College Kids React To Try Not To Sing Along Challenge (Ed Sheeran, Nicki Minaj, Marshmello)
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College Kids React To Try Not To Sing Along Challenge (Ed Sheeran, Nicki Minaj, Marshmello)

– Oh! I want to do it.
I want to do it so bad. – “Hit Me Baby One More Time”
with these challenges. Okay? I got this. ♪ (industrial music) ♪ – (FBE) So today,
we are going to be doing a Try Not to Sing Along challenge.
– Oh, I love these because I get to hear banger songs. – I can’t sing if I don’t talk.
Throw away the key. – On the side, when
I have free time, I do sing. I used to sing on YouTube. I am really competitive,
so I think I’m going to try my best to contain myself,
but if it’s a bop, I’m gonna sing it. – I’m excited. I’m gonna try to win this time. I’m gonna hold back. – It’s an impulse
to sing along to things. I feel like I can’t not. It’s really hard to hold back. We’ll see how well I do this time. – ♪ Don’t think I fit in at… ♪ – Oh! This song is really good. – ♪ Everyone’s got so much… ♪ – I’ve never heard this song.
– Okay. I’m good. – ♪ When we walked in,
I said I’m sorry ♪ – This isn’t hard for me. – ♪ ‘Cause I don’t care… ♪
– Oh, Ed Sheeran! – I love Ed Sheeran.
I’m not moving. I got this. – I like Ed Sheeran’s love songs more.
This is fine. – Interesting video. – What the hell is this? – ♪ I can deal with the bad nights ♪ – It does make you want
to dance a bit though. It makes you want to bob your head. – I’m not gonna lie.
It’s a tiny bit hard for me to not bob my head. – ♪ ‘Cause I don’t care,
as long as you… ♪ – This is something that I have
literally sang along to in my bedroom multiple times,
but I don’t sleep here, so this isn’t my bedroom,
and I’m not gonna do it. – Oh, my gosh. I want to head bop so bad. – ♪ …with my baby, yeah ♪ – ♪ (humming along) ♪ Okay, I had to do that.
I had to. I’m already out!
What the heck? (buzzer) – I did kinda
want to dance a little bit, but I held back. – I could dance to it
but I’m not going to because I don’t know it and it’s not
that much of a bop. – It was easy because
I don’t know the lyrics, but it’s hard not to dance.
I’m so tense. – ‘Cause she gets excited,
so she’s like, “Ooh.” – That– that counts, right?
– No! – That counts!
(buzzer) – Aww, I love Bastille. – Wait, this is so hard.
– I love this music video, too. – ♪ …this just don’t feel right… ♪ – I’m not the biggest fan
of this song, so I feel like this will be easy. – ♪ I want to see… ♪ – Is that [bleep] Miranda Cosgrove? – I love me some
Miranda Cosgrove, though. That’s my girl. – I haven’t seen her in years. Like, you’re supposed to be on iCarly.
What are you doing? – It’s hard when it’s just so catchy
and you want to dance along with it. – ♪ Know this means I’ll have… ♪ – The trick is just focus on
the music video so you’re like, ooh, filmmaking! – I’m just gonna breathe.
Was that [inaudible]? – Oh, my gosh.
– Oh, no. – (sigh of relief) (laughing)
– Wow! I’m sweating. – It was a little bit hard. I did want to move
my feet a little bit, which, like, even though
you guys can’t see it, tapping would have
made me feel like I lost. – I like the song but, again,
it’s just not one that gets me, like,
crunked and ready to go. You know what I mean? – (FBE) Remember
the rule from earlier. – Oh, stop!
(buzzer) – ♪ Sometimes I think sitting on trains ♪ – Oh, my gosh! TBT. – Oh, my gosh! I was obsessed with this song
when I was little. – Oh, no.
We love M.I.A. I will dance to it.
I don’t care. (buzzer) – I think I’m one of the only people
in the world that didn’t really like this song. – ♪ All I wanna do is ♪ – Oh!
– ♪ And ♪ (cocking trigger)
(cash register ringing) ♪ And take your money ♪ – I wanna do it.
I wanna do it so bad. – ♪ All I wanna do is ♪ (shooting gun) – (singing along) ♪ And… ♪ (laughing)
(buzzer) – ♪ All I wanna do is ♪
(shooting gun) – (laughing) I can’t!
