. Ah, shoot! Dang it! I guess I am angry!
(buzzer) – I have piercings and tattoos.
I’ve heard plenty of stuff like, “You’ll never get a job!”
And then joke’s on them, (snaps) ’cause I got one.
– (reporter) 43 million borrowers in this country owe about
one and a half trillion dollars in federal student loan debt.
– This is also correct. – (man) I’m about 134…
– Oh! – (woman) 108,137…
– OHHH! Where’d you go?! You went to these fancy schools!
– (woman) I owe $108,137.48 in student loans.
– Those numbers are really disappointing.
I can’t even play that off. It’s really– ahh!
(buzzer) – (woman) My debt has continued
to build up as one of my main stressors in life. – Relatable.
– (woman) I sacrificed the dream job to come home so I could
take care of my bills. – Well, I’m not angry.
I’m just sad now. – (man) I think
the student debt crisis is here with no end or change in sight.
– Oh, yeah. – (man) …absolutely zero plan
to tackle this at the federal level. – It’s like the cost of education
is [bleep] insane. It’s [bleep] annoying.
It’s phenomenal! I love it. Bring on the debt, baby!
(buzzer) – To be so stressed about money
is the worst feeling in the world, and you literally cannot enjoy life.
It’s fine. Figure it out. Just work harder.
Why can’t you have four jobs? Oh, you need sleep? Why?
(buzzer) – (FBE) Next up, we’re gonna
have you Try Not to Take Off Your Headphones Challenge.
– This one might be hard, Try Not to Take Off Your Headphones,
’cause you guys play some really annoying sound sometimes.
So, I’m just gonna brace myself. (knuckles cracking)
– Ah! Why are you doing this to us?! – (both cracking knuckles)
– That doesn’t bother me. – (both cracking knuckles)
– (laughs) I love doing that. – (gasps) Ah!
– I kinda like cracking my knuckles. – It’s almost therapeutic. (chuckles)
– I’m trying so hard not to focus on the fact that it’s a bone.
– (laughs) Yeah! – (both cracking knuckles)
– I’m fine with this. – Mm. I got through it.
– (FBE) Mm-hmm. – Love it.
– I crack my knuckles all the time, but it doesn’t sound like that.
That’s something wrong, man. – For that one, I feel like
I could listen to that forever. I love cracking my knuckles
and doing that. I love doing that. – (frog screeching) – Oh, it’s so cute!
– (frog screeching) – God. What?
– Hello, guy. – (frog screeching)
– (laughs) – Aww!
– I think this is hilarious, and I’m glad this part’s
not a Try Not to Laugh. – Oh my god! It’s still going.
– How long? Stop it! Oh, okay. Good. Whew!
We were getting to the breaking point real quick.
– I don’t even care! I have permanent hearing damage!
Could you play it again? – (frog screeching)
– Oh! Ah! (laughs) – That was hard.
It was cute at first. I was like, “Awww… ohhh,”
and then it got really annoying really fast.
– (FBE) Next up is a Try Not to Laugh or Smile Challenge.
– Okay. So, I’m gonna do terrible at this. I’m fully prepared
to laugh and smile and lose. – (man) So, how long
have you known this man? – (man 2) 30 years.
– Oh, is that a guard at a royal palace?
– (man 2) School? Kensington. – (man 3) Hogwarts.
– Oh, they’re trying to get him to laugh.
– Oh, that’s the thing. Okay, ’cause they can’t–
oh, am I smiling? Ahhh. (laughs)
(buzzer) – (man 2) He was never talkative.
I remember in school he used to sit
by himself and read books. – They’re probably so annoyed
with how many people try to do this. – Oh! He might laugh.
– (man 2) Yeah, no, yeah, no. – He’s gonna smile. You see
that guy? Oh, he’s smiling. – I think he’s trying
to get him to la– it’s [bleep] hilarious.
(buzzer) – (man 2) Shake of a head
is not a name. Please say your name. And by recess, you know,
it was just this guy hanging out. His mother always
picked him up from school. You know he’s that type of guy.
Until he was 20, his mother picked him up from school.
– Oh my god. He’s laughing. – (man 2 laughs)
– He’s totally smiling. He can’t–
– (FBE) You’re totally smiling. – I know. I’m totally
smiling too. I can’t. (buzzer)
– If I could keep my face straight and you couldn’t, you don’t
deserve to be a guard at a royal palace. Dammit! I made myself laugh!
(buzzer) – Just watching his face
go from just so tough to slowly smiling, I was like,
“Oh, god. I feel it in my stomach,” ’cause smiling is contagious.
I felt like I was gonna smile. (school bell rings)
– Oh, Monsters U. – Oh my god. I love this movie!
– (slug) I can’t be late on the first day!
(panting heavily) – (laughs) [Bleep]! No!
(buzzer) – (FBE) You’re smiling.
– (sighs) (buzzer)
– (laughs) I’m already laughing. I forgot we were doing
a Try not to Laugh. (buzzer) – [Bleep]. (laughs)
(buzzer) – (chuckles) This is
such a good scene! (buzzer)
– (slug panting) – Oh. I laughed.
He’s trying so hard! (buzzer) – I’m so immune
to this little slug. – (slug) Ooh. Ah. Ah!
I made it! – I mean, he made it.
– (slug) My first day of class. – Kudos to you.
– (janitor) Eh, the school year’s over, son. You missed it.
– Oh, no! – (slug) Great.
