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– This is the hardest thing
I’ve ever had to do in my entire life.
– This is not fair! – Oh, that brings back
so many memories. ♪ (industrial intro) ♪ – (FBE) So today, you’re doing
a Try Not to Sing Challenge. – Yes! Those are my favorite.
I always lose. – I was actually talking
to someone today. I was like, “I really wanna do
a Try Not to Sing Challenge.” My dreams come true, guys. – (FBE) This time,
there’s a twist. – Okay. I’m listening. – (FBE) As we just entered 2018,
we thought we’d take a look at some of the songs
that might be nostalgic for you. – (gasps) Oh gosh.
– So either from 2008… Yeah, it’s a decade old, huh? – (FBE) All these songs
are celebrating their 10-year anniversary this year, since they were all
released in 2008. – Ah, man. I’m gonna
start coming up with lyrics that I haven’t sung in years.
– My elementary school years. I feel like I was probably
just listening to whatever my parents
were listening to. – Oh my gosh.
This is gonna be my childhood album. – (FBE) So as always,
there’s no singing or dancing or moving to the beat,
no lip syncing, and the goal is not to sing.
– I’m stressed. – (FBE) If you do sing,
you’re not gonna be X’d out. You’re always brought back
for the next song. – I can come back? Okay.
[Bleep] it. I’m taking a few Ls.
Let’s do it. – My god! I’m so excited.
Let’s go! – ♪ This was never the way… ♪
– Oh, [bleep]. – Ahh. This is 10 years old? – Oh my god. I was
just listening to this in the car. – Okay, see I can win this,
’cause I’m not a big fan of Katy Perry. – I don’t care about it enough
to sing along to it. – I know when I was little,
you felt so bad singing this song. (chuckles) I don’t know why. – ♪ I kissed a girl
and I liked it ♪ – This is already
the hardest thing. – I’m trying not to tap my feet.
This is so hard. – ♪ I kissed a girl
and I…♪ – Okay, [bleep]. – ♪ The taste of
her cherry chapstick ♪ (laughs) Oh, no.
Dude, I [bleep] lost already. – Ugh. (breathes rapidly) – All right, I think
I’ll pass this round, ’cause I don’t know
any of the lyrics other than, you know,
the chorus. – My little gay ass.
I’m like, “Oh, this is my anthem.” – (sings along) ♪ I liked it ♪
Yeah. Ah, [bleep]!
(snaps) Yeah. ♪ I liked– ♪
It’s just good, man. – Okay. That was fine. – Oh, that brings back
so many memories. – That was pretty hard.
I really, really liked that song before I was out
and when I was in middle school. – I [bleep] love that song. I love [bleep] first–
first– first song! Man, it can’t get harder than that. – ♪ We were both young… ♪
– (gasps) Noo! – Okay, Taylor Swift,
I can handle. – Oh, this is easy.
(snickers) Sorry. – I don’t even know this song,
so I’m good. – I miss this Taylor Swift. – This is the Taylor Swift
we want back! – ♪ That you were Romeo… ♪ – (sings along) ♪ You were
throwing pebbles ♪ ♪ And my daddy said,
“Stay away from Juliet” ♪ I lost.
– Oh my god. Oh my god,
I almost sang right there. – ♪ …crying on the staircase,
begging you please don’t go ♪ – The chorus, dawg.
– ♪ And I said ♪ ♪ Romeo, save me… ♪
– I remember I made a music video to this song
when I was in eighth grade. – ♪ …to do is run ♪
♪ You’ll be the prince and… ♪ – But it’s so catchy.
How do you not dance? – (sings along)
♪ It’s a love story ♪ ♪ Baby, just say yes ♪
– I’m confident in my ability
to win this challenge. (laughs) – I’ve never been
a huge fan of country music, so I didn’t really
hook onto Taylor Swift. – It was definitely easier
to not sing along to it, but I wanted to be tapping
or doing something to dance. – These songs are songs
that were good in 2008 and are still good today. These songs just have
a special place in my heart. – Oh! The [bleep]. – ♪ Like a lollipop ♪
This was my ringtone. – ♪ Like a lollipop ♪
– Close. Y’all got me close. – Ugh. I was listening
to this song at work the other day. This song is my jam. – I don’t even know
who that is to be honest. Is that Lil– what?
Lil’ Wayne? – Ohh. I don’t even care.
I’ll dance a little bit to it. – Do people still rent
the Hummer limos? Is that still a thing? – (chuckles) I cannot sing,
but I wanna dance. – ♪ Shawty want a thug ♪
– I’m fine, I’m fine. This is manageable. – ♪ Bodies in the club ♪
– This reminds me of my eighth grade dance. – I think at one point
this was probably my Myspace profile song for sure. – Restraining myself
from dancing hurts. (laughs) It just has a really good beat.
You just wanna groove to it. – These are making me
feel really old that they’re 10 years old. – ♪ I got a pocket… ♪
– Ohh! (laughs) – I love this song. – Oh, I need to dance to this one.
(laughs) I’m already dancing to it. – Easy A is what this song
reminds me of every time. – I must resist. Resist. – Oh god. This song
annoys me, honestly. – ♪ Take me away ♪
– Oh, that’s hard. – (sings along) ♪ Take me away ♪
– (sings along) ♪ A secret place ♪ (laughs) No!
(sings along) ♪ A sweet escape ♪ – ♪ Take me away ♪
♪ Take me away ♪ – I lost this one. – These music videos
are so lame. (chuckles) – Where did all these
other people come from? – Damn, that chorus
is just such a… oh, stop. – (sings along) ♪ Pocketful
of sunshine ♪ ♪ I’ve got a love
and I know that it’s all mine ♪ ♪ Oh, ooh, whoa-oh ♪
(laughs) How do you not sing to that? – Oh, that was tough.
That song’s so good. – It almost got me
at “Take me away,” and I was like,
“I know that part!” And I was like, “Wait!