I can’t. (groaning) (buzzer) – Okay, this one’s really hard.
I love this song. – Oh, how fun! – ♪ Lethal poison for the system ♪ ♪ No one on
the corner has swagger… ♪ – This is painful. – ♪ Hit me on my burner prepaid… ♪ – This one hurts.
It physically hurts. – I feel like I’m almost to the end,
so I should hold it together. Oh, yes! Made it. – All I want to do
is not sing or dance. (laughing) And then
I’ll take your money. – I used to be obsessed
with that song all the time. Oh, I feel so guilty
not dancing or singing! – That was one of the songs
that I remember that my older cousin showed me
and I thought I was really cool that I knew it because
I was like, yeah, you wanna see something cool? Pew! Pew! Pew!
And a pew doo! – ♪ I think I did it again ♪ – Yes! Iconic. (singing along)
♪ …we’re more than just friends ♪ (buzzer) – ♪ I made you believe
we’re more than just… ♪ – Okay, I can do this.
– (FBE) You do a little bop. A little–
– Don’t tempt me, JC! – ♪ …like a crush ♪ – I love you, Britney, but I gotta!
I can’t do it! I can’t lose. – Oh! Oh, no.
– Oh, my god. – My hands are tingling!
They want to move so much. – ♪ …typically me ♪
– Oh, [bleep]! – ♪ Oops, I did it again ♪
– (groaning) It’s too good!
(buzzer) – I made a pact with myself
in seventh grade to never sing this song again. – (singing along) ♪ …I did it again ♪ I used to know the dance to this! ♪ …your heart,
got lost in the game ♪ (buzzer) – “Hit Me Baby One More Time”
with these challenges, okay? I got this! – ♪ Oh, baby, baby ♪ ♪ Oops, you think I’m in love ♪ ♪ That I’m sent from above ♪ – I guess I’m not that innocent.
(buzzer) – Look at her getting it.
Oh, my gosh. Wow! I made it through! – It’s the nostalgia,
100%. I’ve listened to this song
so many times. Even though I’m not a fan
of Britney Spears, I love that song. – If I can make it through
“Oops I Did It Again,” I think I can make it through
any song, but we’ll see. – ♪ Last night, she said ♪ – OH! OH, NO! – This song so good! – ♪ …it turns me off ♪ – I don’t think I know this song. – ♪ …feel left out ♪ – I’m just having to focus
on keeping my head still. – I like it. I like this little grunge vibe.
(buzzer) – The Strokes?
Is that what this is? – (singing along) ♪ …understand ♪ (laughing) ♪ …they don’t understand ♪ (buzzer) – If I heard it on the radio,
I’d probably dance to it. I was gonna demonstrate
what I would do, but I’m not gonna do that
because then that would make me lose. – Ready, here we go! ARE YOU KIDDING ME?! ♪ LAST NIGHT, SHE SAID ♪ ♪ (vocalizing) ♪
(buzzer) – I dig it. It’s a good song,
but I don’t know it well enough to have any dance moves
associated with it. – That was easy because
I don’t think I even know that song. (laughing) Call me uncultured if you want to.
I just don’t know! – ♪ This one is for the boys
with the booming system ♪ ♪ Top down… ♪
– Oh. – So easy!
– Easy. I got this. – (laughing) You didn’t say try not to react. – (rapping along)
♪ …with the cooler system ♪ ♪ When he come up in the club,
he be blazin’ up ♪ ♪ Got stacks of bills… ♪
(buzzer) – ♪ Got stacks on decks
like he savin’ up ♪ – I don’t even know
how you sing to this song. It moves way too fast. – (rapping along) ♪ …gotta deal ♪ ♪ He cold, he dope, he might sell coke ♪ ♪ He always in the air,
but he never flies coach ♪ ♪ He a mother[bleep] trip,
trip, sailor of the ship, ship ♪ (buzzer) – I love Nicki,
but I’m not gonna do it. – ♪ He pop bottles and he got
the right kind of build ♪ – I know the whole rap, too. – I have to. ♪ He a mother[bleep] trip, trip,
sailor of the ship, ship ♪ ♪ When he make it drip, drip,
kiss him on the lip, lip ♪ ♪ That’s the kind of dude
I was lookin’ for ♪ (buzzer) – ♪ Boy, you got my heartbeat
runnin’ away ♪ – See, I think that, oh,
I can get through this because it’s Nicki Minaj,
but once it gets to the chorus, I’m like, “Ooh!” – (singing along)
♪ He got that boom ♪ ♪ Badoom, boom, boom, badoom… ♪
(buzzer) – (singing softly) ♪ Boom, boom, boom ♪ (chuckling) ♪ Boom, ba-ba-ba-boom… ♪ ♪ (continues vocalizing) ♪ That’s not even singing.
