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wait wilderness oh my god it’s funny that you guys are making me react to this. Oh Gambino oh my god oh yes this is America
childish gambino yeah dude hang on I’m gonna turn it up I
love this song so much oh my god my cousin Maeby reacted is he’s such an
amazing artist I actually haven’t seen the video like I just saw some stuff on
Twitter what starts off super like super nice and then it gets super intense there’s so much symbolism in this music
video he’s killed this girl is so nasty that
was shocking cuz like that’s when he immediately knew is taking a turn that
gun was being dragged off very gently well this dead body is just being
dragged off without a care his demos are really good too I loved his performance
in this oh my god there’s so much chaos hey Wilson this is e my boy well oh my
gosh it’s so weird to be crazy coming into the audition process they were just
like oh we just have a huge artist this this will be one of his last songs it’s
gonna be great they played the song and rehearsal we were like trying to guess
who was this and then he walked in he kind of told us like even though the
song is aggressive we have to be the one to be the happiness symbolizing that pop
culture is kind of like it takes the center stage of public consciousness
where when there’s all this like violence happening in the background and
no one’s noticing it because everyone’s just dancing and partying away well there’s so much going on at once
there’s so much going on I every time I watch it I catch a new thing oh that part made my heart sink the most
that was like I like the gun shoot at the beginning that one was shocking but
that one got me the most cuz I feel like I was almost tied to like Charleston to
where it was just like heart wrenching it’s the light
goosebumps my arm to see this like I saw it live but to see it all come together
it’s still giving me goosebumps I’m pretty sure it’s gonna impact
everybody’s lives and make them think it’s really cynical at the same time it
was just so much chaos going on around us or it was just like you have to stay
focused and just focus on the dance you just be happy the whole time this part
this part gave me chills when I watch it for the first time everything about this
it’s like blinking you miss it I’m pretty sure that’s isn’t it says I
love her too just like it’s genius this is beautiful cinematography I really
really liked all the shots that they’ve been doing you could just see the fear
in his face oh my God look at that whoa gives me chills this music video the
song is everything about it is beautiful I see what you mean is doing where it’s
like talking about pop culture but then also bringing in that seriousness of
this is America and it’s so just artistically cool but also just
heart-wrenching to watch so we know that you’re not a college kid but since you
were actually in part of the video we wanted to bring you in to give us
further insight thank you when they first you know showed us the set and
they were like okay let’s start shooting it and we were like okay let’s see how
this looks and then we look in to like the TV screen and we’re looking a
playback we’re like wow like it’s gonna blow everybody’s mind so that was the
music video for this is America the newest single by rapper childish gambino
obviously you’ve seen this before yeah I mean who has it so many people are
pointing out that there is an overwhelming amount of cultural
allusions and symbolism found in the video although we can’t show you
everything because the scenes are still being dissected we’re gonna show you
some of the most talked about moments and get your thoughts on them okay cool
cuz he I know I like already as soon as this music video dropped everyone on
Twitter was just giving their own analysis so here’s the first one
oh yeah yeah the whole Jim Crow thing is I mean just a Twitter you know Twitter’s
an encyclopedia for everything these days I heard that he was he was like
modeling after a painting but I didn’t know like what it was for him to subtly
drop that in there unless you knew about it unless he really went digging for it
you wouldn’t have known so several reports have noted that the video seems
to tackle various social issues including police brutality gun violence
all while dancing in a Jim Crow style caricature a type of anti-black imagery
that was meant for entertainment in the 19th and 20th century why do you think
that can be no decided to include this in his video because as much as we want
to say that things have changed a lot of things happened he’s trying to bring to
the forefront that all these issues that
happen in the past haven’t really been solved yet because we’re really as a
country we’re really distracted Jim Crow especially like that whole image of him
was supposed to bring down black people so the fact that like Gambino himself as
a black man is sort of like taking that himself and doing it himself is kind of
showing like I’m taking ownership of this now so you can’t hurt me with it
anymore a lot of people probably don’t even know about this stuff and it’s like
for an artist to use their medium to educate somebody while also entertaining
