College Kids React To Try Not To Cry Challenge: Saddest Animations
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College Kids React To Try Not To Cry Challenge: Saddest Animations

– I’m trying not to bawl. (giggling) – It feels good to cry.
I like crying. (giggling) ♪ (industrial intro) ♪ – (FBE) So today,
we have a challenge for you. – Oh, no. – (FBE) That might make you
a little emotional. – Hmmmm.
Angry or sad? – (FBE) This is going to be
a “try not to cry” challenge. – OH, NO!! – (FBE) For this challenge,
all the videos are going to be animations.
– (hyperventalting) This is hard! Oh, my gosh.
I already know this is horrible. This is bad for me. – Animated movies sometimes
make me a little more emotional than real life movies. I watched Lilo and Stitch a few days ago
and I was like, he’s lost! Like, oh, god! – (FBE) So after each video,
whether you cried or not, we’re gonna have you rate each one
on a scale of 1-5 based on how emotional
you thought they were. – All right, let’s go! – I feel like I’m gonna cry right now
and we haven’t even started. – (baby) Mama, you’ll
never believe what happened! – Oh, my goodness. It’s so cute! – I saw this [bleep] on Twitter
and it was [bleep] heartbreaking. – (baby) The sun woke me up. ♪ (touching music) ♪ – (baby) But you weren’t there. – I love polar bears so much. ♪ (ominous music) ♪
– (gasping) No! Why? – This is like a polar bear version
of Bambi. Come on. – That’s not mama.
(gasping) HOISH. – (baby) But it wasn’t you.
It was a monster. – It’s a person. It’s a human.
The humans are monsters. – Don’t hunt polar bears, you [bleep]! – (baby) But I’m
a brave polar bear, mama. (squeezing trigger) (ice cracking) – Yes! F that dude. – Yeah, bye-bye. Thank you.
I hope a killer whale eats you. – That’s what you get, bitch. – (baby) And when
the ice swallowed him up… – (clapping) Yay! – (baby) …I finally found you. – Oh, no, no, no, no, no. Don’t be a rug. Don’t be a rug.
Don’t be a rug. – Why am I such, such a baby? – (baby) Mama, you’ll
never believe what happened! – It’s gonna be a rug. – Please don’t be a rug.
Please don’t be a rug. Please don’t be a rug,. (gasping)
No, no, no, NO, NO! It’s a rug! – (baby) The sun woke me up.
– This is straight-up wrong. This is some [bleep] up [bleep]. – (baby) The sun woke me up.
– (snuffling) Oh, my god. – (baby) But you weren’t there.
– That is so [bleep] up. Why would you show me that? – I’m getting a little teared up,
to be honest. The baby doesn’t know that
it’s never gonna have its mom again. – Oh, my god. Tears are streaming
down my face. Just the relationship
with the child and the mother, it always gets to me. – (FBE) So after watching this video,
where do you think it rates on the emotional scale.
– I’m gonna rank it a four. – That was a four.
That was pretty sad. – Four for me. – Like a two. – Three because I feel like
you’re going to show me sadder stuff. – That was pretty sad.
I would give it a five. – A solid four. That’s awful! – It didn’t make me cry this time. Let’s give it a four. – I’m gonna just go four.
I didn’t cry but, oh, my gosh. Why are you making
a carpet out of a polar bear? Go to IKEA like everyone else,
you fricking freak. ♪ (touching music) ♪ (paper rustles) (phone vibrates and rings) – Oh, no! – (inaudible dialogue) – Sorry, this has
been done a lot too, like the parent always working. ♪ (upbeat pop music) ♪ – She’s sporting the Ariana
pony tail. [Inaudible]. – ♪ …for you and me ♪ – (giggling) – (father) Mm-mm.
– No time, sorry. You can do it, girl! – Her dad had better be
at that talent show. – Ugh, he’s not there.
He better be there. – No, is he not there?! – (gasping) He’s there! – The dad made it. – That’s surprising. ♪ (upbeat pop music) ♪ – Oh, no. Stage fright is so hard. – (gasping) Awww! – God, dad [bleep] makes me cry. – He was paying
attention the whole time! – He was paying attention
the whole time! Oh! – AAAH! Come to the stage, dad.
You know the moves, and so does she. – I have the same reaction
for really, really happy things and really, really sad things.
Like, just tears. (crowd cheering)
– (laughing through tears) – No one’s even clapping for the dad.
The dad just went off. – “Christmas Together.” That wasn’t necessarily sad.
That was cute. – Definitely feel like
I’m more of a sad crier. The happy tears thing,
I don’t do that much of that. – I think about my own dad,
and he worked a lot also because I remember him
coming home really late and stuff, but he was always a good dad,
and so I think that’s where I also related to it,
and I’m like, awww. – That was a two. – I’ma say a three. That was more heartwarming
than tear-jerking. – Four. – One just because it’s not tragic.