I’m not supposed to sing.” – I haven’t heard
that one for ages. That’s why I had
to dance to it a little bit. – That chorus just soars,
and it’s like, “Oh, I need to sing along
with that right now.” But I managed.
– I’m actually winning something, so this is exciting. I know that–
I feel like there’s gonna be one that’s gonna be break me,
’cause I feel it inside. – ♪ She does it like this… ♪ – Oh my god!! – Ah, no! – (sucks in breath) Ahhh! – ♪ …like this
when you touch it like that ♪ – (laughs)
– ♪ Move it like this when you… ♪ – (sings along) ♪ Move it
like that, come on ♪ – See, this one
I was never that big into. – Ugh. Did I already lose? – ♪ …like this, when you
move it like that ♪ – Are you bobbing your head?
– (laughs) Yes. Damn it! – But I still wanna dance to it.
You wanna shake to it. – Ohh. I was a little emo boy.
This one’s perfect. – (sings along) ♪ Shake, shake it ♪
Oh, [bleep] you. This is not fair! – I’m not shaking anything. – ♪ Shake, shake, shake it ♪
– I am a rock. – That’s from 2008 too?
Yeah, look at how they’re dressed. – Damn, this looks like 2008.
Out of all the ones that you’ve shown me,
that’s the most 2008-looking one. – It got me, dude.
That’s such a good song. – That was pretty easy,
’cause I didn’t know– I’ve never heard the rest
of the song other than “Shake it.” – It’s literally saying “Shake it,”
so you need to shake it. That was so hard. – ♪ What’s going on… ♪
– Oh, Lady Gaga. I remember this era.
– I did not realize that Lady Gaga was around
for 10 years. – Okay. I’m already out,
so I feel like I can just go for it,
’cause this is my jam. – I wanna head bop to it.
It’s that– two light bops. – ♪ I can’t remember, but… ♪
– Oh, I tapped. – You can do this, Brittany. Can you? Can you really? You can’t do this.
(sings along) ♪ Just dance ♪ ♪ Gonna be okay ♪
– ♪ Gonna be okay ♪ – I already tapped my foot. – I really feel the need
to move with the song right now. – This is the beginning
of an artist that I didn’t realize
I would appreciate so much. And now, it’s like,
oh my gosh. I’m so proud of her.
– What a queen. – I kinda lost on that one.
I was tapping my foot for sure. – This is a bop.
This is a literal bop. – This was obviously
a song you played at the middle school dances.
– These are 10 years old? Ugh, that means I’m
at least older than that. It’s such a bad feeling.
(chuckles) Make it stop. – ♪ All the single ladies ♪
♪ All the single ladies ♪ ♪ All the single ladies ♪
♪ All the single ladies ♪ – Ah, no! I love this song!
– This is 10 years old already? – (sings along) ♪ Now
put your hands up ♪ – ♪ If you like it
then you should’ve put a ring on it ♪
– I really wanna sing along right now. (chuckles)
– This is the hardest thing I’ve ever had to do
in my entire life. – (sings along) ♪ If you like it
then you should’ve put a ring on it ♪
♪ Don’t be mad once you see… ♪ -♪ …that he want it ♪
– Yes, Beyonce. I don’t mind
listening to this. This is Beyonce.
That’s fine. – I’m gonna put my hand
right here so I know I’m not moving, you know? – ♪ If you like it,
then you should’ve put a ring on it ♪
♪ Oh, oh, oh ♪ ♪ Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh ♪
– I don’t even care. It’s Beyonce. What the hell. – ♪ Oh, oh, oh ♪
– I don’t– I can’t do the dance.
I’m gonna stop. I’m butchering it.
– Oh! That was so good.
– Okay, I did it. I can breathe now.
– Oh my gosh! I’m sweating.
That was so hard. Is it over? YES! I did it. Oh my gosh.
That was the hardest one to do ever. – You guys almost got me
with that “Single Ladies.” Woo, that was close. – I would’ve loved
to have won this challenge, but I’m not even mad,
’cause it’s Beyonce. – When I’m at home,
I watch the Try Not to Sings and [bleep] like that,
and I’m like, “Damn, this is easy!” I’m sitting here,
and I’m like, “Oh, [bleep]. This is so hard.”
– 10 years from now, if I have a few kids
and stuff, they’ll randomly dust off
an old iPod, play Cardi Bi, you know,
that song will come on, and I’ll hear it,
and a single teardrop will fall, and he’s gonna be like,
“What the [bleep]? This is what Dad listened to?” I’m gonna be like,
“You don’t understand, man. The Migos were the [bleep], bro.” – Thanks for watching
another episode of College Kids React just like
William Roberts did last week. – If you wanna see more
like Izzy hook does, subscribe and hit the bell.
– If you want a shoutout like PURPLE KING,
hit us up in the comments. – Hey, guys. Vartuhi here,
producer at FBE. Thanks for watching this episode
of College Kids React. What songs are really hard
not to sing to? Let us know in the comments below.
Bye, guys!

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  1. HAPPY SATURDAY EVERYONE! It's a holiday weekend here in the U.S. so we are out of the office until Tuesday but videos still going up as always! Thanks for watching, sharing and supporting! So much in store for 2018! – FBE Team

  2. I was addicted to listening to the radio during 2007/2008, every song was a hit and I could barely win a single round of song!!! Best selection yet 😂😂😂

  3. I'm kinda glad there wasn't any Paramore this time because there's no way I could resist singing along with my Queen Hayley Williams😂

  4. Do you know what was torture is sitting on a plane next to a young couple listening to your favourite song a not being able to dance I was crying 😭😭😭

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