them it’s pretty needed yeah they just threw someone off the off the balcony I
just see like people being chased by police go ahead and watch it again okay
oh my god I did not notice that I was just so distracted by the dancing when
you were watching the dancing it makes you not realize what’s going on in the
background then we talked about news outlets or like even like different
types of media it’s like they try and distract you with one story to lead you
away from another story so I pointed out that it could also reflect the notion
that our society lusts to emulate and be entertained by black entertainers yet
ignore the hardships african-americans face in this country yeah he’s almost
kind of saying like we only love black people when they’re like giving us
something like fun and cool but then we’re ignoring them when they have
issues that they’re facing themselves I feel a hundred percent of like movement
everything like my legs matter and it’s so important but it’s not only affecting
like that because you see it also with the Latino culture and you see it with
like every single other culture yeah by now this I know you’re gonna
talk about this part because his lines it goes
it’s a seller which is being cellphone and they says yeah that’s a tool the
moment something happens we have to report right away instead of helping
like if there’s two people fighting we never people don’t help they were
courting a lot of people tend to like when they when they see something wrong
instead of like trying to intervene they just kind of just videotape it and just
stay on the side well Sally I think could maybe have it’s like a double
entendre where it’s a cell phone but also like a prism cell so you know
there’s a lot of police brutality that’s been brought to the surface because
people have filmed it videotaping police brutality is the only way to combat it
because you know Anna your word versus their word situation you’re never gonna
win why a white horn dude that’s one of the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse for
sure it’s weird I thought the horse would
freak out because of all the chaos and the fire and everything but the horse
was very professional so in this scene we see a hooded figure riding a horse
followed by a cop car which a lot of people believe is an allusion to the
Horsemen of the Apocalypse interesting there’s just so many people
dying and no one cares and no one’s really trying to do anything and that’s
like the country that we live in yeah I think alike especially with the church
one with all the gospel singers like that reminded me of the shooting that
happened in the south and in the church after every shooting it’s a red car
cloth what you’re saying that the guns are more more important than the humans
and the red is supposed to represent the blood on set they were just like oh by
the way one of the kids is gonna hold a real gun if you guys don’t mind the
parents were like hey a real gun is it loaded and they’re like no no no it’s
not loaded but he’s gonna have to put in his hands and then just give it away
right away it just made me feel like there are a lot of people in power who
would rather protect guns than protect people’s lives this one was to is kind
of showing how like black bodies aren’t treated like fairly or gently or
anything like that at all like people don’t care about them enough but God
forbid you take away my gun topic about guns are so complicated I’m just scared
about giving the whole power to a government and you being unable to
defend yourself at at the same time if there’s no like regulation for it that’s
freaking scary now that the video has been released what are your feelings
towards how the video has been received by critics in the general public I felt
like this was just another video to spread awareness and he portrayed it
perfectly so as you’ve seen the video has a lot going on in some point
the videos worth multiple viewings because you don’t really catch
everything the first time you watch it 100% I’ve seen it four times that I
still don’t catch everything the song itself shifts throughout going from
happy upbeat verses to that dark and aggressive chorus we broke down some of
the most important parts of the video for you what form the video stood out to
you the most I think the most jarring part of it honestly it was like the gun
handling and shooting I think the first scene is what caught my eye the most cuz
I like I saw people like tweeting about it a ton and then you watch it and you
don’t really know what’s gonna happen and then he shoots the guy and then it
just mayhem occurs what’s standing out the most is that like especially the
ending we’re trying to like get away from these problems what we’re living in
them still and we can’t get out the most important part from you was just the
overall symbolism of how of how the guns were being treated with more respect
than actual human beings lives because I feel like it’s very relevant and with
especially with like all these gun control problems and all these shootings
that have been happening lately there’s this hope yet there’s this cynicism I
like the juxtaposition between the the children and teens who are dancing while