It’s a happy ending. – I’d say two. – I mean, I cried, definitely cried,
but I would put that at a three. – A three. – A three because it was happy. It made me feel emotional,
but not crying emotional. – I’d give this a five. It has a good dad message,
and the music and the scene where they’re in the lights,
that was cute! – ♪ I dreamed a dream ♪ – Oh, I love animals! Oh! – ♪ I dreamed that love
would never die ♪ – I’ve seen this on Twitter. – ♪ I dreamed that… ♪ – This is hitting on a bunch
of different levels for me. I love animals. I love songs. – ♪ But the tigers come at night ♪ – They always make
the humans look so scary. – ♪ As they tear your hope apart ♪ – What a good song to do this to. – ♪ And still I dream
he’ll come to me ♪ – (gasping) Oh, my goodness. – ♪ …he’ll come to me ♪ – What the [bleep]?! – ♪ That we will live… ♪
– (gagging and groaning) – Mmmm.
– ♪ There are dreams… ♪ – Ugh, [bleep] those guys. – Mmm, poor whales. – Okay, that’s– this is much worse
than the other one. – ♪ So different now from what… ♪
– Not the baby seal! – Oh, my god! That’s reality though, kids. – ♪ …has killed
the dream I dreamed ♪ – Okay, yeah, this one is
much worse than the other one. That last scene, [bleep]. – I can’t. That was so sad! I put concealer on today. – On an emotional scale, it’s a four. – Four. – Three. – I would give that one a four. That one made me mad. – A solid five.
Maybe a ten. – Four. It’s just upsetting
to watch, honestly. – I would say it’s a four out of five
because it definitely stirred something in me.
I was really sad. – I’ll give it a three.
It’s worse than the other ones. – That was a four.
It’s the harsh reality that we don’t like to talk about,
that we’re causing animals to go extinct.
It hits deeper because it’s them telling the story,
and with such a powerful song, too. I’m just like, oh, god. ♪ (traditional music) ♪ – I’ve seen this! I’ve seen this. – Is this Bao? – (gasping) Bao?! – Oh, I cried during this
in the theatre. – (dumpling crying)
– (mother yelping) – Oh, my god! – I want it!
– (dumpling babbling) – AAAAAAAAH!
It’s so cute! ♪ (traditional music) ♪ – I went to go get dumplings recently
and this was all I could think about. – Awww, I can’t!
Gee, it wants to play soccer. – (chuckling) He had
a lump in his head. – God, I loved this short. I’m so glad it won an Oscar. (door slamming)
– Little [bleep]. ♪ (traditional music) ♪ – Awww, she made all this food. (gasping) He’s just gonna leave. – He’s got a girlfriend?
Oh, he’s engaged to this ho! – His girlfriend knows
he’s a piece of food, right? That seems really weird. ♪ (sad music) ♪
– (sniffling) – No, she doesn’t want to lose him! – This one hits home so hard
because all my family’s grown up and it’s just my mom and my dad
in the house and I always feel so bad. – (mother swallows)
– Wait a minute… what the what?! – I thought this was so twisted
the first time I saw it. I thought she
straight-up ate her child. (approaching footsteps)
– (mother gasping) – (sniffling)
– (mother rubbing eyes) – And now her real son. (giggling) – Oh! She’s delusional. – I’m trying not to bawl. (laughing) – (son sighing) ♪ (touching music) ♪ – Hmmm. ♪ (uplifting music) ♪ – Now they’re all together! – That one’s so cute.
Oh, my goodness. (giggling) – It just really tells a story a lot. It feels good to cry.
I like crying. (giggling) – I moved really far away
from my parents and I can’t help but think
that I’m growing apart from them and half of me just wonders
if my mom’s going through that, too, and I’m really, really sad about it. [Bleep], dude!
That was five. – Two. I don’t know.
It was just weird. – I’d give that one a five. – I’m gonna give that one a two,
just because she ate her son. – A three. – Now it’s a two but when
I first saw it, it was a high four. – I’ll give that a four.
That was beautiful. – Five. It’s definitely very real. – It’s a four because it makes me
think about my mom. – It’s really hard trying not to cry
and to hold it back because you want
to share those emotions. It’s the same with
laughing or whatever. It’s just really hard
to keep something inside. – Something about animation
makes me feel more emotional. It’s such a timely process
and just the fact that people agreed to make that
commitment together to make this art
for us to enjoy, I love that. It just tugs at my heart strings. – Thanks for watching this episode
of College Kids React. Shout-out to HM Smith
and Piper Wilson. – We’ll be in tears
if you don’t subscribe and hit that bell. – (tearfully) Bye, guys!
We’ll see you next time. – Hi, guys, JC here,
a producer here at FBE. Make sure to subscribe to this channel
and also subscribe to the React channel to see
the Reactors gaming, competing, and so much more.
See you there! Bye, guys.

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