– It’s one of the best after-credit scenes, though.
– Someone has to be the one who laughs, and I’m okay if it’s me.
– Monsters U is a funny movie. I don’t think I could ever
watch a clip from it and not laugh. – (FBE) You have one more challenge
to get through. – I’m nervous.
– (FBE) Try Not to Sing Along Challenge.
– These ones are so hard! – (FBE) To make it even harder,
these songs came out around the time you were
graduating high school and about to become a college kid. – Crap. They’re gonna
be bops, I know it! – ♪ I’m gonna pop some… ♪
– Macklemore! – I love Macklemore, but this is also
my least favorite Macklemore song. – ♪ Only got $20 in my pocket ♪
– Oh my god. I haven’t heard this song in SO long.
– ♪ This is [bleep] awesome ♪ – This used to be
my favorite song of all time. – ♪ Walk up to the club… ♪
– Awww. That’s the most fun line to sing,
’cause you go “Whoop!” – (FBE) You literally did the whoop!
– Yeah, but I got cold. (buzzer)
– I think I can resist this one. – This is a fun one.
– ♪ Rollin’ in hella deep ♪ – I’m singing all
the words in my head. – ♪ (hums along) ♪
– (FBE) Was that you singing along? – No.
(buzzer) – That one, it almost got me
’cause of the dance. – Macklemore used to be
my favorite artist of all time, and now I’ve heard that song
so, so, so, so, so much, where I’m like, “Ah,
I don’t need to sing it. – ♪ Just a small town girl ♪
– Are you serious?! – (sings along) ♪ Living
in a lonely world ♪ (buzzer)
– ♪ She took the… ♪ – This is cruel.
– (lip syncs) ♪ …going anywhere ♪ (buzzer)
– ♪ Singer in a… ♪ – I love Glee.
– ♪ A smell of wine and cheap perfume ♪
– Should’ve played the original. – ♪ Street lights, people ♪
– ♪ People ♪ – ♪ Living just to find emotion ♪
– She’s a bop. – ♪ Hiding ♪
– ♪ Hiding ♪ – Good, I’m not gonna dance
and I’m not gonna sing. – Just gonna…
(lip syncs) ♪ Don’t stop ♪ (snaps) (buzzer)
– ♪ Don’t stop believing ♪ – I just have to remind myself
I’m not a good singer. – ♪ Hold on to that feeling ♪
– My body’s like, “Do it,” and my brain’s like, “Don’t do it!”
– (sings along) ♪ Ahhh ♪ I belong there. (laughs)
No, I love Glee. That was gonna be–
I wasn’t gonna win that one. (buzzer)
– Ah! It’s so good. That song just warms my heart.
– (FBE) You are our ultimate challenge champion.
– Yay! – (FBE) Looks like you lost.
And like we mentioned before, there will be a punishment.
– Oh, [bleep]. I forgot about that. I forgot there was a punishment. No!
Usually, the punishment is just you’re a loser.
– I forgot about that. Oh my god! – (FBE) So, stereotypically,
college students are known to eat instant ramen noodles.
– Yeah, that’s true. I had some for lunch. So…
– That is true. When you live in a dorm,
you don’t have a kitchen. You just have a microwave.
– (FBE) So, for this punishment, that is kind of what you’ll be doing
except these will be fire noodles. – Fire noodles. Like,
spicy noodles? Ah, [bleep]. – Oh, man. It smells spicy. Ah! – Oh, yup. That is instantly spicy
as soon as it touches your tong– Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa.
One bite in and I’m sweating. – See, this is super evil,
’cause this actually looks and smells really good,
but lying underneath the surface is destruction. Swallowed that bitch whole. – Hoo! Mm’kay. Good times.
– Okay. It is– it’s pretty spicy.
It’s real good. – Mm! Woo! (laughs) This is hot. (gasps) – I ain’t no bitch. (clears throat) God,
the noodles are good though, low-key. – (coughs) [Bleep].
It’s so good though, dude. Instant noodles for college kids,
they’re just so dank. – Yup. See, the thing is
it tastes good… but it hurts.
And I’m not a little bitch when it comes to spicy.
I’ve done the Carolina Reaper. I’ve done ghost peppers. I’ve done everything.
– (FBE) All right. So finally, you’re done
with the Try Not to Gauntlet. – I’m like– it’s a lot harder than it looked. I can
tell you for sure, it’s definitely an experience.
– (FBE) Which challenge was the hardest for you?
– The Try Not to Get Mad! – It’s– sorry. It’s kind of
hard to think with my mouth– it’s burning.
– Try Not to Laugh is impossible, ’cause even if you’re mad,
you could still do your best to hide it, but laughing,
you just can’t. You have to laugh. – It’s between the Try Not to Laugh
and the Try Not to Sing Challenge. Those two are just–
that’s my kryptonite. I’m not usually a mad person,
and I usually can take a little bit of pain, but just…
if I’m laughing, I wanna laugh with everyone.
You don’t wanna hold back laughter. – Thanks for watching us suffer
on College Kids React. – You wanna see more challenges?
(sucks in breath) Hit the subscribe button.
– Thanks for watching! Bye. – Hey, guys. Vartuhi here.
Thanks for watching this episode of Adults React. We got
so many more Try Not to’s across all generations,
so make sure to check those out. Links in the description below.
Bye, guys!

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    In Portugal colleges only cost around 800€ a year.

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