there is so much violence happening in the background so you’ve been involved
in a lot of music videos and other exciting opportunities throughout your
career but how does it feel to be a part of something that’s causing several
important conversations in our society the video dropped around Saturday night
and I went on my phone right away and people already texting me and were like
are you in this video was that you I’m happy that I was able to be a part of
something that everybody’s talking about in a in a great way
none of us knew that the group us have guns none of us knew about the choir
being shot or anything but Childish ever or Donald or mr. Glover he came up to us
and he was like you guys whenever you guys feel uncomfortable just tell me and
let me know and I’ll stop it and we could take a step back take a break come
up to me or the director and I’ll take care of you guys like that was one thing
I respect this man 100% and I’m it’s so overwhelming to be in this man’s vision
for his video and I felt like this was so creative while you were filming did
you think he was gonna have this big I okay I did all the parents they were
just kind of like like what’s going on there’s so much chaos and I was like
trust me I trust mr. Bluebird I trust hero I just a director and you know I
trust a choreographer and I was like you know what they’re going for this 100% I
am too and I was like this is gonna take over the world when these types of
videos are released that depicts some issues within this country and focus on
racial undertones they almost always cause divisions between people as both
left and right can get very vocal over their opposing viewpoints do you think
that this type of reaction and conversation is good or bad to come from
a music video I think it’s amazing that you can have such a music video or they
could have a music video that’s so profound that it causes this kind of
political reaction this video generates valuable discussion things can change
but nothing’s gonna happen unless people talk about it I already know millions of
people have already watched this video today and I feel like that’s you know it
needs to be talked about and it needs it needs to be shown like everyone needs to
see this kind of stuff and realize like what’s actually happening people pay
attention to pop culture and entertainment and that’s exactly what
Gambino is trying to get across even though race is such a like a
politically charged issue it’s still gonna start conversations between people
to hopefully open each other’s eyes kind of thing and understand each other’s
perspectives more if we can’t talk about these things and like normal
conversations and we have to have like deaths happen and stuff like this
happened before we actually talk about it and really sit there and have the
conversation then it’s like what are we ever gonna really acknowledge these
things so finally the music video is making a lot of people think critically
about the issues presented which some people think is what good art should do
why do you think that we sometimes need aren’t like this to dig deeper into our
lives versus being able to see it within ourselves that’s exactly what art is
supposed to do is to make you think it may let you view issues in another way
that maybe you’re not able to see just through things that you see on the news
it’s necessary to have art like this it’s necessary to make music videos like
that to reach out to people because it creates a shock in their minds it’s not
really one of those things that a lot of people enjoy but it’s one of those
things that a lot of people need because like okay well that’s such a tragedy
this is happening a sec no this is like systemic this is things that have been
going on for years and years and years art is
more effective than arguing with someone I feel like when someone sees a work of
art and they really feel the message that’s more impactful than someone
saying hey this is what I believe and this is what I think you should do you

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  2. Childish Gambino is so talented it just blows my mind to listen to his music and see the art he's created.

  3. no one caught how the guy that was shot in the head at the beginning of the video resembles Treyvon Martin’s father.

  4. I'm so glad that not everyone in Canada can own a gun. I'd be scared to go to school of I lived in the US.

  5. There’s so many things wrong with this video I will just list one
    You have a symbol of women oppression and the spawn of the devil on your channel

  6. Are teacher showed this to us in art because we doing a symbolisum projectbut she skiped over those parts with guns and she might get fired and its on the news go on Kxan

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  8. I like guns damn dude, some people love them too much to not let them go. Even after someone loses a loved one.

  9. Man that music video was so heavy, the problem is that nothing ever seems to change no matter how much we may talk about it. People talk a lot but lack action, I bet everybody is gonna forget that this even happened at all 😒

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