That’s just mouth noises. (buzzer) – Wow.
– That was easy. Thinking about the victory.
Thinking about the victory. – You already got the L! – She gets excited,
so she’s like– – Oh! That counts, right?
– Nooooo! – That counts!
(buzzer) – That was a little tougher. You know, I was about to drop
some sickass bars on y’all but, you know. – I feel like it would have been
too disrespectful to Nicki to just sit that one out. I knew that I wouldn’t be able
to get through that one. – (FBE) We have one more.
This one’s short. It goes very quick
but it might be the hardest. – Oh, shoot.
– It’s short? – What does that mean?
– What’s that mean? – ♪ F is for friends
who do stuff together ♪ Oh, my gosh! SpongeBob!
I loved this song growing up. – ♪ F is for friends… ♪ – (singing along)
♪ …who do stuff together ♪ ♪ U is for you and me ♪ – ♪ N is for anywhere… ♪
– My childhood! (buzzer) – ♪ …you and me ♪ – You didn’t say try not to spell. (blandly) N is for anywhere
and anytime at all down here in the deep blue sea.
That’s just English. (buzzer) – (singing along)
♪ N is for anywhere ♪ ♪ And anytime at all ♪ ♪ Down here in the deep blue sea ♪ (buzzer) – (singing along)
♪ N is for anywhere ♪ ♪ And anytime at all ♪ ♪ Down here in the deep blue sea ♪ This is so–
(laughing) this is iconic! (buzzer) – I love SpongeBob so much.
(buzzer) – ♪ U is for ukelele ♪ – I’m trying really hard
just because you said this is the hardest and shortest one.
I gotta make it through. – Oh, my gosh!
Oh, my gosh! This is painful!
This one is painful! – ♪ (SpongeBob and Plankton laughing
in tune to song) ♪ – (laughing along) (laughing deviously)
I love it! The end…
♪ Ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha ♪ (buzzer) – See, if you played
Plankton’s part, I would have known that bitch
because I would have been like ♪ F is for fire
that burns down the whole town ♪ (laughing)
(buzzer) – Oh, man! I feel like I’ve betrayed SpongeBob. I don’t what the meaning
of fun is anymore. – (FBE) So that was the last song,
so you won! – I did it!
Oh, my gosh! I’ve never done it! I wanted to prove to myself
I could do it and I did it and it was painful
and honestly I regret it a bit. – You should take
the words of wisdom from the winner because I won! It was easy because
after the first lost that she had, I was like, oh, I got this.
I can do this. – I’m turning into the bad guy now. I was this happy-go-lucky person,
and now I need a cat in my lap to just stroke while I plot
world domination because this was just so toxic for me. But a W’s a W, so I’ll take it! – If you don’t sing during SpongeBob,
who are you? You know? You didn’t have a childhood if you
don’t sing along to the F.U.N. song. – The two that ended up singing on
are songs that remind me of my childhood, and times
when I was younger, and so I think for that reason,
it was just really hard for me to not to. – I don’t care if I lose every time. I just want to listen to great songs. I’m gonna go home happy,
you know what I mean? I’m stoked. – Thank you for singing along
with us on College Kids React. Shout-out to Addison Coker. – Make sure you subscribe
and hit the bell so you never miss an episode
and shout-out to Mitchell Preston. – What songs should we include
in the next challenge? Let us know in the comments. – See you next time, dudes! – Hi, guys, it’s JC,
a producer here at FBE. Make sure to check out
all our other episodes across all generations.
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Check them out. Bye, guys!

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